Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2!

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  1. This just turned into a Beatles thread. Check that George Harrison listing in the tracks there.
  2. In an update to my previous comment, I've since learned that director James Gunn appears to be the ELO fan I'd suspected was involved with the production of this series, and while I'm yet to see it, the sequel supposedly opens with Mr. Blue Sky.
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    I can see how they'd have a lot of fun working My Sweet Lord in, as well as most of the others, but Father and Son???
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    I just re-visited the first film a couple of weekends ago (second viewing) and enjoyed the heck out of it, so I say "bring on Vol. 2!"
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    I assume it matches the 'father and son' story of the plot of the film.
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    How much you bet it's the fake re-recorded Jeff Lynne version of "Mr. Blue Sky" and not the original 1978 version... :sigh:
  8. According to those who've heard samples of the soundtrack online, it seems as if ELO's original version of Mr. Blue Sky is being used...

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