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    And tracking shows it hasn't departed Pittsburgh since Wednesday, showing only In Transit to Next Facility which isn't very comforting at all, with 8 records out there.

    Import CDs must ship from a different Louisville, KY warehouse, when transacting business through eBay. Normally, when I order directly from them, and use standard shipping, they use Media Mail (like here) but it leaves KY, straight up to Nashville.
    The only differences here are eBay and Free Shipping. :sweating:
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    I agree, something is different.

    My last order (5/31/18, from before the recent stacked discount sale) went from KY to Pittsburgh instead of heading due west like usual. It then hit Los Angeles and instead of bouncing to Anaheim, it made a detour to San Diego before making a turbo run north to arrive today much to my surprise.

    This was an unusually long transit. Media Mail has been surprisingly fast of late. The Pittsburgh detour may be the new normal as one of my two orders from the stacked discount sale went there as well. Curiously, the other one is still in a holding pattern, stalled before hitting the first stop in the shipping journey.

    Go figure.
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    I'll add this after reviewing my purchases.

    Ordering CD's and vinyl in the same order and in small quantities is risky. My order contained the vinyl of Johann Johannsson's Orphee along with two CD sets (Max Richter's The Blue Notebooks reissue & Tangerine Dream's Virgin Years 1977-1983). The latter of which came in a fat-boy jewel case and the album looked stressed from the CD's as I extracted it from a cardboard mailer which would typically be reserved for 1-3 vinyl albums tops. Fortunately, no worse for the wear but it was worrisome when opening the package.

    Regardless, as long as importCDs keeps up with the selection and pricing, I will keep buying.
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    I am impressed !!! It's a large, sturdy box, that when you open the lid, there's another layer of protection, that also opens on a hinge. Down within are the albums, comfortable and protected.
    This is a first for me.
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    You said it. In a mailer, they crammed a double album on top of a Blu ray, and a 2 CD set. The corner of the album jacket was bent, but acceptable. I won't be mixing media in the same order again.
    Lesson learned
    Tips like this are part of what makes this forum special IMHO.


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