Grateful Dead complete 30 Trips, Dave's Picks, All The Years Combine & Steve Vai Secret Box

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    I have several new items listed on ebay for anyone intersted.

    Dave's Picks all 21 Volumes:

    Grateful Dead Dave's Picks Volumes 1-21, 63 HD CD's Rare Out Of Print | eBay

    30 Trips Around The Sun 80 total CD's (Missing the box and extras)

    Grateful Dead 30 Trips Around the Sun thirty Shows, 80 CD's NO BOX OR EXTRAS OOP 603497891108 | eBay

    Grateful Dead All The Years Combine partial DVD box set (Missing 3 shows)

    Grateful Dead All the Years Combine 9 DVD lot, INCOMPLETE, MISSING 3 shows | eBay

    Steve Vai Secret Jewel Box (NO CD's, box and inserts only)

    Steve Vai Secret Jewel Box, NO CD's, Box and extras only, RARE | eBay

    Grateful Dead Rare Cuts & Oddities CD

    Grateful Dead Rare Cuts & Oddities 1966 HD CD Rare Record Store Day | eBay

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