High end turntables in tv shows and the movies

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by James_S888, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. Dubmart

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    It was a top of the range Clear Audio Master Reference and very nice it was too.:)
  2. bodicus

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    The deck in Morse is actually a Roksan Xerxes with a Rega arm :help:
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  3. James_S888

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    I went on and had a look at a couple of episodes, but didn't see the LP collection.
    Anyone got any pictures???
    Great show by the way, from just a few YouTube scenes, it's riveting.
  4. SergioRZ

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    I thought it was very cool that S.R. Hadden (John Hurt), the mysterious powerful and rich guy from the movie Contact, had a turntable in the room on the airplane where he met with Ellie (Jodie Foster).

    During that scene when they talk briefly you can see the turntable on the shelve behind them along with several records neatly stored. He lived in that plane... obviously he wanted to have the best things around him :righton:
  5. SergioRZ

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    On the blu-ray it's much easier to see, but on this Youtube clip you can see the records and the turntable:


    Around 2:06 until 2:27 (bottom right)
    Also at 2:47 when he gets up the turntable can be seen.
    At 4:44 and 5:58 are those big valve amps? :)
  6. hipster006

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    there seems to be at least one scene in his office per episode. this past week's show did show the lps. i've watched since episode 1 and don't recall seeing a stereo set-up.
  7. James_S888

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    I saw a part of one episode the other evening where he goes and pulls out a record from his wall of vinyl, pulls out the record - properly I might add - puts it on the turntable, all the while arguing with the other character and starts playing some 50's or 60's jazz record.
    Fun to watch.
  8. christopher

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  9. JL6161

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    I searched for this thread because I'm watching an episode of USA's (not TNT's) Suits right now, and I just knew someone here would have posted about this. The excruciating thing that makes me insane every week is that none of the LPs on Harvey Spector's giant wall o' vinyl is in a bag and at least half are standing slanty instead of vertical on the shelves. Aaaaaaargh. Here's a photo:


    But I'm sure the writers did this on purpose because it's exactly right for his character -- he's the kind of person who'd have $$$$$$ of albums, freak out when anybody touches them, but be totally negligent in caring for them.

    There was a funny scene tonight where the little pipsqueak apprentice lawyer was groping the albums and mocking The Spinners, and then the segue out of the scene featured "Rubberband Man."

    And I agree it's a great show -- on the surface, it seems like the usual USA fun-but-empty-calories program, but there are some really interesting layers and dynamics among the characters, and great performances.
  10. JL6161

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    There's a turntable behind/near his desk, but I don't think we've seen it close up, and the rest of the sound system is apparently invisible or built-in (?). Wow, I only now noticed the two record boxes atop the shelves in the photo. That must be where Harvey keeps his primo s**t.
  11. JL6161

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    Ah, here we go. Some sort of tube integrated amp and phono stage? Name that gear:


    And someone at vinylengine noticed that the pilot showed a totally different set-up -- looks like a VPI Aries/HRX/something (it's got the telltale VPI tonearm wire loop):


    Maybe the top photo is his apartment rig.
  12. Synthfreek

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    PrimaLuna integrated on the bottom.
  13. william shears

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    I think Alec Baldwin uses an SL1200 in the movie 'Thick As thieves' but they seemed to have covered up the Technics logo. Interesting choice as he's got a cool looking LP collection and even takes his own torch to the record shop to check for scratches..thought he might have had something more esoteric than the Technics...
  14. DannyC

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    Morses system seem to change each series.. in later episodes he has a cheap all in one lump of black plastic (as the story needs him to p[lay a tape)

    Scottish detective Rebus has an LP12 table LK kit and a pair of Ninkas..
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  15. Big Pasi

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    The Columbo episode "The Bye-Bye Sky High IQ Murder Case" has a turntable on it, used as a part of a murder cover-up. It's been a few months since I saw it, but I wondered if it was "the real-thing", since it had a function which I've never seen (I'm not an expert in any ways concerning turntables). Something like programming it to start at a certain point. Programmable or something?
  16. Stereosound

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    Some poor Nakamichi after the house party ends right before Jake finds one of the geeks under the coffee table in the movie Sixteen Candles. (Sorry can't find a clip)
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  17. kevintomb

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    Me too, seems to be placed there to indicate he is "cool" or "unique" or something more than there for practical music considerations. I feel it was cool to see at first, but then became just a "cliche" vinyl throwback type of thing to characterize him as "odd" or what have you.:confused:
  18. Taurus

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    The speaker is from Infinity's beautiful aluminum+wood Cascade series (unfortunately out of production since @2010). Here's the cherry bookshelf version.
  19. Big Pasi

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    This is not the part where the turntable function is explained, but it can be seen between 8.50 and 10.45.

  20. inperson

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    What jazz album is it that he is playing along with?

    I hated seeing him abusing the tube amp looking for the bug.
  21. James_S888

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    Somebody is definitely a vinyl fan. Probably several people. It looks like they downgraded since the pilot. I would think a character of Harveys whackiness and obsessiveness would have a really top rig in his office. If he was going to have one, it would be the best.
  22. Combination

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    Umm, I think him destroying the entire apartment just might take precedence over the homemade audio equipment!
  23. BongRattlingBass

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    I'm not a fan of the show The Kardashians just watch it to spend time with the wife, but I noticed the son, Rob, has records and a turntable in his apartment. Could not make out what kind of turntable he had. With all the money they make, I would guess TOTL.
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    In the wonderful Crazy, Stupid, Love the Ryan Gosling wealthy cad character has a one-night-stand routine at his bachelor-pad showcase house in which he drops the needle on Doris Troy's "Just One Loook" and then seals the deal with Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes doing "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. Unfortunately you only get a tight shot of the cartridge hitting vinyl and I couldn't i.d. any of the gear. Here's Ryan in mid-seduction with Emma Stone:

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  25. Karnak

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    There is Jesse Stone's turntable in the Robert B Parker TV series, which he uses to play Brahms on. I'm not sure if this is high end, but it is a nice fit for a man who doesn't like cell-phones and probably would never use a cd player or iPod.
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