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    Product Description

    We found a mountain of CDs and vinyl in a forgotten corner of our storage space right after we received a huge return from a distributor. It all needs to go!

    Everything is packed in grab bags. There were so many CDs we had to make the grab bags in batches. The selection in a grab bag from one batch is at least 90% different what you’ll find in the other batches. However, if you buy two grab bags from the same batch you can expect to get a lot of duplicates, somewhere between 50% to 75%. Most of the CDs and records are imports, but there are some domestic releases mixed in. All of them are from independent labels, and none are Soleilmoon releases. Of course we can’t name any of the artists, otherwise it wouldn’t be a grab bag.

    Big warning: Although all of the goods being offered are new and not used, they’ve been shipped multiple times or held in storage, so you may encounter a cracked jewel case or a less-than-perfect cover. There’s even a small chance you might even get something doesn’t play properly. We can’t replace or refund anything from the grab bags. Everything is sold “as is”, with no right of return.

    Vinyl Grab Bags: Contains a mix of 12 inch, 10 inch and 7 inch records.

    CD Grab Bags: Contains a mix of CDs, a few CDRs and possibly a DVD or two. The CDs are mostly full-length albums, but there are CD singles sprinkled throughout.

    3 inch CDs Grab Bags: A selection of little baby-sized CDs and CDRs. Some of them are the “credit card” style, with even shorter programs. These CDs can get stuck in slot-loading players. Beware!


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