Groovetracer subplatter and P3-24 a Home Run!

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by TONEPUB, Aug 25, 2007.

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  1. avbuff

    avbuff Forum Resident

    Central NY
    Welcome robert193:
    Likewise, I purchased the Reference subplatter for my Rega Planar 2. I have also installed the Groovetracer counterweight. Frank is a delight to work with, and I'm sure will answer any question you have, as he did with me.
    I will say it's a safe bet that if you do decide to take the plunge, you will not be disappointed. Good luck.

  2. 51nocaster

    51nocaster Forum Resident

    When I had Rega arms on my P3 and Nottingham Spacedeck, I used a Groovetracer counterweight, which I was very happy with. Frank makes an extremely high quality product.
  3. Nebhrid

    Nebhrid New Member

    Frankfurt, Germany
    There are many ways to modify a Rega.
    First the Cartridge.

    Then think about the placing. The setup seemed to be easy,
    but a good surface is the best improvement.

    Then it depends on, do you really like the sound of the Rega.
    Buy a motor control, and, or a subplatter (GT).

    The platter should be the last thing to be changed!
    Better look for a Mat which fits your chain, i have this one, which refined for my taste,
    the sound in a good way, but there are many others, use the internet.

    Spend no money in tonearm improvements, buy a better tonearm.
    For example:

    Especially the P3, and the P25 have the potential to be upgraded.

    Your decision.;)

  4. Raunchnroll

    Raunchnroll Forum Resident

    Reference subplatter on my Rega P5. Can't recommend it enough. Immediate and noticeable improvement throughout the whole range: clarity, tighter sounding deeper lows.
  5. Tommyboy

    Tommyboy Forum Resident

    New York
    I have one on my P2 and noticed the same thing. When I eventually upgrade to a P5, I will get another reference subplatter.
  6. Spitfire

    Spitfire Senior Member

    Pacific Northwest
    Or just move it, like I did.
  7. Puma Cat

    Puma Cat Well-Known Member

    East Bay, CA
    I put a Groovetracer Reference on my Rega Planar 3 and it was a significant upgrade. The sapphire jewel end-bearing and zirconium oxide ball plus the design and quality of manufacture really lower the noise floor significantly. This improves S/N and allows you to hear better into the music. I would do this first thing on any Rega table that I'd buy.
  8. TigerMMG

    TigerMMG New Member

    Yes, move it... put groovetracer on your P5 and bring P5 platter to your P2... that way you can compare before and after on your P2 and P5. And report back to us!
  9. tkl7

    tkl7 Agent Provocateur

    New York, NY, USA
    How do the Reference, Deluxe, and Standard subplatters compare with one another? How much improvement between models?
  10. aut0maticdan

    aut0maticdan New Member

    New York, NY
    Groovetracer Subplatter weight

    Does anyone know how the weight of the reference subplatter compares to the stock plastic on a rega p3-24? I assume it must be at least a bit heavier and that this is compensated for with the improved bearing.

    I've read a lot on the subplatter over the last year, but never saw mention of the weight. It is clear he went for the same weight with the acrylic platter, but there is no mention of the subplatter. This strikes me as odd. If its important for one, it must be important for the other.

    I spoke to my dealer about it. When testing an aftermarket subplatter, he definitely liked some of the things he heard but felt it may have been affecting timing a bit. Weight is something we considered as a possible cause. He was not sure if the platter was a groovetracer or not. I've never read a bad review on the GT though there are obviously detractors.

    If one decided to return to the stock subplatter, how would you remove the bearing? Assuming its all zirconia, the magnet won't work.

  11. thebeatles67

    thebeatles67 Forum Resident

    Groovetracer products ae made by Steve Hoffman Forum member "Vinyl-Addict"---real name is Frank---super nice guy:righton:--send him a PM--you'll get all the answers you need.

  12. aut0maticdan

    aut0maticdan New Member

    New York, NY
    Thanks man, I remember seeing him around here but couldn't remember his SN. I emailed a month back and haven't heard anything.

    I back-burned the subplatter for a while, but after hearing the improvement from the Rega turntable belt upgrade, I'm back to thinking about it. The belt upgrade seemed utterly ridiculous until my dealer A/B'd it for me a few times on a P5.
  13. avbuff

    avbuff Forum Resident

    Central NY
    Hi ..dan:

    Don't give up on Frank, he's a great guy to deal with and an invaluable source of info. He was with me all the way with my purchase of the subplatter and counterweight and swapped out a piece on one of his own Regas with that of mine to make sure that everything fit together perfectly. He went waaaay beyond the norm. Obviously, he takes great pride in the quality of his product, and has the love for music that we all share here.
    Hey, can you tell me about your experience with the white belt demo - maybe PM me. I am very curious as to what you heard. Thanks.
  14. Vinyl-Addict

    Vinyl-Addict Groovetracer Manufacturer

    Hi, and welcome to the forum. Not sure why your email went unnoticed, spam filters working overtime I guess.
    Anyway, the weight of the GT subplatter is 8.6 ounces. The stock Rega weighs 2.4 ounces.
    Removing any non magnetic bearing ball from the brass housing is best accomplished by removing the brass housing from the plinth. This is the safest way, however I know that some people just tilt the plinth enough to let the bearing fall out.
  15. aut0maticdan

    aut0maticdan New Member

    New York, NY
    Thanks for the info Frank. Totally understandable with the e-mail mixup.

    avbuff - I'm not the best with describing what I hear, but I felt there was better clarity throughout. My ears jump to the mids and highs, but with a little focus I notice deeper/tighter bass. The difference was definitely more noticeable on the P5 with dyna 20x2 and nice dynaudo speakers vs my P3-24 w/ Ortofon 2M blue and B&W 684s, but its still noticeable. I've yet to listen through my Grado RS1s, but bet I'll really hear it there and hopefully less surface noise.

    Of course all this hanging out over there has me seriously considering some dyns or harbeths, which they also deal in. :help:
  16. buckeye1010

    buckeye1010 Forum Resident

    Dayton, OH

    Am I allowed to make a Groovetracer post here? I will make it short and simple to avoid issues:

    I installed a Groovetracer Reference subplatter on my P5 yesterday. It was a definite noticeable improvement in sound quality. IMHO, worth $250. YMMV.

    Enjoying it as I type. Thanks Frank!

  17. Gary

    Gary Nauga Gort! Staff

    Yes, you are (of course! :) ) but we will shortly be merging all the Groove Tracer (groovetracer, etc.) threads into one.
  18. Puma Cat

    Puma Cat Well-Known Member

    East Bay, CA
    Does this mean that any discussion involving users experiences with other products from other companies will also be moved into this type of thread?

    What if we wanted to provide end-user reviews of Shunyata products for example? Do they get moved into the third-party sales and auctions threads?
  19. Gary

    Gary Nauga Gort! Staff

    Only if there are large numbers of threads. It's like Music Corner - we generally do not encourage multiple threads about the same music release. I'm sure you've noticed that. :)

    Are you selling them? Then, yes. :)
  20. keoki82

    keoki82 Active Member

    A home run, indeed!

    For any Rega owners wary of the investment required to realize a performance boost to their tables by the Groovetracer mods, read this e-mail I sent to Frank after installing the Reference Subplatter & Acrylic Platter on my P3. These upgrades did for my vinyl sources what the Nordost sort kones and cabling did for my digital sources. This should easily cast aside any doubts:

    Hi Frank,

    I'd just like to take a moment to tell you how impressed I am with your products.

    First, the packaging was ideal and shipping costs are very reasonable. The simple, straightforward instructions made the subplatter installation worry-free. I started my first listening session with a well-played, noisy, familiar LP, and I noticed an immediate improvement!

    The first thing to strike me was the vast extension in the highs and lows. Bass seems to reach below the floor with "slam" and speed, and the high frequencies shine clear as crystal like never before. There's an imaging that is as wide vertically as the stereo is horizontal.

    The withdrawal of the glass platter and the ingenious sapphire thrust plate/zirconia bearing combination means less ringing in the mids and less overall vibration which only adds to vocal textures and brings a weight and emotional interpretation to voices that moved me immediately. Textures are kept distinct in vocal chorus, and each voice can be clearly heard, even while standing around one microphone.

    Board fades are almost holographic, as they appear to "jump out" of their black surroundings. The signal-to-noise is so greatly improved I can hear the hiss of the source tape between cuts, all of this without the expense of added surface noise. Reverb, echo, studio acoustics, and anything else that creates the musical environment or backdrop for a performance is much smoother and more realistic with a speed and accuracy that is breathtaking. Your upgrades have helped make my system so neutral I can clearly hear the tonal qualities of the source tape on many of my pressings!

    The percussive attack of any device used to make contact with an instrument that lends its own tonal characteristics to the sonic picture (i.e., picks, brushes, mallets, mutes, bows, etc.) have such clarity and detail it brings a whole new dimension to music. In fact, albums of which I'm quite fond of and familiar with have such new life and added dimension it's like I'm listening to alternate takes rather than the masters I once knew!

    Finally, wow & flutter is all but eliminated! I never thought this possible with a turntable. With the exception of off-center pressings, there is a realism that makes it difficult to remember the music is on a platter and merely being reproduced. Piano sees the greatest improvement of all - this instrument has an accuracy on all accounts, I can't believe there isn't one in my living room, regardless of its recorded configuration (multi-miked, no mike, with or without reverb, etc.). I think it was the wow & flutter that was killing the realism of piano work and making the instrument sound dull and lifeless before. Now it sparkles with a brilliance that is intoxicating and realistic. The pitch is tight and clear with help from the Rega white belt.

    I'm running your upgrades on a P3-2000 with the Michell tonearm weight and an Ortofon Rondo Red moving coil cartridge. I have the Lehmann audio Black Cube Statement phono preamp, Rotel amplification, Nordost cables and Dynaudio speakers. My parents have a stock P7 fitted with a Rega Exact, and while I've never heard a P5, I'm more than confident when I say that the upgrades done to my P3 allow it to easily meet and possibly exceed the performance of the factory P7, in some regards.

    You've made this Rega owner very happy. Thanks again Frank!

    Happy Holidays,
  21. Puma Cat

    Puma Cat Well-Known Member

    East Bay, CA
    I couldn't agree more. First thing I did when I got my P5 was to install my GT Reference! :righton:
  22. Vinyl-Addict

    Vinyl-Addict Groovetracer Manufacturer

    Thank you and Happy Holidays to you too George. :wave:
  23. riknbkr330

    riknbkr330 Forum Resident

    I'm looking to do this in the coming year...just gotta get over the Xmas hump:angel:
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