Gotham-Batman Prequel Series on Fox, Fall 2014

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  1. daglesj

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    Season three...about 6-7 episodes in...bit dull. Needs to quicken the pace a little.
  2. Chazro

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    This show's a guilty pleasure for me, despite some major flaws, I still enjoy it. So the kid's growing up in front of our eyes. He's actually starting to act 'Bat-ish', his posture and intensity are appropriate, but man, every time he opens his mouth I'm reminded how UN-Batman he is. And the icing on the cake was the Christian Bale voice he used while he was Batboy, I actually burst out laughing when I heard it the 1st time! So now he's suiting and masking up, makes total sense in a world where Robin's will exist but here's the thing, whenever I see him now I can't get Kick-Ass outta my head. And I can't help but think he'd have the same thing happen to him!;). We're also watching the young Catwoman grow up and she continues to be a scene-stealing beauty! Truth is, every female lead in this show's a looker! While Burgess Meredith will always and forever be THE Penguin, R.L. Taylor continues to crush it. Curious to see if using Gotham as a lead-In will salvage that Orville show.
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  3. kevywevy

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    I think they should kill off cardboard-acting Batboy and make it the Selena show. His acting looks pathetic next to hers. Or at least give her a spin-off.
  4. Chazro

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    Bruce is supposed to head off to Tibet or someplace for a few years to learn martial arts. He oughtta ship out now and come back a different actor!;)
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  5. The kid playing Bruce has really grown in height since last season. He's now clearly taller than Selena. Their rooftop meeting was a bit strange in the episode with dialogue that went nowhere.
  6. Lonson

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    I think this is shaping up to be a great season. We've got the girl power with Selena, Tabitha, Barbara (back with a new focus) and Ivy. And we have Bruce becoming Batboy, the training with Alfred paying off and ushering in a new phase and Lucius Fox bringing in a new sophistication.

    I'm not among those who dislike David Mazouz' acting. I think what some are displeased with is writing or direction. And I think the wooden Bruce is believable as one who lost his parents and grew up in a mansion with his butler. And he's been moving out of that in part from his lust for Selena and in part from Ras al Ghoul's incarceration and in part from Alfred's training and counseling. And he's becoming a force to be reckoned with. And I think Mazouz is portraying this well.
  7. Mirrorblade.1

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    I wish they just write off Barbara really tired of her and big eyes..
  8. David Egan

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    Gotham is a rollercoaster of cool ideas and dumb ideas and I watch to see what they'll try to get away with next. Doesn't look like Selena will be getting any taller but her resentment at feeling shortchanged by life and people make for a convincing path to Catwoman. They seem to be flailing with Ivy. She's a scientist in the comics but since the arbitrary age shift she's a Kardashian, and not one of the interesting ones. Like a girl who snaps her gum too loud, Barbara is annoying but sexy. But now she's weird and moving very stiffly. I get the sense that when someone does use an ax or a knife on her it's not going to have the intended effect.

    Bruce Wayne's character is clearly dictated by the writing and direction. Mazouz has charisma and conveys emotion and he is still playing a boy. Robin Lord Taylor's Penguin is completely dominating even when he's not on screen.
  9. tommy-thewho

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    Enjoying new season
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  10. noname74

    noname74 The Owls Are Not What They Seem.

    I have been a loyal watcher since episode 1 but I am having trouble with this seasons plot arc of Bruce turning into Batman at this young an age. He's still too young, too small, too everything to be believable as even a young Batman. I thought the show was about Gordon with the Batman storyline in the background but that seems to be changing this season.
  11. Chazro

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    So....2 of the last 3 episodes have been sans the Bruce Wayne character. Gotta say, the show totally works without him! In the books, there's been several Gotham-centric series, and they worked! I think it's cool that over the course of time, Gotham's taken on a life of it's own. Ain't no shows or books being done about Metropolis!;)
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  12. I think Gotham is the best now of the current DC Comics shows on television. The show operates far smoother without Bruce because that actor is in way over his head. He was cast clearly to fit a certain look, but he's not convincing as Bruce or a proto-Batman.

    It's a blast seeing Solomon Grundy on TV.
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  13. David Egan

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    They've done a nice job of creating the Harvey Bullock that was introduced in the comics; a sad schlub with a blown reputation who's still out there, plugging away. As for transforming Morena Baccarin into the dark angel of The Narrows, well that's just not playing fair.
  14. Mirrorblade.1

    Mirrorblade.1 Forum Resident

    Solomon Grundy is done very well.. Kill off Tabby and Barbara..
    Both unnecessary..
  15. DesertChaos

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    I still watch as I like it, but have serious concerns moving forward with the show. I've said it before but this whole scenario where people "die" but don't really and can come back all the time can really wear thin quickly, and it is starting to for me. I can't take any "cliffhanger" they may push as I am just going to thing "fake fake fake" and it'll just piss me off more and drive me away. Having nobody really die takes the drama away, makes for lazy writing, and I'm probably not the only one that just gets too cynical about it and hits the delete button.
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  16. It was a big cheat to bring Barbara back from the dead, which is what I feared when they introduced the Lazarus Pits on Gotham.
  17. jmobrien68

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    Still hoping the series lasts long enough to see how Gordon winds up with a daughter named Barbara.
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  18. You and me both.:D

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