How well known is Laura Nyro in USA/Canada?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Siegmund, Aug 11, 2017.

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    Is there any other artist from the "singer-songwriter/folk" genre that was photographed in the company of Miles Davis?

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    tx usa
    Triple like. :love:
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    You are right about that!

    I have always been curious about "other" music since I was about 2 years old ( a real long time ago). I think you get the curiosity gene from one or both of your parents. Then you gotta be lucky.
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    Laura loves you!

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    London, Ontario
    I bought a Laura concert poster off of the interweb several years back of a Vancouver gig
    (probably '69 or '70). When I took it in to be framed, the middle-aged art-shop woman
    asked me, `who is Laura Nyro?!'.
    By the way, if they ever make a movie about Laura Nyro......two words - Zoe Kazan.
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    What was the price of the Mono CD set when it came out? I would like a point of reference since I missed out.
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    I think you could get your hands on it easily for $18.98 (not certain). I ended up paying a premium about two weeks after release, but not a super premium.
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  9. Duane Allman working on Beads of Sweat, an interview on 10 December 1970.

    "What artists have you enjoyed most playing behind?

    Duane: Laura Nyro, John Hammond, King Curtis, and Eric Clapton.

    What's the most recent backing work you've done?

    Duane: Laura Nyro - one cut off her new album called 'Beads of Sweat' and I didn't play much on that, just a couple of licks. It was real enjoyable man, she's a real outasight chick and a fantastic artist and composer."
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    I never heard of her until I joined the forum. There was some thread where someone compared her to Tori Amos. Being a huge Tori fan, I had to investigate. I agree that they are both women who play piano, but that is about it IMO. Laura Nyro is a lot tougher to get into for me. I am still working on becoming a fan.
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    Cool. There is a copy on Amazon for about $40, which isn't crazy.
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    Ooofta! (I'm not sure what that means)

    I suggest you put on your dancin' shoes and listen to Laura's album of covers, called "Gonna Take a Miracle".

    She was one of the greatest soul singers ever

  13. Recognise this. I've been a fan since the late 70s and I thought it was Ni-ro until a few years ago.
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    Thanks for the recommendation. I recently found a mint condition copy of Stoned Soul Picnic at Half Price Books for $5 that I need to listen to when I get some time.
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    Like Laura Nyro, Leonard Cohen had songs that were covered by many other artists. Roberta Flack did Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye on her first album. Heck, Claudine Longet even covered that song on one of her early albums on A&M records. Other songs LC songs that were covered were Suzanne and Famous Blue Raincoat, among others. That said, Leonard Cohen was somewhat well known internationally even though his name recognition in the US wasn't especially high. His long career helped to introduce him to future listeners who weren't around when he released his first few albums.

    Laura Nyro, on the other hand wasn't so well known in or outside of the US even though many of her songs were made famous by others. Perhaps if she had done more live shows and TV appearances she could have raised her profile.

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    For a moment there, you might think Jackson Browne was Laura's long lost brother!

    I hope Jackson knew Laura when this shot was taken.

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    Growing up, my vehicle to her was the Fifth Dimension and Three Dog Night, when I realized I only liked their songs "written by L. Nyro."
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    You must have a great local station. I never heard of her until probably my 40s.
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    I'd say she's well known by any serious music fans in the US. But apparently I'm in her demographic. She had a higher profile in the 60's and 70's but she is an artist that gets discovered by subsequent generations.

    My 20 something nephew was visiting with his girlfriend were visiting for a week. I cut him loose in my music room and let him play whatever he felt like hearing. To my surprise the first thing he pulled out was Steve's mastering of Time and Love. He was really excited to hear how it sounded. He was not disappointed.

    Todd Rundgren has also cited Laura Nyro as a big influence. He was slated to produce an album for her but it didn't work out. They did have a couple of sessions together.
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    early album publicity advertisement. often, artists don't like the approach taken by publicity.

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    another variation

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    Some may think she was unknown, but photographers loved her

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    It is hard to accept that this is Laura in her later years. She was gone far too soon

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    Here's the quote Thursday from Joe Marchese who helped put the mono set together for Real Gone, in the A Little Magic, A Little Kindness thread:

    "Hi there, just wanted to once again thank everybody for their incredibly kind words about this release, and let you know that "A Little Magic, A Little Kindness" is back in stock at and will soon be available once again from The demand for this release has been happily overwhelming, and we thank you all for your support of Laura's beautiful music." (emphasis mine)

    So those who want it, like @The Hud will be able to purchase it without 2nd hand sellers mark up.
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