Jimi Hendrix Miami Pop Festival CD & DVD by Sony due Nov. '13

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by RiRiIII, Aug 30, 2013.

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  1. RiRiIII

    RiRiIII Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Athens, Greece
    I did not manage to locate a discussion on this so here it goes:


    Release dates for both: 06 Nov 2013

    Google translate:

    "The heyday of live's first official release! Followed by a box set for August also appeared Jimi Hendrix new items! This release is hot live on experience transfer in the Miami Pop Festival held at Gulfstream Park North of Miami 5/28/1968. what took place in the middle of 3rd album Electric Ladyland. At the same time as the band subtle series of human conflicts and lives a hard war, you can enjoy the hot performance of tension despite the cacophony of a situation, partly because it's. DVD of the same title (Live & documentary by Director Bob smeatons) released!"
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  2. Great news.
    Does anybody know the tracklisting for this release?
  3. OnTheRoad

    OnTheRoad Forum Resident

    Will be great if it's real and not some sort of quasi-boot only released in Japan. The price doesn't appear to be outlandish. I wonder when 'Experience Hendrix' will blurb about it.
  4. Judge Judy

    Judge Judy Forum Resident

    Brooklyn, NY, USA
    I hope that the Google-translated paragraph is printed verbatim in the liner notes.
  5. Efus

    Efus Forum Resident

    Jackson, NJ, USA
    It'll be interesting to see what they've got.

    Eddie Kramer was flown in to record these shows, but my understanding is, is that JHE was scheduled to perform both days.
    There was a complete first set, then an abbreviated 4 song second set on the first day due to a torrential downpour.
    The second day of the Festival was scrapped, due to heavy rain, which caused the promoters to go belly up.
    All the audio and video taken was then seized in subsequent lawsuits.
  6. Jose Jones

    Jose Jones Outstanding Forum Member

    Detroit, Michigan
    That's quite a translation.
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  7. dead of night

    dead of night Forum Resident

    Northern Va, usa
    Sorry for the threadcrap, but there's another new release scheduled, listed at Amazon as "Playlist: The Best Of The Jimi Hendrix Experience." It would be wonderful if this received a warm, quiet new mastering. It is a Sony/Legacy release. Again, I'm sorry for the threadcrap, but I'm not confident enough to start a new thread about this.
  8. Purple Jim

    Purple Jim Forum Resident

    Little Britain
  9. ronm

    ronm Forum Resident

    southern colo.
    It would be nice to get some new video.
  10. Gordon Johnson

    Gordon Johnson Forum Resident

    Liverpool, South
    Track list CD:
    02. ヘイ・ジョー
    09. 紫のけむり
  11. hodgo

    hodgo Tea Making Gort (Yorkshire Branch) Staff

    East Yorkshire
    The News of this release doesn't surprise me as it tallies with what Eddie told Bob Harris a few months back, in that conversation he told Bob that he had completed two killer live shows in both audio & video formats.
  12. jeffmo789

    jeffmo789 Give The Gift of Music!

    New England
    if true, yes!!!!
  13. prof. stoned

    prof. stoned Forum Member


    01. Introduction
    02. Hey Joe
    03. Foxy lady
    04. Tax Free
    05. Fire
    06. Hear My Train A Comin '
    07. I don't live today
    08. Red House
    09. Purple Haze
    10. Foxy Lady (Afternoon Show)
    11. Fire (Afternoon Show)

    This should be epic. Well recorded (as the bootleg testifies) and the band still got along. :cool:
  14. Gordon Johnson

    Gordon Johnson Forum Resident

    Liverpool, South
    So, no thanks as yet to Janie, after all it was she who first said Miami soon ..........................
    Thank you.
  15. 905

    905 Forum Resident

    Southern IL
    Great, I'm on a Jimi kick and heard good things about this show.
  16. jeffmo789

    jeffmo789 Give The Gift of Music!

    New England
    That same old set yet again :D
  17. PacificOceanBlue

    PacificOceanBlue Forum Resident

    The Southwest
    Why does she need thanks? The fans have made her a very wealthy woman, that should be thanks enough.
  18. John Fell

    John Fell Forum Survivor

    Here it comes folks!DVD + CD release planned for a November 2013.
    This will be a real treat as the footage has never been seen before (not even as a bootleg videocassette or DVD)! The band performed an afternoon and evening show on the same day at the festival. It remains to be seen just how much of each show made it on to film.

    Janie Hendrix had mentioned in an interview that footage from Newport 69 might also be included as a bonus. We presume that this will feature the much circulated June 22 footage where Jimi appeared as part of an "all star band" (including Eric Burdon and Buddy Miles). We can also speculate that some neat footage of the The Experience at the festival two days earlier has surfaced, but this seems doubtful (some fuzzy 8 mm footage can be een on YouTube). The release might get the same treatment as Monterey and Woodstock, with a new documentary included for good measure.
    This is the best news for decades.

    This is from the Hendrix Guide website
  19. Devotional

    Devotional Forum Resident

    Oslo, Norway
    "Tax Free", "Hear My Train A Comin'" and "I Don't Live Today" in the same set = Epic indeed!
  20. vinyldreams

    vinyldreams Forum Resident

    Main St.
    This and the Tommy Super Deluxe should make a stellar November.
  21. ranasakawa

    ranasakawa Forum Resident

    I'm in !
  22. Purple Jim

    Purple Jim Forum Resident

    Little Britain
    This DVD release is VERY exiting because between Monterey (June 67) and Woodstock (August 69) we had seen practically nothing of Hendrix on film, apart from the odd little scraps (Paris Olympia, London Olympia, Clark University, Lulu Show,.. and the bootled Albert Hall footage).
    Up to here, 1968 has been the lost year of Hendrix as far as concert footage is concerned and at last we will see Jimi at the height of his confident, crest of a wave (big hat) period. Yahooo!
  23. hodgo

    hodgo Tea Making Gort (Yorkshire Branch) Staff

    East Yorkshire
    I hope this gets a vinyl release.
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  24. coffeecupman

    coffeecupman Well-Known Member

    Caterham, UK
    I'm hoping for blu ray with 96/24 sound.


  25. I'm really looking forward to hearing ヒア・マイ・トレインAカミン :D
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