Is it okay to keep an item and leave negative/neutral feedback?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Whoopycat, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. Whoopycat

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    From a customer standpoint, is a return of the item required to justify negative or neutral feedback?

    Here's my scenario... I ordered a used cd from an amazon third party seller that was listed in Like New condition (I know... :rolleyes:). I get the cd and of course it's anything but like new. The digipak was beat all to hell. However, I really don't want to return it, as it was a hard to find cd and the price wasn't outrageous, like $9 plus shipping.

    I know sellers want to be contacted first, but in this case what is there to say? I don't want to return it, I don't want a partial refund, but I did not receive a "like new" copy. To me this is one of those cases where neutral feedback is justified.
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  2. MYKE

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    You should PM the seller, and say what you're saying here. Simple. It may help his future grading skills. I'd wait on leaving the actual feedback until I got a feel for his attitude, via his response.
    His other feedback doesn't reflect the same problem previously ?
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  3. tmtomh

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    I think @MYKE offers some good advice here. I would contact the seller and be as clear and polite as possible, e.g. thank them for the positives, which presumably are shipping the item promptly and the CD being playable. Then say that the item is not in "Like New" condition as advertised and briefly explain - the package is really and truly beat up, way beyond normal wear. (And if the disc is scratched up, even if it plays okay, you could note that too.) Then say you'd rather not go through the hassle of returning it, and could they give you a small partial credit in consideration for the poor, less-than-advertised physical condition of the item?

    Because you only paid $9 a "small" partial credit is still going to be a decent discount. It's likely they'll issue you a credit somewhere between $2 and $4.50 (half the purchase price), to avoid the hassle of a return.

    Just don't say anything about feedback - no one (including Amazon, I imagine) takes kindly to perceived feedback extortion (even though that is of course not your intention).

    If they refuse any partial credit, then you are totally justified in leaving neutral feedback if you want. And if they are for some reason rude, you'd be justified in leaving negative feedback if you were so inclined.
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  4. kwadguy

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    I would contact the seller and complain the CD is not as described.

    If the seller apologizes and offers a substantial discount and/or to accept the return and pay shipping both ways, then I probably would not leave negative feedback.

    If the seller ignores you or otherwise doesn't bend over backwards to make it right, then I would leave negative feedback.
  5. eddiel

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    I agree the situation does warrant something other than positive feedback but I think it would be inappropriate to do so without contacting the seller first. They should be informed and given the chance to put it right. I'd give them the chance first.
  6. InStepWithTheStars

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    Agree with all of the above. Contact the seller, state that it was not as described, and see what they have to say. If they apologize, make sure to grade more accurately in the future, offer you any sort of refund, then leave neutral feedback and state that the item was not as described but that the seller was helpful and is working to prevent this in the future. If they don't respond or they handle it poorly, leave negative feedback. In these instances I feel it's important to get a feel for who the seller is as a person and if they deserve a second chance or not; if so, leave neutral feedback and explain as such.

    When this happens, I feel that after talking to the seller, either way, any potential guilt I have is gone. Either they're a good person who made an honest mistake and I forgive that, or they're dishonest in which case I've made my opinion on them clear through feedback.
  7. GruveRecords

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    Definitely depends on the seller's reaction. Had a similar situation yesterday, where a customer received something they didn't feel was as advertised. It was a mistake on my end. I Would never intentionally over-grade an item, but it must have slipped by me.

    Honestly, I felt bad and just want the person receiving the music to be happy on their end. We are all just music traders after all. So, I offered full refund + keeping the item + shipping another CD for Free.

    I think if its a small time seller, don't punish them if they respond politely and seem concerned. Big time sellers are another story. The ones who purposely over-grade to increase their overall sales are a disgrace to the community and are only trying to cash in on it.
  8. mmars982

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    Agree as well. Contact seller first & consider the response before leaving feedback. If they offer to refund if you return, you can tell them you want to keep the item anyway, you just want to let them know. My guess is they will offer at least a partial refund and let you keep it anyway. Of course, if you get an unreasonable resposne, or none at all, then leave the negative feedback.
  9. Bingo Bongo

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    Give him change to respond. Your doing other buyers a solid by calling him out.
  10. dave9199

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    I've had the seller just tell me to keep a cd and got my money refunded also.
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  11. arminl

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    I think it depends on us to leave whatever reviews that we like. But, it's considerate enough to leave positive reviews to those who deserve it.

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