I have to share this bizarre eBay issue..

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by johnaltman, Jan 1, 2018.

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    So I've never really sold anything online until here recently, two items totaling $60 or so. Now, the other day I'm informed that my eBay seller fees are due, $6 and change. Today I go to pay it by going to the message about it in the eBay inbox where there's a link to "make a one time payment". Clicking on that directs me sign in page (not terribly unusual, you often have to do this when buying things, changing account settings, passwords, etc.). After re-singing in, an 'alert' comes up once again notifying me of the payment due. Clicking on that link returns me to my inbox with the message about the fees, (back where I started) so I open the message again, see the link to "make a one time payment", click on that, and am returned back to the login page, and the cycle continues endlessly..
    any thoughts on how to deal with this?
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    I've had similar. Mine was solved by all the old standards. Clear cache etc. Restart if needed.
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    You must be at the nexus of the universe! ;)
    Cf. Seinfeld
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    I have been having similar problems with eBay for the past few months. Simply navigating between pages sometimes brings up login screens. I get around it by using sub-links to go directly where I want. For example, I cannot go to my messages but I can access my inbox using the "Inbox" pulldown link from My Messages (IIRC). Similarly, I cannot click the "Leave Feedback" link without going through the eternal login loop (Freakin' ELL®) but I can go to my own feedback page and then use the link at the bottom of it to leave feedback for others.

    eBay used to employ two-level cookies (pardon the imprecision), one for unsecured (http) pages and another for secure (https) pages. I use Firefox and manage cookies with a whitelist, so I needed to ensure that both types of cookies would be permitted. A few months ago, I noticed that all of eBay's cookies were secure (https); that is when my problems accessing parts of the site began.

    I have tried other browsers and think it is an eBay issue—which is to say, eBay is not accommodating all browsers equally well. I do not use eBay enough for it to bother me. If you cannot get another browser to work, you could try clicking on the pulldown links until you navigate to your desired page.
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  5. As far as I know you don't need to manually pay the eBay invoice, eBay will take payment from your provided payment method when the invoice is due. I sell about 10 items a month on eBay, have for many years and don't recall ever doing anything but reviewing the invoice, making sure it is correct and eBay handles taking payment.
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