Gotham-Batman Prequel Series on Fox, Fall 2014

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    I'm really enjoying this season, and last night's episode was one of the best. I continue to be amazed at what the writers come up with (and how much of it is allowed on TV!). The only negative I have is the return of Ra’s Al Ghul. IMO the character almost ruined Green Arrow and I'm worried he'll do the same here.
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    I am not a Comic Book Guy(although love the Kevin Smith Show on his Comic Book Store), and do not seem many movies based on Comic Book(errrr Graphic Novels to the Comic Book Geeks), but loved the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy.

    However, Gotham has become my current favorite Drama on TV.
    Ashame that Jerome(Joker) was killed off, as the actor, who played him was awesome(if not a little over the top). The Dude who hypnotized people was one of my favorite villains on the show.

    The writing has gotten even better, so glad that I stuck with this show. I loved the Scenes in the Asylum when Oswald & Jerome were locked up before breaking out. The Ed Nygma guy kind of is annoying-IMO, but well acted. Actually, starting tire of Oswald, as it seems to be watching the same thing with him every episode and scene he is in on this show.
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  3. FredV

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    Noticed that elements of ‘The Killing Joke’ were incorporated into last nights episode.
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  4. Lonson

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    It's amazing how they are developing the mythos of the Joker and to my knowledge have never once called one of the characters "The Joker."
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    Just watched the latest Gotham. WHOA! I haven't watched much of the comicbook tv stuff. Never got into Smallville, Arrow, Flash, Shield...but of what I HAVE seen, Gotham's become the best, by far! Gotta say, I prefer crazy Joker #1 to genius Joker #2. Although the episode ends with a shocker, it's immediately dissipated by what I'll call the 'Infinity War Syndrome', nothing can kill a main character, ever. Thank goodness!;)
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  6. Lonson

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    I agree. . . Gotham I feel is the best of the DC shows and it is imaginative and wild. Legion is the best of the Marvel shows for the same reasons. Man it's great that they are both on.
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  7. Alternative4

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    I lost track of this somewhere in early 2015. The reviews are making me want to pick it up again.
  8. jeffgt14

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    Cameron Monaghan revealed the other day they aren't allowed to use the Joker name (or the green hair).

    Why The Joker Name Can't Be Used On ‘Gotham’ Revealed

    Also, on a somewhat good note but also a sad note, they just got renewed for a Season 5 but it will be the final season.
  9. Shawn

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    Dang it, I wonder why it will be the final season?
  10. David Egan

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    That's double great news. Five seasons is ideal. They can focus on completing character arcs and giving us a satisfying conclusion to this "prologue". This season has been a lot of fun but the significant letdown has been the treatment of Poison Ivy. Three swings, three strikes. The latest version comes off as a POed model with no convincing connection to nature. Please give up.

    Update: The 5th season will be 13 episodes.
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    Bummer that it's ending as it's only gotten better each season. With the story being what it is, it's obvious the show couldn't go on indefinitely, the Batman mythos may be 80+ yrs old, but this kid has aged quickly. One thing's for sure, in the yrs to come I'll be keeping an eye on David Mazouz out of curiosity, I wanna see if he ever grows enough to convince me he could EVER be the Bat!;)

    BTW, totally agree about Ivy. The 2nd biggest mistake the series made was their (mis)handling of this character. The 1st was hiring such an uncharismatic, unskilled actor for the key role in the series! The series succeeded in SPITE of him!
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    Might Netflix or Hulu pick it up?!

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