John Lennon (October 9, 1940 – December 8, 1980).

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Dec 7, 2011.

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    Hard to believe how quickly time flies by. Next October (2015), Sean will be 40 years old. The same age his Dad was when he was assassinated.

    " is what happens to you while your busy making other plans..."
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    Another year gone by and the pain NEVER loosens up. RIP JWL.
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    It still REALLY sucks, even after 34 years!
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    I was 15, watching the Dolphins, when Cosell announced the horrible news.

    Still hurts.

    In 2013, I stood across the street from the Dakota. It felt awful. My heart sank.
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    I remember that horrific day because it was the same day I shaved my mustache. I have not grown one since in memory of Johnny.
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    I had stated this on another forum. Taking it in yet another direction, my single-album version of The White Album is John dominated..I love his songs the best (the way they are recorded and, of course, that magnetic voice)..upon playing my CD-R single white back, I realized that it's primarily John's tracks which make it a great Rock and Roll album...even the slower tracks like DP , HIAWG and Rev 1...for my money, they are more ROCK than Paul's all-out, contrived Helter Skelter.

    You can argue about who wrote the better melodies, who played the best guitar, etc....but John had something you couldn't learn or place an award on: charisma. The type that was so strong and all-encompassing that it transcended into his music. Lennon was one of the very few people in all of modern music who, through natural infusion of HIMSELF INTO the music, could make a weak song a good recording and a good song sheer brilliance.
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    The greatest Punk band ever is the one that plays on POB.
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    So now we know the real reason Nixon tried to get John thrown out.
    And to make matters worse John made him listen to side one.
    But in Johns defense his glasses were not working that day and he thought he was talking to Ed Sullivan.
    RIP John this day always hurts and we love you.
  11. For folks of a cetain age/ from a certain era, this is arguably THE flashbulb memory cultural event (like JFK years before). I got "Double Fantasy" the day it came into the nearest record store (I lived in rural Western, NY so that was Buzzo's in Geneseo, NY), & had been loving it for a few weeks (but less than a month- released on 11/17/80) when it happened. It made me hungry to hear the other tracks that they'd recorded & referenced in a few interviews from the time. It took four long years for those to surface, & for awhile I even began to wonder if they ever would, but they were, eventually, well worth the wait. It's amazing how strong the excitement & buzz around his return was (that second album worth of material they'd be returning to work on after the New Year, the planned touring for 1981, etc., etc.) & how quickly, steeply & sharply that was replaced by the depth of sadness & mourning that was shared by so many.

    Folks on forums, & plenty of folks on facebook, mark this date with remembrances each year. So in that period between Thanksgiving & Christmas the memory of that event always comes back up in a powerful way. I'm pleased to say that, for me, it absolutely doesn't stop my enjoyment of the music he & Yoko were recording at the end- "Double Fantasy (A Heart Play)" and "Milk & Honey (A Heart Play)". Lennon's collection of material from 1980 (& that era if we include things like The Beatles/Threetles songs & other such stuff) stands as my favorite of his solo output & I think the albums also really function as a collaborative "Heart Play" double album of pretty epic proportions (both albums carry the subtitle "A Heart Play" as I noted above). The ensuing tragedy even gives what they recorded levels of meaning that are kind of Shakespearean. While it all moves me deeply, it doesn't depress me.

    This is a graphic I found this year on facebook that I really liked...
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    It is hard to escape that association but it really only gets me on the particular song lyrics that are especially forward-looking, such as "Beautiful Boy" and the lead-off track.

    I'm pretty sure that was the first Lennon album I'd heard at the time (age 17 - maybe Mind Games preceded it) and I heard it as a JL/YO album since that's how they presented it (and I used to enjoy letting LPs play through anyway). A couple of years later I made a cassette omitting Yoko's songs but I enjoy more the Double Fantasy tracks as they were laid out on the album - that sequence works for me.

    I bought it on or after the 9th. First time I heard the single on the radio I thought it was Elvis. My mother gave me the news before I was out of bed on the morning of the 9th. Talk of his death and his music were all we heard on radio that day.
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    Still very saddening. I remember walking into the schoolyard (grade 7) Tuesday morning and my friends staring at me...just looking for a reaction. Then they asked me. You didn't listen to the radio? I said no! Then they told me. I was just in utter shock. I was only 13 but boy that was a huge shock. Very sad day. Listening to Double Fantasy right now as a reminder.
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    Oh! Where I was when I heard that awful news and what I was doing. Still remember it vividly today. So sad but I remember when with a sigh for other reasons.
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    Beautifully said. There's an emotional honesty in his work that no degree of technical prowess alone can ever attain. The brilliance of a true artist. Sheer expression.
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    I was 19 at the time. Remember hearing the newsflash and Kool & the Gang's "Celebration" in the background. Eerie.
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    I still wonder what his career ups and downs would have been if not for the tragic loss.

    I like to think more ups than downs. Bet it would have been like page and plant and eventually he would have worked with Paul and it would have been satisfying. One can dream
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    A fabulous talented brilliant musician and I miss him making music!
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    Book I read in high school and did a report on for Criminal Justice & Equality Class... Author suggests Lennon assassinated, possibly through mind control, and discredits the "deranged fan" story. Whether or not you buy into author's conspiracy theory, its a fascinating read. One thing that makes you scratch your head.. Mark David Chapman worked for the YMCA in Beirut, Lebanon.

    Roll on John...
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    I will never stop talking about John Lennon.
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    Me too. I shot straight up in bed crying. Went to work the next day TOTALLY numb. There are some thing you NEVER forget. This is one of them, another is 11/22/63.
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    I remember going to a friends house right after we heard that John had been murdered. We both got stoned, and Keith pulled out an album that I had never seen. It was the Beatles Christmas album. As we listened to it Keith recorded it onto an 8 track tape for me.
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    I can almost guarantee there would have been a Beatles reunion at some point. Maybe not a full fledged, making albums and doing tours reunion, but they would have all played at least a couple of shows together.
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    Listening to "Beautiful Boy" always brings me to tears. Especially this part:

    "Out on the ocean sailing away,
    I can hardly wait,
    To see you to come of age,
    But I guess we'll both just have to be patient..."
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    Me too! I can remember that moment as if it happened today. I never was able to visit the Dakota though.
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