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    New York
    Studio album by Judas Priest
    17 June 2008
    Recorded 2006 –2007 at The Old Smithy Studio, Kempsey, Worcester, UK
    Genre Heavy metal symphonic metal
    Length 102:48
    Label Epic
    Producer Glenn Tipton and K. K. Downing

    This album gets called boring and weak but I always liked it and how Judas Priest laid this album out. It took several listens in 2008 to really absorb the immensity of the Nostradamus album.

    Pulling this 2 cd set out tonight and just refreshing my mind on this album. All the talk of the new Priest album Firepower 2018 got my fires going to listen to Nostradamus. Yeah I know I've heard Priest replacing their iconic logo with that crappy album cover that I myself like. Of course it's an experimental album they should of done earlier in their career when they were churning out hits and were up to their full writing capacity.

    I think years from now more of the Judas Priest faithful, rockologist will like Nostradamus even more. It's a metal album in some ways ahead of its time.
    Maybe Nostradamus is only for Priest completist but you know I'll give it several more listens by the weekend.

    Thoughts, opinions on an album that gets knocked and maybe rightfully so. Ten years since its release I still believe Nostradamus will get better years from now. Better with age.

    Highlights: Persecution, Alone, Visions, Nostradamus, Future of Mankind, Solitude and The Four Horsemen.
    I like the whole album regardless of the negativity hurled at it.



    Nostradamus is the 16th studio album by English heavy metal band Judas Priest, focusing on the 16th-century writer Nostradamus. It is a double album. The band's first concept album with Rob Halford, it was originally intended to be released in late 2006 before being pushed back to a 2007 release, and was finally released in June 2008 on Epic Records. It is the band's final album to feature K. K. Downing, before his retirement.


    The Nostradamus concept idea originated from manager Bill Curbishley and was pitched to the band while on tour in Estonia in 2005. Guitarist K. K. Downing revealed in a February 2007 interview with Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles that 18 tracks had been recorded with a total length of more than 90 minutes and that there was not much he would like to cut down. Musically, the album contains symphonic orchestrations, including the use of keyboards and choirs, which is unlike anything the band has previously attempted. In November 2007, the band began mixing the album.

    Judas Priest:
    Additional musicians
    Nostradamus - JUDAS PRIEST

    Judas Priest - Nostradamus - Reviews - Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

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    I know I'm in the minority, but I really enjoy Nostradamus and think it's a great epic album. Yeah, maybe it could have been edited down to a single album, but I think the various interludes work pretty well, and I've go no gripe with Rob dropping down a couple of octaves on this album. Works best when listened to in it's entirety.
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    My favorites are:

    Sands Of Time
    Pestilence And Plague

    But there are a couple others I really like too.

    There is a good album buried in this somewhere. Trim half the songs and bring it down to a single album instead of a double album.
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    I actually like this album, though it does get a bit tiresome when listening to it in one go. These are my faves:

    New Beginnings (very underrated, and different from your average Priest song)
    Dawn of Creation
    Calm Before the Storm
    Future of Mankind

    I tend to go back and forth on Persecution and New Beginnings being my favorite track. It depends on the day.
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    It's hard to remember one track from another with this album, for the most part. Too much material. Too much sameness. But "Persecution" is a fantastic track. That's the most memorable one for me by far.
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  6. Paul L

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    Haven't really listened to this since initial release & wasn't terribly impressed with it. Will have to revisit before I could make a choice TBH
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