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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Blackie, May 24, 2005.

  1. Blackie

    Blackie Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Los Angeles
    I have a green-label Chrysalis pressing of Aqualung that sounds good but was wondering what the definitive version is? I've seen there is an earlier Reprise version, a DCC and a MFSL (which I can get for $15). Has anybody done a shoot out with this title?
  2. ChristianL

    ChristianL Well-Known Member

    Berlin, Germany
    Are You refering to the LP? The DCC is considered as the definitive version here, the MFSL has a huge smile-EQ (much bass, much treble, little midrange).

    I have the DCC-CD and it sounds fantastic. I think, the LP sounds fantastic, too.
  3. Dave

    Dave Esoteric Audio Research Specialistâ„¢

    Plus don't forget the CD "Original Masters" has side 1, or is it side 2, of Thick As A Brick on it as well. Incredible sound BTW Blackie. Any other Tull CD, except for the MFSL's, are way too harsh sounding to me. The MFSL's are much better, but the 2 DCC albums are unbeatable to me.
  4. Gary

    Gary Nauga Gort! Staff

    It's side one of Original Masters, Dave. :)
  5. eelkiller

    eelkiller Untrained ears

    ...or is it Side One of TAAB is on the DCC Original Masters CD :)
  6. Pug

    Pug Elitist Snob

    I have a George Peckham mastered UK Pressing of Aqualung that sounds good. :thumbsup: The DCC sounds good too. :agree:

    This is a poorly recorded album so don't expect miracles.
  7. JWB

    JWB New Member

    I love the DCC "Aqualung". I listen to it constantly. I made "promo" copies for everyone I know who bought the remaster.
  8. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Audiophile Music Mastering Your Host

    Glad you liked it. I have a fondness for that album...
  9. Gary

    Gary Nauga Gort! Staff


    You know, you just could be right about that!


    Thanks for making me laugh! :D
  10. Vinyl-Addict

    Vinyl-Addict Groovetracer Manufacturer

    Does anyone have a UK Pink Rim pressing of Aqualung? That was the 1st pressing in the UK. I have a UK 2nd pressing on the green Chrysalis label which sounds ok, definitely not a "show off" your system demo record.:)
  11. JWB

    JWB New Member

    Steve - I always meant to ask you....why does the fade-out of "Aqualung" cut off abruptly? Does the master tape cut off, or is that just the way it was mixed?
  12. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Audiophile Music Mastering Your Host

    Just the way it was mixed. Not the greatest mix of an album, that's for sure. On the other hand, it's great music..
  13. Ski Bum

    Ski Bum Well-Known Member

    Long Island, NY
    Original Masters was my first DCC LP. What a revelation; I was hooked before side 1 ended. I now have the DCC version of Aqualung, and many more by other artists. Thanks Steve.

    BTW, TAAB is on side 2 of Original Masters.
  14. Dave

    Dave Esoteric Audio Research Specialistâ„¢

    Ah, yes, but only on the CD do you nearly get the complete side 1 of TAAB. The vinyl doesn't have this.
  15. Blackie

    Blackie Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Los Angeles
    Thanks for all the replies, I guess I'll have to fork out some $$ for the DCC version as I love this album and as you all know, once you're hooked you've got to find the best version to sleep well at night. Or it might just be me... :rolleyes:
  16. Randy W

    Randy W Well-Known Member

    For $15, I'd buy the MFSL LP - that's a bargain and you might just like it, if not you could sell it for much more.
  17. Tullman

    Tullman I prefer analog

    Boston MA
    I have both the MFSL and the DCC lps of Aqualung. While I prefer Steve's mastering, the MFSL treble boost does make the acoustic guitars shimmer. So, I appreciate both versions.
  18. TommyTunes

    TommyTunes Forum Resident

    Your Green Chrysalis is not necessarily a 2nd pressing. That album was issued with both Island and Chrysalis labels on the first run. I have a Chrysalis with the Island matrix number in the dead wax and stamper number 1u. IMO it's about equal to the DCC. I also have a 1st issue German Pink Rim that sounds very good (much better than the Reprise).

    For all those who obsess over this album, like Steve says it's never going to be a spectacular sounding album. Just for a change of pace, find yourself a clean quad version at least it uses an alternate version of one track and has different mixes (not better sound but at least it's different).
  19. Vinyl-Addict

    Vinyl-Addict Groovetracer Manufacturer

    Dead wax info...

    Dead wax is scribed with(to the best of my knowledge),
    "A porky prime cut" :) Does yours say that too?
    It also has initials EG, as does my UK Minstrel in the Gallery with numeral 2 and some weird chinese looking inscription.
  20. Auracle

    Auracle Member

    It is worth it. Hard to imagine a better than Steve's when considering the source. The most addictive tracks for me are the quiet, less travelled. Sometimes I'll get out the CD just to hear the single brief tune Wond'ring Aloud.
  21. BPrice

    BPrice Active Member

    I have the original US pressing (dual color reprise steamboat), and it sounds like crap. Really distant and thin sounding. You can count that one out.

  22. Wond'ring Aloud :righton: :D
  23. I have what I believe to be a UK first pressing on Chrysalis, with the green label and the Island matrix number (ILPS-9145) on the label, the back cover, the spine and in the dead wax, with the A1-U stamper.

    Your "Porky Prime Cut" should be a second pressing from 1972, according to my research. I'm not an expert, but that is what I've been able to "piece" together from various sources. Apparently George Peckham didn't cut the original first UK pressing of "Aqualung", but he did cut the original 1st UK pressing of "Thick as a Brick" in 1972 and the reissue of "Aqualung" the same year.

    So, if my research is correct, it went like this:

    1971 "Aqualung" is released in the UK on the green Chrysalis label (I've never seen a Pink rim Island pressing). No George Peckham markings in the dead-wax. Has the Island matrix number (ILPS-9145).

    1972 "Thick as a Brick" is released in the UK on the green Chrysalis label, with either "Porky Prime Cut" or "Pecko Duck" (I can't remember which, both are GP markings) in the dead wax.

    1972 "Aqualung" is reissued in the UK on the green Chrysalis label, this time it is a George Peckham cut, with "Porky Prime Cut" in the dead-wax.

    If anyone knows differently, please let us all know!


    P.S. Here's an excerpt from one of "Gesdees" auctions for a 1st UK pressing of "Aqualung" (I don't know why the text comes out the way it is below, I tried to fix it, it looks "normal" before I hit the "Submit" button... :confused: ):

    "Only first issues have Island's ILPS 9145 catalogue number on the back top right corner of
    the cover and on the spine. "Aqualung" as a first pressing has the most varied combination
    of labels I've ever seen on an original record. Some labels are a darker green without the
    Island white"i" logo on the top, others are with it, but many 1st pressings have one of each
    on either side. This is simply explained by two different printers used in 1971, something
    those who look for standardised patterns to first issues neglect to take into account. I see
    such nonsense written about grooves and ridges on labels, caused only by different pressing plants used as well as different printers. As I keep stressing, only the stamped numbers in the run-out grooves of any record can be used as the definitive way to date or establish the pressing order, there simply were no variations in the stampings made, but the very nature of printing produces endless variations. I recently sold an equally superb 1st pressing with the two different labels on either side. This LP has Island's catalogue number ILPS 9145 and "Manufactured and distributed by Island Records Ltd." printed on the top rim with the famous white"i" Island logo. For once, this has a matching pair of labels both sides. This is not an exersice in claiming rarirties that don't exist, just establishing variations were there on first pressings of "Aqualung"and an explanaition of how this occured way back in 1971.

    To be a 1st pressing, everyone of those details has to be there, including the inner sleeve.
    First printed inners were made from exceptionaly heavy and thick cardboard. The shape is distinctive and unique, with one side of the top opening with an unmistakable shape to the
    cut-way to access the record."
  24. TommyTunes

    TommyTunes Forum Resident

    The only thing on the dead wax on Side 1 is ILPS 9145 1u and on Side 2 is ILPS 9145 3u
    to my knowledge there are no pressings with a 1u or 2u on Side 2. All pressings as stated above are on Chryaslis although I know of a person claiming to own a Pink rim but I have never seen it.
  25. Randy W

    Randy W Well-Known Member

    I have the same matrix on side 1 of my UK LP of Aqualung as Scott. The label, cover and inner are also the same as the Gesdees auction LP. I've always believed it was a 1st UK pressing.

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