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    The symbol was also in season 1 and has Greek origins:

    New 'Westworld' Theory Leaves Us Wondering About A Certain Symbol
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    im in the same boat, I haven't caught up but not really involved enough to care, something went wrong first season and the same problems seem to exist, the movie was sloppy and cheap looking and not even that well directed but I cared more about Richard Benjamin and his porn stache than any of these people or non-people or whatever
  3. At what point in Episode 2 was this revealed? I'm a fairly quick study, but I didn't hear anything like this. Point me to a scene, perhaps?
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    In episode 1 of this second season, they were caught swabbing for samples. From a host's groin. Presumably left by a guest and his actions.

    Reason? Don't know yet

    Episode 2, young William was trying to convince donor daddy Delos to keep investing in the park. He looked. He saw. And wondered... yeah but where's the big money? Where's thre NOW money? William tells him imagine people paid money to come here... they could do anything they wanted... fulfill their wildest fantasies. Even stuff they could get away with... even if no one was watching.

    Implying... they could see what people were doing. They were gathering information of the guests. Both DNA. And visuals of their most primal and despicable actions.

    This is just me going out on a limb and saying this is where I think this is going. I'm not suggesting you should count on it. Or it's fact. It's just the way I see it. I'm completely comfortable with you disagreeing with me... or seeing it another way.
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    Just finished watching episode 2 . Finding it so tedious this year. I find myself no longer caring about the characters or their situation. I think I might be done.
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    Oh, did this start up again?

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    Perhaps the ultimate money making goal of Delos is providing everlasting life to the world’s richest people? The hosts’ development over their decades in the park being the ultimate in R&D, culminating with the ability to transfer real human conciousness into a bio- synthetic replica of one’s self that would never die.

    Last season the corporation was desperate to get Ford’s code out of the park, clearly worrying about him preventing them from having full control of the technology. Now in Season 2 that goal remains the number one priority, beyond saving any paying guests as was made very clear by Charlotte.

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    Superb opening to this week's episode, and great to see Armistice again - and she has a dragon! :D
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    Yeah... that was as intense of an opening as I recall on this show
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    Both of these are high on the possibles for me; both blackmail material (plus consumer info) in the immediate, and then downloading one's personality into a host for future remuneration - is one has the money of course. the implied illness of Daddy Delos makes this more likely for me...

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    Truly out of the frying pan and into the fire - thrice if my count is right!
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    "Seven Nation Army"...with SITARS?!?!?!?!
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    Dude... wrong show. You are describing "Altered Carbon."
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    ...or Get Out.
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    Get Out of Westworld
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  16. S02E03 - A little bit of a letdown this week. I can't quite put my finger on it, but...hmmm...perhaps for the first time it hasn't felt up to Season 1 level. What's more, it was a little all over the place.

    Maeve doesn't seem quite as assertive as she ended up on Season 1. It leaves me wondering if that's a screw up in the show, or if she's mellowed because she followed her "heart" by getting off the train. She was the smartest of the lot, at the end of Season 1, save for Dolores, now she's acts like a babe in the woods. In fact, it's almost comical how she carries on with that bandito. Speaking of comic relief, there's Sizemore along for the ride.

    Yeah, I don't think Ep. 3 was anywhere as good as the first two this season. But hey, here's to a return to form by episode 4. :)
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    I liked the 3 episode better than the 2nd one.
    And what's with introducing another character? Don't we have enough storylines to follow?
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    That's the interesting thing about this show, it's got a built-in excuse for everything:

    The acting is wooden! -- Well they are acting like robots.
    But even the humans act like robots. -- Well they might really be robots too, wouldn't that be something!
    Maybe, but the plot has no momentum, it meanders and doesn't lead anywhere! -- Well its circular man, loops, like computers.
    But there are too many long, dull monologues! --It's a deep examination of the nature of existence!
    Well, the dialogue is trite and insipid --It's intentional man, everything the robots do and say is programmed in advanced!
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    That is patently untrue. The plot's been leading up to the bot uprising due to their increasing levels of self awareness. It's a messy business with lots of improvisation along the way, as one might expect. The plot's definitely progressing, now with other parks coming into play. If you're expecting a simple action based Western, you're watching the wrong show.
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    Re Maeve...I haven't figured out why it would be in her interest to go back to the previously programmed ranch family memory. She knows... just like Dolores... that she has manufactured memories. Her existence, her experiences aren't real. She's aware of this. What does she hope to go back to?
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    In Ep2, did William/Man In Black use a robot first aid kit to repair his arm?
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  22. Chris from Chicago

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    Don't know what it was but it sort of looked like it.
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    As much as I like this series, I have the feeling that there are a few too many characters to keep track of at any given time. Less is more.
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    I like that theory much better than the "blackmail guests" theory. A whole lot better.
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    a little better this week in moving the story ahead, although still very very ambiguous and open-ended in oh so many respects.

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