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  1. GMcGilli

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    If anything - I do feel safe as a buyer when using Paypal - but alas - might be ok this time

    Well, after 12 days of silence - and within 8 hours of him getting an email from Discogs threatening suspension (feedback shows he ships ordered almost daily) - the seller has contacted me saying he was out of town for a few days and my record shipped and he will send me tracking info tonight...

    We will see. I actually contacted a fellow that had left this seller negative feedback a few months ago - the feedback was identical to my situation. I asked this person if he ever ended up receiving his album and his reply is: I never received it. I ended up disputing the charge since I got no response after multiple attempts to contact them. If I remember I waited for about a month.

    So - will see if I do in fact get the tracking number tonight. And find out when it was shipped.
  2. GMcGilli

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    Richmond BC Canada

    There was no tracking number yesterday even though he said it had shipped.

    But - I just got an email from him through discogs with a tracking number. So I looked it up - and it was shipped this morning. So - after about 2 weeks it has been shipped. Will see if it's actually what I ordered - and if it's in the NM shape it's supposed to be in....
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    Bought the 5 Royales Rhino comp off Discogs from a nice couple in South Carolina last week and had no issues whatsoever. It's only the 2nd time I've used it. Guess I was lucky with good sellers both times.
  4. GMcGilli

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    No, I think that 95% of the sellers are actually really good. Before this last batch of 14 records (different sellers) - where I had 2 scratched - and this last one taking 2 weeks to ship - I had 49 great purchases with no problem. Naturally - in a thread titled "I dislike xxx" you'll usually only read negatives from a few people :)
  5. Vetiver

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    I don't purchase much from Discogs (maybe one CD per year) but it's a great place for finding rare stuff.

    Thanks to Discogs, I managed to find a treasured song that I lost many years ago and I couldn't find anywhere else (not even via P2P).
  6. johnny q

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    You can find me in this thread describing my own Discogs experience and giving advice on how to stick with sellers that have 100% positive feedback etc. I do have roughly half a dozen that I have transacted with that I trust and order from regularly - results have been favorable. However, like an idiot I broke my own rule and ordered from two sellers I never dealt with before and despite the near or 100% positive feedback, both transactions have and continue to be problematic.

    One is still ongoing so I hope it will be resolved, but basically the guy is either super confused or super overwhelmed and can't get my order out the door. He initially told me it was because I sent him a "weird transaction" when in actuality, it was a typical Paypal payment (sent literally seconds after he sent the invoice incidentally.) Now, I get back snippy sentence fragment-type replies when I politely ask him for status. "Politely" is the operative word here.

    The other one was a case of having the listing pointing towards the wrong release page and I am talking not even close! The listing was a stereo LP and what I physically received was mono, different cat# etc. I even contacted the seller before placing the order and he confirmed what he was selling matched the release page - I even asked him to confirm specific details on the record label and he answered in the affirmative. However upon arrival, all I had to do was look at the outer sleeve to know it was the wrong version. I sent him a super sugar coated polite message about this and received back a one word reply, "thanks." Alrighty then...... I am sympathetic to the fact that people get busy, distracted and make mistakes - but have a little respect for people that send you money. Take the time to offer a properly worded reply with a proposed and fair resolution.

    So there you go. A bit of a venting session here, but despite my earlier posts regarding my favorable experiences, I do indeed sympathize with folks (like the OP) that have had negative experiences.
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  7. eddiel

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    #2 particularly grates when it's happened to me. You ask them to confirm details and they do and then they are incorrect. Clearly they didn't even bother double checking. In a word a**h*le.
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  8. johnny q

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    Especially when the reply is a little sentence fragment they obviously typed on a mobile device while totally distracted.
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  10. RadioheadMario

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    I've had about 10-15 transactions in Discogs and everything turned out to be a positive transaction save for one. It was for a copy The Complete Stone Roses lp. After sending payment, the seller came back to me to say that the album was sold in his physical store and he was sorry, etc. He did send a refund.
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    Hello all. New user here. I'm not going to sing the praises of Discogs, they have their issues. But of all music sites on the net I spend most of my time there. I am largely involved with adding info to any release that has info missing from it. And I Replace low quality photos, or subs with no photos, With high quality scans.
    But I too have received the wrong variation of a record I bought. The marketplace there can be hit and miss but the database is what makes that site. It is odd in 2017 they allow submissions to be added with no photos. If you have a cell phone you have a camera. My record collection wouldn't be what it is without Discogs. Not only in locating label variations I didn't have but many times I'll find variations that aren't on their database and I'll add them. I know of no other site that does what Discogs is doing, an online catalog of every commercial music release and all of their unique variants.
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