J. J. Abrams to Direct & Co-Write Star Wars IX (Confirmed by Lucasfilm/Disney)

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Classicolin, Sep 12, 2017.

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    I'm so glad JJ is back. He got "Star Wars" tonally correct.

    I know The Force Awakens was derivative, but think about it, guys -- a war in space movie with the good guys trying to blow up the bad guys. How different can you be if you want to end with a BANG! like a good "Star Wars" movie? It's like saying action hero movies are all the same because he kills the villain and gets the girl. Well, they are.
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    Disagree. He was tone deaf.

    You use that word, but I don't think you know what it means. The word you are looking for is 'plagiarized.'

    Here is the synopsis for The Force Awakens: Star Wars (film) - Wikipedia Just replace "Starkiller Base" anytime you see "Death Star"

    I guess if I have to say anything not mean, it can't be any worse than Rian Johnson? Can it? Seriously, Rian, that movie was turrible. How you coaxed The Mouse into a 3 film deal is beyond me.

    And @GeorgeLucas, I betcha wish you had not sold out to Steamboat Wille.
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    You are a joy.
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    This new movie was the same damn plot again. So was Rogue One. Any of these movies are going to end with the big duel or the big POW! to please the popcorn chewing masses. Anyone who spends endless time griping about the purity of the Star Wars universe just needs to get a life or go back to trading Star Star Wars cards. The Last Jedi thread is now the usual pointless, child like morass of debate about the intricacies of the Stars Wars world. Who cares? I look at the films. They started as films and should be treated as films, not holy scripture. The million ripoff comics, cartoons, and novelizations (which are always just junk) are sideline throwaways that companies put out to bilk nerds. I judge the quality of the films, and I judge each one for what it is. TFA was a beautifully made film and felt like Lucas and Kasdan. JJ respected Kasdans script. You can hear it. Rogue was a a cheap actioner that looked and sounded like it was co-produced by S Korea, and TLJ was just cheap rushed junk that met Disney’s production line rollout If JJ Abrams was tone deaf, the director of Rogue one and TLJ were blind, deaf, and extremely dumb. Abrams is the only one who can save this series out of the nobodies they also have directing.
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    I forgot who does this, but I am "borrowing" i.e. plagiarizing his style. And I'm not trying to troll, just responding to your response.

    Disagree. TLJ was worse. It was a rip off of Battlestar Galactica. Which was a rip-off of Star Wars. So TLJ is a rip-off, of a rip-off.

    No. Never. Ever. It will never end.

    The Mouse must always answer to its master. Wall Street. At this point, releasing a Star Wars-related movie is like printing money.

    Agree. But a little harsh.


    And I treat no film like the Holy Scripture. In fact, scholars and theologians can't even agree on that.

    Agree. I thought TFA was Star Wars 2.0 and did not care for it. TLJ was just a terrible movie.

    The funniest thing about TLJ was how Mark Hamill was trashing the film, and Rian Johnson for months. Then all of a sudden, does a 180 degree turn on a dime. That shows you the power of a) money (contractual points for Hamill) and b) how powerful the Mouse is of shutting up high profile people who dissent.

    I say something, no one cares. Hamill says something, he has millions and tens of millions, or more who listen.

    If I want a good Kasdan script, I will go watch The Empire Strikes Back. Not a rehash of Star Wars.

    Not touching this.


    Agree. Although I did love the Vader scenes in Rogue, and while I didn't like the CGI Grand Moff Tarkin in Rogue, his actions were certainly on point.

    Disagree. There are a lot of good directors out there. But The Mouse is not willing to risk anything it doesn't have to with Star Wars. It will let jj direct a relative "safe" script and make a billion domestically, gobs of money internationally and tons of money in merchandising.

    And then there will be an Episode X. Then XI. Then, well you get the point.
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    I don't care what Hamill said before or now. While flawed, I feel that The Last Jedi is good. I have seen it twice already. I will buy it on blu ray and watch enjoy it at home in a few months. I do laugh at all of reasons that that some people don't like the film having to do with Disney, when the reality is that the movie doesn't do what a bean counter at Disney would call for, which is check off all of the boxes... certainly don't kill the big bad leader, don't turn Jedi dogma upside down etc etc.

    Too many fans are too rigid. Oddly many hated that - in that they felt that TFA was a remake of Hope and yet when Last Jedi does unexpected things, that's not cool with them either.

    A lot of the story was built on what happened in the saga. It's not like Luke's points weren't based in accuracy. Yoda, Ben and Luke failed in their own way etc.

    There's a lot of failure in the film, just as there was in Empire.
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    I don't disagree with everything you say, but I must take issue with one thing: the comics are absolutely not junk. Kieron Gillen's Darth Vader run was exceptional, as was Charles Soule's Lando miniseries. There was some fantastic characterization and storytelling happening there.
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    The “bean counter” at The Mouse doesn’t give a rats behind what happens to the big bad leader, or Jedi dogma or anything else within the context of a movie.

    That “bean counter” wants a Star Wars related film released every 12 months (or so) in the theatre and the accompanying merchandising revenue streams.

    While I currently don’t use my “bean counter” education IRL directly, Revenue, GM and EBITA (or EBITDA) is what matters.
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    Sigh, you didn't read what I wrote, even though you pasted it. The point is that bean counters would want predictable story telling. They wouldn't say "kill Snoke mid way through the 2nd film of the trilogy."
    They wouldn't say piss on Jedi theology etc. Come on.
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    No, you didn’t comprehend what I said.

    “Bean counters” don’t care about story telling.

    At all.

    You can always create more villains/heroes, change back stories, create other back stories and (used loosely) develop new stories. All they care about it getting movies out on time, on schedule to bring in Revenue. They have 10Q’s every quarter and 10K’s every year to complete. The Mouse’s CEO has to answer to Wall Street and the shareholders every quarter.

    In fact, I doubt Bob Iger could even tell you the protagonist(s) and antagonist(s) of each Star Wars movie. And rightly so, because it doesn’t matter to him.

    Getting a return on the $4.4B and stock to Lucas is what matters.

    Actually, the Mouse’s stock price is all that matters.

    DIS : Summary for Walt Disney Company (The) - Yahoo Finance
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    I bet you he could. And I bet Bob Iger can already tell you what JJ Abrams has in store for Episode IX, since JJ already pitched the story to him last month.
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    You continue to miss my point otherwise you wouldn't keep repeating your irrelevant points. I'm not going in circles. Move on.
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    Let's be fair. None of the major studios are in this business for the fun of it or to provide works of art free for all. All the major studios are bean counters, Fox, Disney, Universal, they are all in this to do one thing and that is make money. For that matter, so is the the music business, the fast food business, everything. 50 years and we are still paying up for the same Beatles songs we were buying 50 years ago. it's all about the money in every industry.

    I think Disney cares greatly about Star Wars and putting out a good product. I think Kathleen Kennedy who was mentored by Lucas for years is very passionate about Star Wars. But in the grand scheme, every single movie, album, book, is about making money. So I think it's unfair to single out Disney. It is business, and they didn't spend 4 billion like you said to lose money. But to say they don't care about Star Wars I find untrue. I think by hiring the people they have hired to write, direct, shows a great deal of caring.
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