Jimi Hendrix - Let's Talk About How We Would Have Put Together His Posthumous Albums!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by hodgo, Dec 8, 2017.

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    Another way to do it would be:

    Anthoolgy Vol. 1 - Experience outtakes and jams.

    Anthology Vol. 2 - Band of Gypsies outtakes and jams

    Anthology Vol. 3 - Cox/Mitchell outtakes and jams

    Anthology Vol. 4 - Guest musician outtakes and jams
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    Great thread idea!
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    When i have the time, i will put one together and make a separate thread, but in the meantime, this is my go-to site for anything early hendrix
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  4. Have any of these been released officially?
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    an album that should have been released from 69 and a double from 1970
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    This is terrific!
  8. John Fell

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    I am not much of a fan on mixing live and studio material so these would all contain studio material.
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    Tremendous job! :)
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    I can indeed see the idea of creating a "Skecthes For..." Type of release for the purposed 1970 album.

    Something like this:

    Disc 1: Hendrix Approved Masters.
    Disc 2: Posthumous Masters by Eddie Kramer, John Jansen and Mitch Mitchell
    Disc 3+4: Alternate Masters.
    Disc 5+6: Outtakes & Jam's.
    Disc 7+8: Demo's & Oddities.

    Then, a scaled down version of it, could compromise the first 2 discs.
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  11. slane

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    Five well organised double CDs would probably suffice for me as a core collection:

    Disc 1 - Are You Experienced + 1966-7 singles tracks
    Disc 2 - Axis Bold As Love + 1967 outtakes

    Disc 1 - Electric Ladyland
    Disc 2 - 1968-9 Experience-era outtakes

    Disc 1 - Band Of Gypsys (with a few choice bonus tracks)
    Disc 2 - BOG-era studio tracks

    Disc 1 - First Rays Of The New Rising Sun (despite it's faults)
    Disc 2 - 1970 outtakes

    Live 1967-70:
    2CD chronological highlights compilation, from Monterey to IOW
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    IIRC, Hendrix only "approved" 4 mixes as completed masters prior to leaving for Europe, but with Hendrix, it is entirely possible that he would continued to overdub and mix.

    That said, here is a list of all the mixing work done during the summer of 1970 by Hendrix and Kramer.

    Ezy Ryder [alternate mix, 6/15/70, Electric Lady Studios] (Purple box)
    In From The Storm [alternate mix, 8/20/70, Electric Lady Studios] (WCSB)
    Room Full of Mirrors [8/20/70, Electric Lady Studios] (Rainbow Bridge)
    Dolly Dagger [8/20/70, Electric Lady Studios] (Rainbow Bridge)
    Straight Ahead [8/20/70, Electric Lady Studios – Eddie Kramer only] (Cry of Love)
    Come Down Hard On Me [8/22/70, Electric Lady] (Purple Box)
    Astro Man [8/22/70, Electric Lady Studios] (Cry of Love)
    Drifter’s Escape [8/22/70, Electric Lady Studios] (South Saturn Delta)
    Earth Blues [alternate mix 8/22/70] (Purple Box)
    Message To Love [alternate mix, 8/22/70] (WCSB)
    Night Bird Flying [alternate mix, 8/22/70] (Purple Box)
    Ezy Ryder [8/22/70, Electric Lady Studios] (Cry of Love)
    Belly Button Window [8/24/70, Electric Lady Studios] (Cry of Love)
    Freedom [8/24/70, Electric Lady Studios] (Cry of Love)
    Night Bird Flying [8/24/70, Electric Lady Studios] (Cry of Love)
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    Experience Hendrix gained control of the catalog at a perfect time. As a teenager in the late '90s, I'd never even seen Cry of Love on CD, and knew that recent reissues of the Experience albums sounded odd, though I didn't realize it was due to NR at the time. All they had to do was present the music in a historical context, and they'd be the saviors of the legacy (I.e. look at how everybody else pillaged the catalog - we know what Jimi wanted!).

    They started off ok, reissuing the original 3 albums and creating the First Rays album (which I like as a summary of that period, mastering aside). They issued South Saturn Delta at the same time though, creating the pattern they'd follow through the present time - we'll give fans valuable releases (live shows, Dagger Records issues, box sets), but also put out grab bag discs of outtakes that essentially aren't any different than Alan Douglas releases. Is People Hell & Angels really much different than War Heroes? They're just random tracks unified by packaging. Did the Isle of Wight show need to be issued before countless other better played shows? No, but it was an easy CD/DVD tie-in for big exposure.

    The guy that created the Electric Ladyland album clearly wasn't doing it from his "business sense". Experience Hendrix should have understood that Hendrix could barely package his material into "albums" himself, except when forced by record companies - trying to issue the leftovers as cohesive units of marketable material is ridiculous. By now, so many collections of random material have been released that it's even hard for real fans to follow. They could have broken down his output as:

    Are You Experienced box - UK mono/stereo, US mono/stereo

    Axis:Bold As Love mono/stereo

    Electric Ladyland

    Jimi Hendrix Experience Studio Sessions box

    Jimi Hendrix Experience Live box set (full shows, not just highlights)

    Post-EL Experience recordings

    Gypsy Suns & Rainbows
    Rehearsals & Woodstock show

    Band of Gypsys
    Studio recordings
    Complete live recordings box

    All post-BOG studio work
    1970 tour box set of highlights

    It wouldn't have needed to be issued chronologically, but with Dagger Records live shows being released in between, we'd still have it all issued, but in a form that gives some sort of context to the music.
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  14. pool_of_tears

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    Edited together from several takes.
  15. wildstar

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    Huh?! Either this is an full-on apples and oranges comparison you are choosing to make for some reason, or you don't know that Alan Douglas had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the War Heroes album (or Rainbow Bridge, COL, Loose Ends or In The West for that matter)

    Alan Douglas was responsible for DELETING all of those albums (bar COL) once he was in control because according to the press releases at the time - they had since found more tapes of songs/performances of much greater quality/significance than anything on those albums. Of course it was a lie on several counts:

    1 - the tapes he used for his replacement/new and improved posthumous albums weren't in fact newly discovered
    2 - the songs/performances weren't of greater quality or significance compared to those on the previous posthumous albums
    3 - even if they were better than previous posthumously released performances, they weren't after Douglas got his hands on them. He erased a lot of (in some cases everything) that the musicians other than Jimi played and replaced those performances with studio musicians, so it was often just Jimi's guitar and vocal paired with (then mid 70s) modern overdubs played by musicians who had never even met, let alone played with Hendrix during his lifetime - in some cases even additional GUITAR was overdubbed as well, so tracks on which one would assume is all Jimi's guitar playing - isn't.

    In the time since gaining control, 'Experience Hendrix' has re-released all of those early posthumous albums (or at least all their contents on newer releases) that Douglas had deleted when he gained control and also re-released some of the later Douglas overdubbed tracks without his overdubs and with the original musicians contributions reinstated.

    So I'd say what 'Experience Hendrix' is doing now (not to mention what Kramer/Jeffery et al did in the immediate aftermath of Jimi's death) is in fact FAR different (and far less indefensible) than what Douglas did when he got his grubby little egomaniacal hands on the steering wheel.
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  17. Purple Jim

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    More along the lines of Valleys Of Neptune and People Hell & Angels... only worse.
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    Three takes were recorded, according to biographer John McDermott and Eddie Kramer. During the first take, Hendrix showed the others the song while the recording equipment was adjusted. During the second take, Hendrix broke a string (these two takes were later edited together and released as "Voodoo Chile Blues" on the posthumous Hendrix compilation album Blues). The third take provided the master that was used on Electric Ladyland.
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    This is the crux of the discussion for me. Cry of Love and Rainbow Bridge were fine albums, if less-than-perfect. But Hendrix' 1970 work-in-progress is my favorite period of his career and it has never been framed properly.

    The ingredients are all available to the avid fan, and with cassettes>minidiscs>CDRs>Playlists et. al. we can tinker to our hearts content. It would be nice if the more casual fan had a truly great double-album to embrace and appreciate.
  20. jeffmo789

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    EH released the excellent Purple Box anthology around 2000 or so. Shame they didn't follow up with Vol 2 instead of foisting us with VoN, PHA, etc...
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  21. John Fell

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    West Coast Seattle Boy was sort of Vol. 2
  22. ceddy10165

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    I’m always interested in threads like this and curious what you all have to say. I have a huge Hendrix collection, but am far from an expert, and always have trouble putting his work in context because of the way his work has been released.
  23. (updated track list)
    Electric Ladyland Deluxe Edition (Dec. 1967-Sept., 1968)

    And The Gods Made Love
    Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)
    Cross Town Traffic
    Voodoo Chile
    Little Miss Strange
    Long Hot Summer Night
    Come On (Part I)
    Gypsy Eyes
    The Burning Of The Midnight Lamp
    Rainy Day, Dream Away
    1983... (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)
    Moon, Turn The Tides... Gently, Gently Away
    Still Raining, Still Dreaming
    House Burning Down
    All Along The Watchtower
    Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)

    From the "Purple Box"
    Sweet Angel
    (Have You Ever Been To) Electric Ladyland (take 3)
    Gypsy Eyes (alt. version)
    Room Full Of Mirrors (demo)

    From the West Coast Seattle Boy box
    Tears of Rage (demo)
    Hear My Train A Comin' (demo)
    1983 (A Merman I should Turn To Be) (demo)
    Long Hot Summer Night (demo)
    My Friend (demo)
    Angel (demo)

    From South Saturn Delta
    South Saturn Delta
    Tax Free
    All Along The Watchtower
    Sweet Angel

    From Cry Of Love / First Rays
    My Friend

    From People Hell and Angels
    Somewhere (Frankenstein version)
    Inside Out

    From The Fire Single
    Touch You (Dec '67 instrumental)

    From Blues
    Hear My Train A Comin' (acoustic)
    Voodoo Chile Blues

    Associated BBC Tracks (mono / fake stereo)
    Recorded Jan. 4, 1969
    Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
    Hey Joe / breakdown/ Sunshine of Your Love

    Associated Live Tracks

    Miami Pop Festival, May 18, 1968
    Hey Joe
    Foxey Lady
    Tax Free
    Hear My Train A Comin'
    I Don't Live Today
    Red House
    Purple Haze
    Foxey Lady

    Winterland Selections (Oct. 10 - 12, 1968) -pick your favorite performances
    Tax Free
    Lover Man
    Sunshine Of Your Love
    Killing Floor
    Star Spangled Banner
    Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
    Like A Rolling Stone
    Spanish Castle Magic
    Red House
    Manic Depression
    Little Wing
    Wild Thing
    Are You Experienced?
    Purple Haze
    Foxey Lady[/QUOTE]
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    prognastycator, what a great thread! Thank you for sharing all of this :wave:
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  25. Thanks!
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