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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by eBay Feed, Nov 5, 2001.

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    I recently bought a used MOFI "Broadsword and the Beast" LP. The vinyl looks good, but their are LOTS OF POPS :eek: when I play it. Just by looking at the LP, I cannot see any reason for these pops.

    Does anyone out there have this LP? How does yours sound?? My Chrysalis LP good, but the CD is aweful! I had hoped that the MOFI would be an improvement, but the copy that I have is unlistenable.

    I have several other LPs that look quite good, but are very noisy when played. Do they probably just need a good cleaning??

    I also have albums that look like they are scuffed, but play without any real surface noise... How is this possible??


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    It's possibly surface mildew. If the LP was taken care of well, stored carefully and played with a good cart, the mildew idea would be nill.

    I'd try playing one track a couple of times to see if you've got an improvement with it, as sometimes when you play a MFSL pressing, the Supervinyl sounds better the second time around. "Play it clean" was always the idea from MFSL when some new pressings sounded a little noisy, then they brightened up and cleared up to a quiet play.

    But if youplay one track a couple of times and it's still very noisy, you might want to carefully give it a bath. There's a post I did (while ago) to explain what and why I do the "bath" idea. It's safe in careful hands, and yeilds great results with me. The record never looks like it got "cleaned", brightens up, and loosens some harsher surface pollutants that you can't see.

    The better CD of Broadsword is the UK/GEMA one. The Broadswoord MFSLs tend to be inexpensive, and you should be able to find another one fairly quickly on Ebay.

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