I don't understand Dicky Betts' Greatness

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by jwb1231970, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. jwb1231970

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    even Red Dog, their long time roadie and says "RED DOG: Duane played guitar better than anybody out there—except maybe Dickey Betts."

    I just have never got what's great about him, his playing always sounded so tame, safe...Statesboro Blues has soaring slide by Duane then all of sudden dicky does his bit and it sounds almost uninspired. What am I not hearing?
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  2. rednoise

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    Do you really expect people to be able to talk you into hearing what you don't hear? It should be obvious to you that people's admiration for his playing is real. If you don't get it, keep listening until you do or move on.

    This is a case of 'talking about music is like dancing about architecture.'
  3. smoke

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    if you've heard Fillmore East and don't acknowledge Betts...I don't what to say, except maybe check out Jessica, which has some great guitar. He was/is a real, genuine stylist with instantly recognizable tone and feel. One of the greats, imo.
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  4. gramfan

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    I love Southbound.... smokin!!!
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  5. Malina

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    You should start listening to acapella music.
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  6. Rfreeman

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    Lawrenceville, NJ
    He was the band's best composer too
  7. maybe Britney or Christina are more your speed.
  8. mesfen

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    Easy answer. Listen to ABB archival series 3&4, deluxe edition of Brothers and Sisters with the the Winterland show. The man was carrying the band as the only guitarist, playing both Duane and his parts. Monumental performances. Many other shows online during this period show this especially the New Years Eve Cowpalace show. The man is greatly underappreciated
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  9. rockclassics

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    Just listen to In Memory of Elizabeth Reed from Fillmore East.

    Dickey Betts wrote this song and it is probably his best song ever. Anyone who can write and play on a song like this is great in my book.

    Yeah I know Duane plays on this version too but there is still an equal amount of Dickie on there.
  10. Archtop

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    Well, it ain't a song, by definition, but it is a fantastic piece of music, and Dickey Betts' contribution is equal to any other members'. I don't know why folks get fixated on Duane; his slide work on Layla is horribly out of tune, but yes, he was a great, but not anything greater than Dickey in my book.
  11. Clanceman

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    Pretending this is some sort of parody thread & that it disappears to the back pages soon.
  12. O Don Piano

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    OP knows that his thread topic will bristle a lot of folks here.

    Anyone who has an appreciation for music, musicians, guitarists, tone, solo structure, and feeling knows Betts is one of the best.
  13. O Don Piano

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    I don't understand purposefully negative threads like this.
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  14. Exile On My Street

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    I've been staring at this thread for a good 6 or 7 minutes trying to formulate a reasonable response in my head, and I can't do it. I think I'm actually speechless and feeling a bit woozy...
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  15. Opeth

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    This right here ! I heard this recently for the first time and was blown away
    Also ramblin man the vocals are superb and the guitars at the end are pure greatness with Betts and Dudek firing away. A Betts tune and their biggest hit !
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  16. GregM

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    I get what the OP is saying, but I ultimately believe Betts complemented Duane and occasionally surpassed him, e.g., on the aforementioned In Memory of Elizabeth Reed.
  17. Bobsblkwax

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    Ramblin Man sucks. I always hated that song when it came on the radio. My pals use to call it "Lawd I Was Born A Candied Yam". And the guitars are irritating. Other than that, it"s fine.
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  18. Opeth

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    Well I guess that's why they call them opinions !
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  19. O Don Piano

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    You don't like guitars, then.
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  20. Purple Jim

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    Dicky was/is a fabulous guitarist.
    Nuff said.
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  21. dh46374

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    You would understand completely if you had been at the free outdoor concert he played at Ohio State around spring 1976. Three hours of beautiful soaring contrapuntal solos with "Dangerous" Dan Toler on second lead guitar. It was sublime.

    Just to be clear, he didn't just do solos for three hours, but when he and Dan did solo, the solos were works of art.
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  22. J. Umbari

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  23. MYKE

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  24. egebamyasi

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    Not sure about his greatness but I like his music a lot. I was at the show that was filmed for Live At Great Woods and I know Dickey was great that night. If you don't like Lawd I Was Born A Candied Yam then try Jessica.

    BLUESJAZZMAN I Love Blues, Jazz, Rock, My Son & Honest People

    Essex , England.
    He was awesome. Listen to "In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed" from Fillmore East. Those volume Swells at the start...WOW. Also the way he switched to slide after Duane's death. Great guitarist.
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