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Discussion in 'Coupons, Discounts & Sales' started by Tedw9, Feb 8, 2018.

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    I feel the same. It's an invasion of privacy and none of their business. They did it to me once when I ordered some health related books. It was nothing embarrassing but it still make me feel uncomfortable. Now I tell them "no thanks" whenever they try to do it.
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    They never opened my packages. But then again, the staff at this store didn't seem to have an idea
    of where to find my package and how to process it. So, I think that they just wanted me out of the store!
    As far as the BS box, there is no in-store pick-up.
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    When did the $5.00 discount get knocked off the price? I'm getting ready to put in my payment details and the cart still hasn't taken off the discount. First time using the app.
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    You gotta login to outside the app and select your local store from the ‘your location’ tab. Then add the item again it will take the $5 off.
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    Thanks, I figured that out! Can't beat 59 bucks for a 5 record box set! Less than I paid for albums when I was in high school!
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    Wall mart won’t charge you until it ships but they will ding your card and put the funds into a pending mode. Just a heads up
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    200 gram - Discipline label
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