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Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Solsbury Hill, Jun 24, 2017.

  1. Solsbury Hill

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    I've seen several threads on the forum about Import CDs and their less-than-stellar customer service, so I wanted to start one to ask a bit of advice.
    I recently purchased from them a copy of Bob Dylan's Complete Mono recordings (for a very good deal), but the top of the box was a little torn. I wanted to send it in for an exchange (their customer service is indeed sub-par in reponse but I did get this granted), seeing as the price had gone up and no one else was offering it for the cheap price they had had it at. Well, now it's listed as back-ordered and according to their email and telephone operators (I tried both) they don't know when (or even if) they will get it back. The rip isn't bad enough that I would want to return it and purchase another copy for an extra $30+ dollars, but I am still miffed that a $50 new item was damaged. So, do you think I should return it and hope for the best or just keep this copy? Currently I've just been waiting it out to see if they get it back in stock within my window of return.
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    if you want the release i would keep it. because my experience with them or pop market is if they back order it and they get it back in stock and are selling it at the higher price by then they will just cancel your original order and refund you the lower price that you paid so they don't have to sell it again at the lower price.
    they get those deals from the labels and usually once their buy amount sells or the offer expires they might not be able to get the lower pricing from the label again when they restock.
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  3. This is why I always order from them through Amazon. They cover my rear end. I would keep it.
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  4. The Pinhead


    Never had a problem with them via Amazon. The one time I ordered from them directly, they didn't provide me an international tracking number and the item was lost. Fortunately I'd bought via Ebay/PPal, and I got a full refund.
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  5. SJP

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    I have never had an issue with importCDs and have placed many orders with them over the years. Then again, I've never had to return so what do I know?

    As a collector you need to decide if the price you paid is worth this small flaw. If that flaw is going to bug you (and I've been there, fold-out digipak spine creasing anyone?), then return and replace for the extra cost knowing that the tear is what cost you the extra $$$.
  6. Solsbury Hill

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    Thank you all for the advice. I might try emailing Sony and see if they would replace the outer box, seeing as I bought it New and it didn't seem to be Import CDs's fault. Otherwise, I'll probably hold onto it.
  7. InStepWithTheStars

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    I would keep it. You got a good deal and there's a pretty good chance that you could get another damaged one if you tried again.

    Their store on Amazon I have had good experiences with, and I believe I also ordered something from them on eBay. But I wouldn't buy from them on any other platform.
  8. MYKE

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    Keep it, live with it, move on.
  9. Solsbury Hill

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    Sorry for reviving an old-ish thread.
    After forgetting about this for a little I checked their website again/ So they have it back in stock (at $85, natch) and I called asking if I could still exchange it, which they said I could. However...reading experiences both on this thread/forum and off, it seems that I may not get the replacement, and instead 1). will get refunded or 2). will not even get refunded and be out both the box and the money. Does this seem to be the consensus?
    I doubt that the general opinion (i.e. keep it) has changed since last time, but since they have it back in stock I figured I would come back to ask once more.
    I also see a seller on ebay whose box has the same damage as mine selling it for $65, so perhaps he ordered from the same batch as me...
    (I also just ordered Larks Tognues box set from them, which is set to arrive today according to tracking, but through ebay...hopefully no issues with that, but at least in this case i will have paypal on my side)
  10. marcel

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    terrible customer service...

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