Is Black Sabbath Vertigos really better than WB's?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Michael C, Jan 15, 2016.

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    Anybody hear the vertigo German Vol IV?I`m curious what differences there may be to the UK Verigo.
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    I wish the swirls were cheaper. :(
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    Central Mass.
    Hello, I'm new here, but not to collecting records. I have been collecting over 40 yrs. I recently purchased a sealed copy of Black Sabbath's first album on Vertigo.
    As it's impossible to know which version it is without seeing the label, I was able to crack the seal open about 3-4" and using a flashlight, was able to see which label it was.
    It was a UK version with the spaceship label. Can anyone shed some light on this particular release? How rare is this pressing ? What about value? Technically, this is still sealed, I just cracked the seal enough to see the label. The cover is beautiful, like new and the shrink fits tight and clean, no issues at all- Thanks!
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    The Spaceship Label was first issued in 73 or 74.
    Black Sabbath
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