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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Ed Hughes, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Ed Hughes

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    Yes, I've done searches on the forum but can not find what I'm looking for.
    I'm wondering how to hook up headphone amp to receiver WITHOUT tape loops.
    Everything I've searched suggests this method. My receiver is a Yamaha RXA-1000
    I was wondering if it's ok to use the pre outs or maybe the zone 2 out option.
    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. TimB

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    You can hook them up to the pre out. Start off with low volume on both devices, turn them up or down until you get the sound quality and volume that you like. Not sure what the zone 2 out is.
  3. Davey

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    The trouble with using the preamp out is that the signal is going through extra gains stages and the volume control, functions already in your headphone amp. I would try using the audio outputs in the A/V out section, it is made for hooking to a recorder, but I don't know if the audio outs are active with all the sources.
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  4. You'd use the Zone 2 output. The Zone 2 output on the Yamaha can be configured to have either a fixed level output or variable level output. Set it to be fixed. You'll use the volume knob on the headphone amp to adjust the headphone listening volume. A fixed level zone output is the modern equivalent of a tape/rec output.

    The pre-amp outputs are going to be variable level outputs. Meaning the volume knob on the Yamaha will affect the volume level of the outputs. If you connect a headphone amp to the pre-amp outputs you'll have two volume knobs affecting the headphone listening volume. That gets confusing and isn't ideal for best sound quality.
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  5. slovell

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    Zone 2 output. That's how my headphone amp is hooked up and it works just fine.
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  6. Ed Hughes

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    That's the problem, this receiver doesn't have any audio outs or tape out jacks.

    This looks Like the best option, I didn't know these outputs could be set. Thanks guys.
  7. Davey

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    It does in the A/V out section (see below) for hooking up to a VCR or other device, it has monitor and audio outputs, but it sounds like the zone 2 option is probably the best option.

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  8. Ed Hughes

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    Yea, you're right about the A/V outs I realized that after I posted my reply. I'm going to go with the zone 2 option. Thanks for weighing in. It's appreciated.
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