Has anyone here owned one or more Benz Ebony cartridges?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Warren Jarrett, Jan 3, 2018.

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    Has anyone here owned a Benz-Micro Ebony LP, LP-S, TR, H, M or L? How did you like the ones you owned, and were you able to own more than one, and compare? Did you use step-up transformers with a tube phono-stage, or a MC capable solid-state phono-stage?
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    I have used a Benz LP for going on 7 years now. It has been to SoundSmith for a "retip only" twice and I plan to continue sending it back every 3 years or so for the indefinite future. The LP has always satisfied me with a warm, detailed and dynamic sound. It tracks everything and it never sounds thin or harsh or edgy. Unfortunately I have never compared it directly to other cartridges except for my backup Denon 103R which I use when the Benz is at SoundSmith. That's an unfair comparison given the price difference but suffice it to say I am very happy each time I replace the Denon with the Benz.

    Prior to the LP, I had two other Benz MCs---a Glider M2 followed by a Wood L2. The LP was, no surprise, leaps and bounds over its siblings. I used the L2 and LP exclusively in a Triplanar VII and almost exclusively into a 1:10 Jensen SUT. I did try a couple of high-gain solid state phono preamps (Emotive Audio Circa and Lehman) but they were no match for the sound quality of the SUT into my DIY tube phono preamp.

    I realize this isn't the comparative experience you are looking for, but all I can say is I have been very pleased with the Benz LP over a long period of time. Of course Benz replaced the LP with the LP-S which many people say is an improvement. I haven't compared them so can't say anything about that. There are at least a few folks who have compared them and prefer the original LP, but they seem to be in the minority.
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