Good Deals on Other Amazon Sites (Italy, Spain, France, etc.)

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    Unfortunately it’s a question of suck it and see. Amazon, I think, will simply credit your gift voucher with with 36 for the purchase of 30€. Afterwards, whether or not you can apply that against the cost of the deluxe set, is an unknown quantity. Officially no, as they say the 10€ discount may not be used with any other promotion but some also say that they were able to do it.
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    Amazon Japan has the Columbo Blu Ray set on sale for ¥ 26,675 (including shipping to US/Canada)

    For Canadians they conveniently add sales tax which brings the total to ¥ 30,122 which is the best price I've seen. That works out to about $350 Canadian.

    US customers will probably avoid the extra sales tax so they'll pay the ¥ 26,675 price, which is approx $250 USD.

    Only 7 left according to the site.
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    Has stopped subtracting VAT when they send to USA?
    I just ordered the 3 items on the 3 for 25 euro deal, but vat did not get subtracted. Usually it ended up about being equal to the shipping in the past.
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    Have they shipped? Have you contacted them about it? I would certainly reach out to customer service.
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    I will try that.
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  6. I haven't ordered from in a while, but doesn't subtract VAT for Americans whenever items are part of a promotional discount like a 3 for 25 sale.

    That is why I rarely look at the smaller combo deals on, because the loss of the VAT subtraction largely cancels out the promotional discount's benefit.
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    Amazon France has the best prices for the new Kate Bush vinyl boxes. Works out at about £80's about £90 on Amazon UK. Overseas buyers save more after VAT deducted as always.
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    Or maybe they remove VAT but don't give the discount? It's been quite a while since I tried shopping using one of those promotions on, but I definitely recall a few times being annoyed that after adding the 3 qualifying items to my cart that I wasn't getting the promo deal (3 for 25 or whatever it was at the moment).
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    I now see how they do it. Let’s say I put 3 item that each cost 20 euro in my basket. They take the VAT off first so each item goes down to 16.80 euro each the they take the discount down to the 25 euro for all three items.

    I was expecting the vat being taken off the 25 euro, but that is not the way they do it.

    I do suspect that if I had been in Germany and sending it to Germany that would have had to pay the VAT on the 25 euro to the state.

    We are only talking about a difference of 4 euro and it was still a good deal.
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