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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by whaiyun, Mar 20, 2017.

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    I bought a used CA alignment gauge and finally got around to double checking my aligning skills (from the provided printout from CA's Performance SE table).

    It's super easy to use and so fast, I wish more manufacturers gauges were made like this, albeit at a lower price.

    Anyways, if anyone's in Windsor and wanna use it to double check their TT, give me a shout out.
    And if you got money to spend to better align your cartridge, this one is great!
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  2. Clay B

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    You're right it's excellent. It's essentially the original Densen Soundtracker so either the patent expired assuming there was one or the rights sere obtained in some manner. I have the original in both metal and plastic and other guages as well. You can't be too careful!

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  3. I've got this one too. It is excellent and easy to use. I love that the markings are grooved so you can sit the stylus precisely on the null point. Also, I love the adjustable point that goes right in the middle of the tonearm pivot so you know it's perfectly centered (at least on tonearms that have a little divot in the center, like the Clearaudio arms).

    Since whaiyun offered for those in Windsor, if anybody in the D.C./Northern Virginia area is in need of assistance please feel free to send me a PM.
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  4. Dream On

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    Looks similar to the Pro-Ject "Align It" tool. Which needless to say is a fair bit cheaper.

    Thanks for sharing. May pick one up.

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