James Franco's "The Disaster Artist" (based on the making of the infamously bad "The Room"): 12/1/17

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    I've read the book and occasionally listen to the audio version when I'm bored. If you haven't heard the audiobook yet, then you should! Greg Sestero's Tommy Wiseau impression is hilarious and incredibly accurate! It helps that he knows Tommy better than anyone else. Since I love the Room, I'm really looking forward to seeing this movie next month.
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    They're advertising the James Franco spoof in LA the same way the original film was promoted, on goofy billboards:


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    Ha - that's great!
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  4. The Room is a beautiful wreck. I couldn't believe what I was watching the first time I saw it.

    "I did nooot! Oh, hi Mark."
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  5. Ghostworld

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    And, trust me, those are acting roles.
  6. So what does Tommy Wiseau think of all this?
  7. Oatsdad

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    Given that Wiseau has a role - a cameo? - in "Disaster Artist", I guess he approves!
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    I listened to Mark Kermode's review. It sounds like a really interesting film (something I rarely can say about mainstream cinema)
    Intrigued. :agree:
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    Listened to James Franco on Fresh Air With Terry Gross talking about The Disaster Artist...sounds quite interesting. Just watched the first half of The Room...wow.
  10. Vidiot

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    He loves it -- Wiseau just went on Howard Stern with Franco to promote the new movie and he's really enjoying his new-found fame. The whole point of his movie was to make money and become famous, and he's managed to do both (with zero talent).
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    Against all odds he’s definitely become something of an icon - the official Star Wars Twitter account referenced The Room in a tweet and of course Tommy’s response was to ask for a role in episode IX :laugh:
    Tommy Wiseau on Twitter
    I think with some Trek-style face makeup he’d make a perfectly good background alien
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  12. "It's BS, I did not shoot first, I did naaht - oh, hi Luke."
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  13. LivingForever

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    Saw the film last night and absolutely loved it. Some liberties were taken with the book for timing and/or “making a good ending” purposes, but it didn’t matter.

    James Franco’s Tommy impression is very good, but there’s a whole reel of exactly recreated scenes at the end of the movie, which play split screen with the originals and are staggeringly close on everyone’s part.

    Oh, and make sure you stay until after the credits roll... most of the audience did nahhht and they seriously missed out.
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  14. vince

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  15. PaulKTF

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    The Room is probably my favorite "so bad, it's good" movie of all time. I so need to see The Disaster Artist...
  16. modrevolve

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    That was an exhausting two hours
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  17. budwhite

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    In a bad way? I like Maron but his first talk with Franco was very weird so I'm not sure I want to hear this
  18. PaulKTF

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    Is the making of the flower shop scene a part of the movie? Please tell me it is! :laugh:
  19. So I saw this this afternoon and really enjoyed it - it gets a bit cornball at the end, but overall it's a solid dramedy broadly in the Ed Wood vein with plenty of laugh out loud moments. You don't need to have seen The Room to enjoy it either, although of course it helps. Only a handful of the audience knew to stick around for the post-credits scene, too.
    You're partially in luck. The making isn't, but the recreated scene is.
  20. PaulKTF

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    Ah, excellent! When I first saw The Room I had to re-watch that scene like 4 or 5 times just to be sure it really was edited like that...

    "Hi doggy!".

    "You're my favorite customer!".
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    I watched The Room this weekend, it is incredible that something so terrible was ever made and released....... I would highly recommend it though :)
  22. PaulKTF

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    "I did not hit her, I DID NAHT! Oh hai, Mark....".
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  23. Vidiot

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    James Franco has said he showed the film at South by Southwest back in the spring and the audience gave it a standing ovation, and this inspired Tommy Wiseau to (reluctantly) join them on stage for a Q&A after the screening...

    (that's the real Tommy on the far right -- the guy with the very strange hair)

    James Franco's 'The Room' Movie Receives Standing Ovation at SXSW
  24. FVDnz

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    I have to see this again, as I was one of the fools for naaaaaaaht staying to the end of the credits. I did enjoy it though.
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    Last year, my wife wanted to see "Room" (2015), the Brie Larson flick. She found a midnight showing at the Drexel Theater here in Columbus and we went. So we're sitting there waiting for the movie when we notice all these people bring in plastic spoons. "Did you bring the spoons?" "Yeah." So, I finally turned around and asked the couple behind me,

    "Okay, what's up, why do you all have spoons?"
    "This is The Room."
    "We throw spoons during the movie. It's, you know, like a cult movie. "
    "Really? This just came out last year...?"
    "Er... Oh, you're thinking of 'Room'. This is 'The Room' from 2003."

    Needless to say this was best movie mistake of my life. My wife and I had a blast and had absolutely no idea what we were in for!

    So, we saw The Disaster Artist here in Columbus at (where else?) the Drexel Theater where they play a Saturday midnight showing of The Room once a month. In a theater that has 3 screens, they had The Disaster Artist playing on one screen and The Room sold out on the other two screens to run at midnight.

    How was it? Seriously, I was laughing so hard I was crying! :laugh: :laugh: :righton:
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