HH Gregg is closing - maybe near you? Opportunity...!

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    Everything must go. Save, save save. All sales final, everything even the fixtures, don't ask me questions, we're just the shell company hired to clear the store out to the bare bones, ya want it or not buddy. You know the drill.

    I was in our local Gregg yesterday to save 60% on a dryer, when I saw the back wall, where they demo'd all them fancy new teevees. Well, they USETA, because the ones they had left aren't quuiiiiite new now. But they were 55", 70", even an 85" UHD. Yeah, nothing left but the demo's, and who knows how long they've been on that back wall, blaring that Demo setting that you can see from the front door.


    50...60...and if you wait 'em out and nobody else beats you to it...maybe 70% off.

    Do the math. You know the sets work (because they were demo-ing them); you just don't know how long. But, technology is pretty great these days. And they may not be the absolutely-latest models, but everything on that wall is probably better than whatever's in your rumpus room right now. And you know, if a man's got a big rumpus room, he's probably got a big...teevee.

    Don't think, "yeah it's on huge discount, but it's gonna go bad in 15 minutes. Think, "okay it's a risk, but..when else am I gonna be able to afford that big a screen, that big a step up from my Philco black-and-white, and for cryin' out loud, that television is screaming - CRYING! - for somebody to take it off "Demo" mode, and tweak it up for a crisp, lifelike picture that'll even have the dog staring at it for hours".

    And then there's that, "might be a 3D" thing. The fad is so over with retailers, they're taking it off the sale info and copy on the cartons now; you have to google a bit to discover if you're getting a recent-model tv with a new lease on that "Avatar/Hugo/Gravity" blu-ray back in the corner of your shelf and, if you've only seen that on a plasma set, you REALLY need to see how much the format has advanced since the public stopped looking at it.

    You owe it to yourself this weekend to visit a dying store, and find out whether you can afford to try your luck on a 70-inch set that looks gorgeous in the store, looks eye-popping when you look at the 50%-off sticker...and just happens to be one of those stealth-3D bargains nobody would have told you about unless you did your own homework.

    Bring your phone so you can research whatever model numbers are left on that back wall...and, so you can call a buddy to bring his truck over. And bring a blanket just in case.
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    This is not a hot deal.

    Here's how this works:

    Merchandise in all stores is sold, in place, to a third party liquidation firm (this has already happened).

    The liquidation firm is well funded and has this down to a science. They are not desperate and they are there to eek every penny they can out of the carcass.

    The liquidator will usually bring in merchandise that never sold in the stores before. They may also remove high value easily salable merchandise before the sale, or before the discounts become large.

    All merchandise will be marked up to full retail. Everything--including stuff that NEVER sold at full retail in the past.

    Then they "mark down" everything in the store from X to Y%. Initially the values will be something like 10-30 or 10-40%. The higher value will be for specific types of less desirable merchandise that NEVER sells for anything close to full retail. The lower number will apply to desirable merchandise.

    Each week or so, they will increase the discounts. But by the time the discounts are substantial and offer a real deal, little of value will be left.

    The suckers will flock in on the first days of the sale, post the sale on Stevehoffman, etc. You don't need to be a sucker.
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    Exactly how Hasting was handled......and it was sickening. But hey, going out of business is still...business.

  4. Gaslight

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    Not the sales, I mean the closings. I never really frequented the store but never happy seeing people losing their jobs.
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  5. forthlin

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    I remember when Circuit City closed they did that 3rd party liquidator thing too, very few bargains to be had.
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    I got 5 different Led Zep box sets at a Hastings closing brand new sealed for $40 each and thought I did alright.
  7. rjp

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    store closings are becoming way too common......blame the internet for it, it is the cause, no other reason.


    when schurman fine papers (papyrus) bought all of the american greeting stores in the US and canada they totaled over 400 retail outlets.

    there are less than 25 remaining.

    think the guys at american greetings knew hat they were doing?

    i have 3 malls within 30 miles of my house, 1 of them has a card and gift shop. there used to 2 in each as recent as 5 years ago.
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    Not sad to see HH Gregg go. Salespeople obviously worked on commission. Only went in there twice and was basically harassed out of the store by pushy salespeople.

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