Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2!

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  1. This just turned into a Beatles thread. Check that George Harrison listing in the tracks there.
  2. In an update to my previous comment, I've since learned that director James Gunn appears to be the ELO fan I'd suspected was involved with the production of this series, and while I'm yet to see it, the sequel supposedly opens with Mr. Blue Sky.
  3. GregM

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    I can see how they'd have a lot of fun working My Sweet Lord in, as well as most of the others, but Father and Son???
  4. keefer1970

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    I just re-visited the first film a couple of weekends ago (second viewing) and enjoyed the heck out of it, so I say "bring on Vol. 2!"
  5. vince

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    I assume it matches the 'father and son' story of the plot of the film.
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  7. Vidiot

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    How much you bet it's the fake re-recorded Jeff Lynne version of "Mr. Blue Sky" and not the original 1978 version... :sigh:
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  8. According to those who've heard samples of the soundtrack online, it seems as if ELO's original version of Mr. Blue Sky is being used...

  9. neo123

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  10. neo123

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  11. beccabear67

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    If the Racoon gets run over tell me now, I do not want to see that.

    As they're both Disney, I'm wondering if a Baby Groot / Ewoks crossover might be possible? Just keep Jar Jar Binks in his jar.
  12. Vidiot

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    I'm glad! James Gunn always struck me as a guy with good taste. It's a friggin' $250 million movie, so it's not like they don't gots de bucks...

    I never do this, but damned if I didn't buy tickets for a Thursday night show. I really loved the last one, and I hope this one doesn't suck.
  13. Spitfire

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  15. HiredGoon

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    Heh. It brings the lulz. I might see it again in 3D next time. Although sometimes it's a soundtrack with a movie in the background.

    Be aware that there a 5 post credit scenes.

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  16. tommy-thewho

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    Probably see it Sunday.
  17. balzac

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    While I agree it's always better to go with the original recording, it's worth pointing out that Jeff Lynne's circa 2012 ELO remakes, especially "Mr. Blue Sky", is about the closest approximation I've ever heard in a case where an artist re-recorded one of their own songs. 30-35 years later and it sounds freakishly close. Yes, the production values are obviously not identical, and superfans can spot the differences. But Lynne's voice remains amazingly intact, and especially on the verses (which were used going back well before 2012 in various commercials, etc.) the re-recording is stunningly similar.
  18. mdm08033

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    I'll try to take the kids over the weekend. I do have a technical weenie question. Will an Atmos soundtrack work with the Auro system at my local Cinemark XD. XD aka; Poor Man's Dolby Cinema, reserve seats are less than $9 for matinees and Tuesdays.
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  19. longdist01

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    Tickets in hand for a 7pm show tonight!
  20. Mirrorblade.1

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    I won't see read that review somebody posted Yawn...:nyah:
    Bored with superhero movies by Disney...
  21. fuzzface

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    Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 = solid "B". Not as good as the first one.
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  22. longdist01

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    It was a Full house cinema screen, enjoyable some middle scenes were a bit Long-in the tooth! I actually heard yawns from the the upper rows...

    Nothing beats the punch of the Original film!
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  23. whaiyun

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    I can't wait for tonight.

    Also, when will we see the soundtrack on vinyl? I have the first one and can't wait to get Vol. 2
  24. neo123

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    Just got back and liked it very much. I thought it was as good as the first one. Main difference is the amount of humor in this one is much more than the previous, though even that one had a good dose of humor in it too.

    In one part of the movie, I thought it had a "The Lawnmower Man" vibe to it.

    Stay through all the credits for all the bonus scenes.
  25. vince

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    Don't know what that MEANS, but, NOW, I'm interested!
    "Access Denied, Access Denied, Access Denied"

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