High end turntables in tv shows and the movies

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by James_S888, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. James_S888

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    I was watching Californication series 4 last night and there were several very obvious views in Hank Moodys home of an impressive rack of gear, with an Avid turntable at the top.
    You know it's an Avid, because the perspex cover has a big "AVID" written on it.
    Then there is one heavy duty looking amp there.

    Then several shots of Hank asleep, filmed over the top of the turntable, with a record on it, rumbling away in the deadwax

    Pretty cool.
    Particularly like Avid is not your run of the mill turntable, I think they go for 10 or 15K plus.

    How many actors and producers are closet or not so closet vinyl addicts???
  2. BlueSpeedway

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    London, England
    The 1976 Rainer Werner Fassbinder movie Chinese Roulette (Chinesisches Roulette) was filmed in the house of Fassbinder's regular soundman (whose name escapes me), and features an INCREDIBLE looking system in a piece of transparent furniture. In contrast, earlier on in the film the child of the film plays Kraftwerk's Radioactivität on her crappy record player!
  3. Clockwork Orange springs to mind.

    The Mitchell Transcriptor Turntable, Bang & Olufsen Beolab 5000 Amplifier and several other goodies.
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  4. ZootAllures

    ZootAllures Forum Resident

    The Avid table on Californication was obviously a paid placement ad...a good one at that! I hit up their website after the episode to check out their lineup :)
  5. frimleygreener

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    united kingdom
    possibly only of import to english posters..but inspector morse had a lovely linn lp12....sadly little else was shown with regard to amplifiers/speakers etc..
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  6. Pibroch

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  7. Stone Turntable

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    New Mexico USA
    That Sota turntable on House drove me crazy — he never played it!
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  8. James_S888

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    So did I
    And was favourably impressed

    Good product placement. I think though a lot of actors and producers are real vinyl fans
  9. Combination

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    The last one I saw prominently placed was in the film "The Mechanic".

    What's nice about that one is how the turntable unexpectedly figures into the plot!
  10. PanaPlasma

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    Belgium, Europe
    Jason Statham has an audiophile TT in The Mechanic. He dusts off a record in a certain scene.
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  11. MJConroy

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    Never say never:

  12. krlpuretone

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    Something like that is generally not paid, but usually either comped or rented depending on the duration of time it is used for...depends on the prop.

    But yes, many Hollywood types are vinyl fans. Sold a record to Patricia Arquette a couple years ago!
  13. hipster006

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    kind of in the same ball park is the tnt network show-suits. the main lawyer charactor has an office with a wall of 1000+ lps
  14. Synthfreek

    Synthfreek Please label the photos you post

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    Just going by memory I'm pretty sure either Tomb Raider 1 or 2 featured a Rega P3.
  15. PanaPlasma

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    The "average" turntable is very popular in musicvideos these days:

    The Me in You "Girl in Armour": Video

    Regina Spektor "Don't Leave Me": Video

    Geppetto & the Whales "Juno": Video

    First Aid Kit: "Blue": Video

    Rumer "Am I Forgiven": Am I Forgiven
  16. MLutthans

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    Ummm....what are his headphones plugged into???

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  17. 93curr

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    There's an incredibly gorgeous turntable in Summer Glau's office on 'Dollhouse'.

    Seeing as how her character only had one working arm, I can only assume she must have had one of her assistants operating it.
  18. Bob Dobalina

    Bob Dobalina Well-Known Member

    Los Angeles
    Robert Redford's uber-rich guy character owned an impressive (and expensive looking) turntable in "Indecent Proposal," if I remember correctly.
  19. Stone Turntable

    Stone Turntable Forum Resident

    New Mexico USA
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  20. ZootAllures

    ZootAllures Forum Resident

    In this case the scene started with the camera zoomed in on the deck with the brand clearly displayed, and the deck was featured in several scenes in two episodes. Agreed, it could be a prop but I'm going to say in this case it was a paid ad... especially since it "magically" shows up in Hank's living room for these two episodes. It was non-existent in the episodes leading up to it.

    TV shows (and movies and video games) are just painted with paid advertisements these days. My wife is better than spotting them than me...scenes are choreographed all the time to predominantly display sunglasses, shoes and other wardrobe an actor is wearing.

    I read an article about "free" product placement in shows. Although not officially a sponsor, companies like Beam (which owns the Canadian Club whiskey brand) went out of their way to supply both Mad Men & Boardwalk Empire with "period correct" bottles and labeling for those shows.

    Producers have to make money somehow in these days of "free" downloading...
  21. tinymontgomery

    tinymontgomery Well-Known Member

    I believe it was an Oracle. [Disclaimer: never seen the film, just read about it.]
  22. D Schnozzman

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    Gene Hackman's character had a pretty fancy looking sound system in The Conversation. No idea what make it was, but I think it was a mono tube-type dealy.

    He was shown playing tenor sax along to some jazz records at one point.
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  23. D Schnozzman

    D Schnozzman Forum Resident

    Sydney, Australia
    ...and here's a still of the turntable from The Conversation. Any ideas?

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  24. johnnyv

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    tampa, fl
    There's a character named Harvey Specter who is a high-powered lawyer on "Suits" on USA that has large vinyl LP collection in his office and he has a sound system with a(probably) exotic turntable, but I don't know the brand.
  25. valvehead

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