Jethro Tull - 'Remixed' from the 25th Anniversary Boxed Set - a question

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Phil P, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Phil P

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    Harrow, UK
    Here's a question for anyone who might have any info.

    Listening to the 'Remixed' disc from this 1993 set, I was struck by how different the sound is from the regular releases, even the more recent 40th anniversary remixes and remasters.

    Examples are the amount of reverb on vocals, the sharpness of the drum sounds (especially on the early 70's tracks), and even extra acoustic and electric guitar parts (on 'Songs From The Wood')

    Does anyone know if there was any additional new recording done for these '93 remixes?

    Thanks for any info

  2. They don't credit any new recordings in the box set book, but all those changes you noticed could have been achieved with the historical multi tracks of material that was rejected at the time for inclusion in the song master.
  3. Phil P

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    Harrow, UK
    Yes thats true, and it certainly seems pretty seamless on Songs From The Wood - the acoustic just starts a little earlier in the second verse.

    I think its the drum sound that stands out the most - I've not compared it beat for beat yet, but on some tracks they really do seem like a completely different recording. Just wondered
  4. folkfreak

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    There are two reasons for remixing or two kinds of remixes. One is what happened to Aqualung or Thick as a Brick. The reason for these remixes (the stereo ones) was to maximise the soundquality by NOT altering the mix itself. With Aqualung I think it was a great success, for TAAB I did not see the reason, as the previous CDs where already great and I personally don't care about surround stuff.

    The other cause for a remix is to alter se sound or the song itself, like all the Maxi versions in the eighties etc. The 25 Box set falls into that category. I personally don't like most of them as they overdid nearly everything, and made every mistake they could make. The big difference you hear for instance on the drums is because the put far too much reverb and rooms to the drums.
    In my eras its so much that it degrades the quality of the sound..... I like the additions to Songs from the wood and Heavy Horses, as there are instruments mixed in that where left out in the original mix, and the Broadsword remix. The rest.... naaah

  5. You may be right about the drums...and it is true that Ian recorded new parts for the Chateau Disaster disk and that this was not mentioned on the liner notes, so there is a precedent.
  6. folkfreak

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    that is a different CD set.
    The drums are not new recorded. Only remixes, but sometimes a different take was used (Too old to Rock'n'Roll....)

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