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  1. David Cowling

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    Hi All Newbie Here

    I sincerely hope my following request is not against any rules.

    I am searching for a single CD version of the late great Mr Capaldi's 70s single " Goodbye My Love " and the B side " Baby Your Not My Problem "

    I have trawled the internet to no avail. I am aware from comments that Short Cut Draw Blood Album is out there for sale, some containing and some not these songs.

    Can anyone advise where I may purchase these titles from. Music collections are never full, but mine would be near if I could find CD versions.

    Many Thanks
  2. Bill Hart

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    I think you need to reach a basic threshold -50 posts?- before you have access to the marketplace. There, you will find vinyl, digital media, etc. plus "want to buy" threads. The moderators- called Gorts- can probably tell you more, but chances are (I'm not a moderator) your request doesn't belong in a forum admin thread and may get deleted- don't take it as a personal affront. There are a couple or three rules here, but nobody is nasty or heavy handed. Welcome.
    PS: if you are just looking for sources to purchase, not necessarily what people here might sell you, I'd try Discogs.
    PPS: Try and track down Neil Storey on Facebook. He was at the Island press office back in the day and knew the members of Traffic. He may also be a good source of info. You can use my name. Neil is a good guy.
    PPSS: It is the twofer from Raven in Australia that combines Short Cut Draw Blood and The Contender and includes bonus tracks that appears to have both tracks. I didn't see any CD singles, but I didn't spend much time researching. Good luck.
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  3. David Cowling

    David Cowling New Member Thread Starter

    Many thanks for such a detailed response. How kind.

    David Cowling
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