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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Joy-of-radio, Jun 9, 2017.

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    I'm mystified as to the purpose of OBI strips that come with Japanese compact discs. I would love for someone to elaborate on why they are included, and what the number on the lowest most part of the strip signifies.

    As an aside, I have noticed that the packaging and sound quality of Japanese import CDs are generally quite impressive when compared to CDs issued in other countries.
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  2. JamesRR

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    My understanding is that these strips (which also exist for LPs and box sets) are for translation purposes - the album title/artist is translated into Japanese along with the track lists (sometimes). The "strip" still allows the primary cover art to be visible, and the strips can be tossed without compromising the original album sleeve. Also doesn't require any altering to the manufacturing other than slipping them on before shrink wrapping.
  3. c-eling

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    Number on lowest part is the Price in Yen
    They also carry date of manufacture, earlier pressing's use a letter code.
    This Cocteau Twins song (Athol-Brose) was used in a Japan Auto commercial, it add's the car it was being used for
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  4. PNeski@aol.com

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    New York
    for those who don't speak English ,they also give you info(Many times stuff not on original art work ,like performers ,recording and release dates
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  5. JMGuerr

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  6. lightbulb

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    That made my inner OCD cringe a little...

  7. JamesRR

    JamesRR Trashcan Dream

    I NEVER throw them out, but I'm sure many have hit the wastebaskets.
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  8. And isn't that the sort of thing that would get you banned around here? (Or at least admitting to it might.)
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  9. ibanez_ax

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    If I upload a CD with an OBI to JRiver, I make sure the cover art has the OBI.
    OCD indeed.
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  10. spindoctor

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    Its function is an advertising subject.

    CDs or vinyls with OBI increase their value considerably. It is recommended not to get rid of them
  11. MYKE

    MYKE Columbia 6 Eye Mono - 1958

    Yes. One of the first things I learned here, upon joining 7 years ago. My favorite example is the Allmans' Eat A Peach, Polydor P58P 25005/6. It has a genuine "3D " quality to it. Has stopped others that have heard it, in mid-sentence !

    The Allman Brothers Band - Eat A Peach
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  12. action pact

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    Retail prices for music releases is pretty much standardized in Japan (although I have seen sale prices for new releases at larger retailers like Tower and HMV). Sometimes the obi (not "OBI") will have a higher introductory price that's in effect for a certain period of time (usually indicated by a date), after which point the list price will be reduced by a few yen (also indicated on the strip). You can see that on the Tokens CD at the top of the thread.

    Incidentally, an obi is what the waist sash around a kimono is called. I suppose it resembles the wraparound onserts on Japanese LPs.

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  13. drbryant

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    Originally, it was point-of-purchase marketing. It wasn't just for Japanese translations on foreign albums - records by Japanese artists also had obis (as do books, magazines and other items). A potential buyer sees promotional language, bold titles and other info , none of which will affect the jacket. It's like a slip cover on old books - collectors don't consider the item complete without it.
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  14. Joy-of-radio

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    I understand. When I got this Tokens release, I was pleasantly surprised to find the songs very analog-sounding! One of the songs, a favorite of mine titled "How Nice", is even presented in full dimensional (((stereo)))! All other currently available versions of this album present this song in mono. While I absolutely do not have an issue with that, the mono version appears to be a simple fold-down. The Japanese version is simply gorgeous!
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  15. lightbulb

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    Yes, LPs and CDs that have an obi do resemble the sash for traditional Japanese dress.
    The above photo conveys the elegant and beautiful nature of such an obi. :)
  16. action pact

    action pact Forum Resident

    That's right, Japanese books often have bellybands too.


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  17. Evan

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    I would say it is a culturally thing. The Japanese love their packaging.
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  18. Zeki

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    The two prices noted are base price and then price with tax. In The Tokens example, 2,520 yen is the price.

    Edit: value added tax used to be 5%. 2,400 x 1.05 = 2,520
    This was increased to 8% in 2013.
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  19. action pact

    action pact Forum Resident

    That is certainly true, although I'm not sure if it really relates to obis and the bellybands.

    My wife says that they get delight from opening attractively-packaged objects, that the experience is like unwrapping a present, and serves to enhance the enjoyment of the package's contents.

    Even the lunch you take with you to school or work is attractively wrapped in a cloth:

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  20. MonkeyMan

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    I think it's a bit like collecting stamps...
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  21. Erik Tracy

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    I was going to say they like things 'tied up' neatly. :eek::D
  22. Muzyck

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    Common crossword clue... Obi? = Sash.

    Do they also contain dates that are used for pricing laws? I thought at one time that there were regulatory rules affecting those amounts. Just thought there may be a period after initial release where they could not be sold under a certain value. Maybe one of the reasons that they often contain bonus tracks to offer incentive to not buy the same title from other countries at a lower price.

    edit; heck I see action pact covered that. Should have read the posts better before posting my own.
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  23. Holy Diver

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    I live and breath for obi. I would never buy a Japanese CD without one.
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  24. PJayBe

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    Bad bad boy!!!!! Don't be saying things like that;)
  25. LitHum05

    LitHum05 El Disco Es Cultura

    I got some OCD for you. Does anyone know if there is a secondary market for obis? I've got some second-hand Japanese vinyl that came without any and I almost wish I'd never bought them (despite the awesome pressing quality).:doh:
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