"I thought rock music was dead. Then I heard Big Wreck."

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Rob9874, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. Rob9874

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    The title from a fitting tribute to the band in my avatar, linked below. Thought I would share this article here, as this forum seems like the type that would appreciate a write-up about a relatively unknown band being described with band names such as Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, & Rush. Their latest two albums, Ghosts and last month's Grace Street are masterpieces, in my opinion. And Grace Street is out on vinyl, their only vinyl release so far.

    I thought rock music was dead. Then I heard Big Wreck.
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    SKATTERBRANE Forum Resident

    Tucson, AZ
    Whiney power pop.
  3. Davey

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    Relatively unknown? They seem to be pretty well known, major label, big commercial success, bunch of threads and mentions around here. But nothing wrong with giving a call out to a favorite band, I do it all the time too, though most of mine are a little more unknown :)
  4. Rob9874

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    What's why I said relatively unknown. Around these circles, maybe people have heard of them. But my average friends, family, and co-workers have never heard of them. I think they have more success in Canada, where they tour and get airplay.
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  5. Liam Brown

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    Here in Canada, i haven't heard anything about them since the late 90's. I remember they blended in with the our lady peace, i mother earth type middle of the road rock bands that were dressing up as grunge then.
  6. Bigrfish

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    Check out Rival Sons
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  7. Jeff Kent

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    Mt. Kisco, NY
    Love me some Big Wreck, even if Ian sounds a little too much like Chris Cornell.
  8. Rob9874

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    Nah, maybe to the casual listener who heard them in passing. They started at Berkely School of Music and wrote music that surpasses anything being put out by pseudo-grunge bands at the time. Intricate layers of guitar work, and mixing it up with different time signatures, and complex harmonies. Too good to pass off as merely grunge or power pop.
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  9. Andersoncouncil

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    upstate NY
    My band opened for them in upstate NY back in 1997. Great guys, but musically didn't think they were anything special. Always thought they were one of those "one or two major label albums then vanish into obscurity" bands. Kinda cool they've been able to make a career out of it this long without much mainstream recognition (at least here in the US)
  10. bizmopeen

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    Oswego, IL
    Cool, thanks for the recommendation. I hadn't heard of these guys, but the half-dozen or so tunes I just checked out on YouTube make me want to hear more. Nice to hear current rock that doesn't succumb to retro posturing or indie navel-gazing twee, and they seem to bring a good supply of hooks to the table (unlike some other semi-contemporary bands...I'm looking at you, Porcupine Tree). Damn, that dude REALLY sounds like Chris Cornell, tho.
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  11. Bigrfish

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    Funny how we thought these guys would just explode back in the late 90's.
    Maybe we were spoiled and under appreciative a bit...they played a lot of Canadian dates back then.Great to see them still making music and garnering new fans. Enjoy
  12. GMcGilli

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    Richmond BC Canada
    Blown Wide Open still gives me shivers....

    They lost me with Albatross.... haven't heard the last 2 albums - even though I still hear them on the radio here in Vancouver often (classics from the 90's)...
  13. I like Big Wreck. Good music. He should watch where he's goi g though otherwise his insurance will go up.
  14. nosticker

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    Ringwood, NJ
    This was killer....20 years ago! Always thought they would have broken bigger here in the US.

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  15. Juggsnelson

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    Long Island
    I saw them at a tiny pub near my house back when The Oaf was getting some airplay. They were great....tore the roof off of the place.
  16. Rocker

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    Ontario, Canada
    They're hardly an unknown band.... "Blown Wide Open", "That Song", and "The Oaf (My Luck is Wasted)" were all massive, inescapable hits back in '97.... (up here in Canada, at least).
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  17. Rob9874

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    Same here. I was a fan since hearing The Oaf in 1997, and I too didn't like Albatross. It sounded like it was written and recorded in 2 weeks, which they later confirmed it was! But I really felt Ghosts was their masterpiece. It is such a quality album from beginning to end. I get that some people don't get Big Wreck, but if you were a fan of their old stuff, you must listen to the last 2. I give Ghosts an A+ and Grace Street an A. It's so refreshing that someone is still putting out quality rock these days. I can't get into the new flavors or "rock" like Imagine Dragons, Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend, etc.

    Yep, they're huge in Canada. Still are. When Grace Street was released, it was the #1 Rock album on iTunes in Canada. #33 here in the US. I wish they'd tour in the States more. They've been playing NY and Detroit, but I'm down in AZ. I saw Ian when his band Thornley came to Phoenix back in 2004. I got to hold his guitar while he signed my Big Wreck CD. I'm a member of a Big Wreck group on Facebook and get jealous of all the Canadian members posting pictures and videos of their shows right now.
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  18. Purple Jim

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    Little Britain
    Nah, check out White Denim and Blackberry Smoke.
  19. dance_hall_keeper

    dance_hall_keeper Forum Resident

    Back when, "The Oaf (My Luck is Wasted)" was in heavy rotation on MuchMusic.
    It's got a great intro.
    I love that song.
  20. Always badged alongside Collective Soul and Nickelback.
  21. jay.dee

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    Barcelona, Spain
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  22. Bigrfish

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  23. Purple Jim

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    Little Britain
    Thanks Jay, I just checked them out. Good stuff!
    Rock ain't dead at all.
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