Jimi Hendrix Both Sides of the Sky - new album coming March 9, 2018

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by fsutall, Dec 6, 2017.

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    I may have missed this already, but who was the photographer?
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    Here is a version listed in Hendrix: Setting The Record Straight.

    Multicolored Blues

    1. Seven Dollars In My Pocket/Hootchie Cootchie Man - Record Plant 12/18/69
    2. Midnight Lighning/Lee Blues - Hit Factory 8/28/69
    3. Izabella Blues - Hit Factory 8/29/69
    4. Blue Suede Shoes - Record Plant 1/23/70
    5. Farther On Down The Road - Electric Lady
    6. Winter Blues - Record Plant 5/7/69
    7. Slow Time Blues - Record Plant 1/23/70
    8. Blues For Me And You - Hit Factory 9/6/69
    9. Last Thursday Morning - Electric Lady 7/20/70
    10. Comin' Down Hard - Electric Lady

    Some of these tracks are still not available officially.
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    Let me start by saying that whilst I've been a fan of Jimi's music for around 37 years, I wouldn't count myself as a fanatic, or an ardent collector of everything that's ever been available legally or otherwise, so I guess my views are kind of in the middle of where you both are.

    Overall I'm not a fan of the Alan Douglas era, that said there were a few fabulous releases, for example, In The West, Monterey, Concerts and Blues. On the other hand, whilst I prefer and enjoy all of the EH releases, they are certainly not without their faults.

    Now, I'm not the expert that most of you guys are, but one thing I would have prefered to see, would be to have more relevantly themed releases, rather than have tracks from certain sessions/era's spread over many collections.

    For Example...

    Individual releases of the Are You Experiended, Axis & Electric Ladyland Sessions
    Band Of Gypsies Studio Collection/collections
    Royal Albert Hall Rehearsal Sessions

    Obviously they are just a few but you get my drift, these would have served Jimi's Legacy in a better light.

    All this said, I am looking forward to this new release and I'm sure I will enjoy it immensely.
  5. Thanks John.
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    I figure it's the same track. :)
  7. DTK

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    I am a long-time fan and extreme complete. That means I will buy this, but it's still OK for me to have an opinion on how Jimi's legacy is handled, agreed?
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    That front cover is an abomination. It almost makes Voodoo Soup look good by comparison.
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    Looking at the track list there is nothing on this release that has not been available officially or on bootleg in one form or another. Previously unheard could mean anything, an edit here or there on a known track qualifies it as previously unheard (in this form). Of course I will be buying just like I have bought everything that's come out over the past 45+years (except a few best of single disc compo's) There is still many hours of stuff (available on bootleg) that is of release quality that could keep EH going for years if only they would take a chance to release things the hardcore fans would jump on. But it's all about money, selling commercially viable product, not selling jams to fans..
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  10. Am I the only person who liked the Voodoo Soup cover? :hide:

    This new cover seems ok -I'll get a better idea when I see it in the flesh.

    I also liked this cover from the Kiss The Sky compilation.
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    It could've been a great cover if they didn't take a fantastic photo and alter it to look like a Madame Tussaud waxwork for some unknown reason. They have all this technology to salvage the original print from the grave, but lack the good taste to know when to stop. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] Should've stopped here. Maybe just a little color correction.
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    Sure, I’ll buy this
  13. DrBeatle

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    What about Black Gold, FFS?
  14. Maidenpriest

    Maidenpriest Setting the controls for the heart of the sun :)

    Music aside I am confused about the title what is 'Both Sides Of The Sky' it does not sound like something Hendrix wrote ?
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    And I'm sure it's already been posted here, but this is from the Amazon listing (I went there to add it to my pre-order list)...

    Mannish Boy - The first ever studio session by the group Hendrix would christen as his Band Of Gypsys. Hendrix, Cox & Miles shared a love for the blues as this driving, uptempo reworking of "Mannish Boy" by Muddy Waters makes clear.
    Lover Man - Just two weeks before their triumphant New Year's concerts at the Fillmore East in NYC [yielding both 1970's Band Of Gypsys and 2016's sequel Machine Gun], Hendrix gathered with Cox and Miles to cut this dynamic rendition of what had become a favorite concert staple.
    Stepping Stone - A totally unique take on this Hendrix favorite, with Jimi showcasing both blues and country styled licks atop a relentless, galloping beat.
    $20 Fine -Stephen Stills joined Jimi, Mitch Mitchell and Buddy Miles Express keyboardist Duane Hitchings at this September 1969 session. With Stephen handling lead vocals and organ, Jimi added multiple guitar parts to this rollicking Stills original.
    Power Of Soul - This 1970 studio session came three weeks after the Band Of Gypsys concerts at the Fillmore East. While a live version remains one of the highpoints of Band Of Gypsys, Jimi never released a studio version during his lifetime. For this album, we present the mix that Hendrix and Kramer prepared of the complete song at Electric Lady on August 22, 1970.
    Jungle - The influence of Curtis Mayfield can be heard here as Jimi expands on the "Villanova Junction Blues" theme he made famous by its inclusion in the 1970 Woodstock documentary.
    Things I Used To Do - Jimi is joined for this rendition of Guitar Slim's blues classic by Johnny Winter. Jimi's trademark guitar work and Winter's deft slide playing weaves in and around the foundation set by bassist Billy Cox and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young drummer Dallas Taylor.
    Georgia Blues - Jimi reunited with some old friends from his pre-Experience days. Lonnie Youngblood, with whom Hendrix played in R&B groups like Curtis Knight & The Squires, voiced this superb twelve bar blues neatly underpinned by Hendrix's sublime rhythm and lead guitar work.
    Sweet Angel - With Axis: Bold As Love only just released, Jimi immediately turned his focus to recording what would become Electric Ladyland. This gorgeous, instrumental reading of "Angel,", features Jimi on guitar, bass and vibraphone joined by Mitch Mitchell.
    Woodstock - Stephen Stills came to this session fresh from having visited Joni Mitchell, who had a new song that Stills was excited to try and record. Long before CSNY's version, Stephen, Jimi and Buddy Miles recorded this amazing rendition.
    Send My Love To Linda - A superb new Hendrix original composition recorded with Cox and Miles in the aftermath of their successful Band Of Gypsys performances at the Fillmore East.
    Cherokee Mist - Together with drummer Mitch Mitchell, Jimi created this moody, evocative original complete with his playing of a sitar to complement his traditional electric guitar.
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    In 1968 I bought Are You Experienced at the A&P with money I'd earned cutting lawns. It was the first album I ever bought or owned. Come March 2017 (49 years later) I'll take the afternoon off on the day the mail lady brings "Both Sides of the Sky." I'll unwrap it with the same sense of thrill and anticipation as the first Hendrix album I bought and all those since. I'll drop the needle in the groove and turn it up, LOUD. I'll stare at the packaging and read all the liner notes and when it's over I'll pull out other Hendrix records to compare and contrast and play loud and reminisce. I know full well this record won't be another AYE and I don't care. It's Jimi and if it's prepared in the manner of Valleys of Neptune and People, Hell & Angels (righteous efforts both) then I'll be happy. Maybe even giddy. 49 years... yeah.
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    Jimi Hendrix was In The Studio 1968 (417) & 1969 (532) and recorded over 945 songs. This number includes songs all official releases, false starts, multiple takes on songs, overdubs, sketch ideas, jams, home recordings, tomfoolery and just plain experiments in the studio.

    Why don't Experience/Hendrix just take the Bob Dylan model on the the unreleasd, and release a series of "Jimi Unreleased tudio Recording", call it Jimi's Note Book or Jimi's Sketchbook. I love Jimi, I've been collecting him since 1968. Every Official Release (multiple times), Bootlegs or any scrape of magnetic tape that captured anything recorded related to Jimi Hendrix. Get it all, and not in another pseudo Jimi Hendrix release.

    Pull out the highlights, give a couple of cd's worth of what Eddie Kramer or Experience/Hendrix thinks is the real gold that fell through the cracks in the floor.

    There is a lot out there, but not in what in the past was thought of ti to be in conventional form.
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    The title actually reminds me more of John Lennon from Woman "For the Other Half of the Sky"
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  19. Rudi

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  20. DrBeatle

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    :laugh: Probably not even that soon. They have too many tapes of Hendrix belching and farting to scrape from the bottom of the can before giving us something truly unreleased, interesting, and historic.
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  21. Arnold Grove

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    The Amazon list inadvertently leaves off "Hear My Train A-Comin".
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  22. JimSpark

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    It's a line he sings in the version of "Midnight Lightning" that appeared on the original Isle Of Wight LP.
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  23. reb

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    I'll wait and see, thanks for the reminder.

    I purchased upon release in my local Target store VON and PHAA- both have two bonus tracks each.
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    Got an email this morning with some details from Experience Hendrix. The only thing I see that I haven't yet, is that the original experience is on Hear My Train...

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  25. The Hud

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    Same here. I am guessing there will be.

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