John Lennon (October 9, 1940 – December 8, 1980).

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    I was 10 years old. My dad (who was born in Liverpool) came upstairs and told me it had been announced on Monday Night Football that John Lennon had been shot. I hadn't been into the Beatles that long but I was pretty devastated. What a terrible day December 9, 1980 was.

    One thing I love about John is that he was just so damn funny. Listening to Beatles studio outtakes is like listening to Monty Python....they had a fantastic sense of humor. The "Think for Yourself" rehearsals are hysterical.

    Another thing of course is that he was the best rock n roll singer of all time (IMHO).

    RIP John. The world was/is a much better place because of you.
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    I was 16 and hadn't watched MNF or listened to the radio that morning. In psychology class my teacher who thought he was hip said "Such a shame about Johnny Lennon" and went on teaching. I thought what, does he mean, maybe Johnny Rotten, since Sid had recently died. I raised my hand and said "Wait, what did you just say? Did you mean John Lennon of the Beatles?" He said yes, and explained what happened. I sat there for a second, then walked out of the room without a word, and out the school door. Got in my car and drove off to a secluded spot to listen to the radio. Three days' detention were forthcoming.
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    That's strangely like it was for me when Elvis died. I was also 5, and could just hear these voices in the house saying "Elvis" this and "Elvis" that and had no idea what the word was or what they were talking about until my father explained. I was old enough to know exactly who John was when I was 8 though.
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    :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Agreed & one of the most impersonated/copied vocal styles of all time.
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    I was 26 when I "heard the news". My friend & I went to New York that night just to be where "he" was. We sang and shared memories all night.

    I saw The Beatles in Atlantic City in 1964. It was the only time I saw John Lennon. It will
    never be forgotten.

    RIP John
  6. "...and with every drop that falls. We hear your name."

    My favourite of all the tributes. This one, on this day is almost too much.
  7. ohnothimagen

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    I was four when John was killed; I still remember it vividly.

    Would have been on the morning of December 9th; I was trying to help my mum put up the Christmas tree. She turned on the TV to Canada AM as always to get her news fix; naturally Lennon's murder was the top story. I remember she said, "Oh my god!" and dropped the ornament she was trying to hang, which broke. Then she pretty much broke down herself...I remember standing there watching my mum balling her eyes out and thinking, "Who is this John Lennon guy and why is mummy so upset?":laugh: (I was only four, after all). I mean, I'd heard her playing The Beatles around the house all the time, but of course at that age I didn't put two and two together. Finally she explained it to me.

    I flash on that scene every time we put up the damn Xmas tree, even thirty one years later...:shake:

    As always on this day I will cranking up John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band. I love the album; I think it's his masterpiece (including his Beatles work) but I only listen to it on Dec 8 as my personal tribute to (IMO) the greatest rock songwriter and singer there ever was.:righton:
  8. JohnnyH

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    Hear hear! :)
  9. RickH

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    For this thread, I'd just like remember John by listing 10 tracks of his as a tribute to his timelessness, in no particular order.

    1. Gimme Some Truth
    2. Strawberry Fields Forever
    3. Imagine
    4. Instant Karma
    5. She Said She Said
    6. Norwegian Wood
    7. A Day In the Life
    8. I’m Losing You
    9. Love
    10 Come Together

  10. Nice. I'll have a go (random and off the top of my head)

    1. Remember
    2. God
    3. A Day In The Life
    4. Rain
    5. Mother
    6. Mind Games
    7. Cry Baby Cry
    8. You're Going To Lose That Girl
    9. Nowhere Man
    10. Across The Universe
  11. DTB

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    It's hard to believe that it has been 31 years.
    I remember that sad night very well.
    John was way too young.
  12. Wow. Hard to believe that so much time has passed.
  13. Robin L

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    ". . . page two . . ."

    "It's been a busy year, Beedle Peedles, but a great one-two, you fans have seen to that . . ."
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    Today's a day I'd rather soon forget
  15. quicksilverbudie

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    seems like yesterday I heard the news.....still shocking

  16. csblue

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    Every year on the anniversary of John's death (today) I would go to the candlelight vigil at his star on the Walk Of Fame in Hollywood, in front of the Capitol Records building. I would recite my anti-violence poem in honor of John. Now that I am retired in Oregon, I can no longer participate there. So, for those of you who will indulge me, I will post it here for you to read. Thanks John. I will never forget your music, the joy it continues to bring, and your wonderful message... Give Peace A Chance.

    Little Toy Gun

    I gave you my name
    And you gave me a son
    He's starting to walk
    I can't wait till he'll run

    We'll ride him on ponies
    He'll have lots of fun
    But don't ever give him
    A little toy gun

    He'll go around shooting
    You, me... and a friend
    But it won't be a toy gun
    He'll use in the end

    He'll find him a real one
    In the armed forces
    I don't want my son
    Taking mass murder courses

    So buy him creative things
    Not for impression
    Let him develope
    His own self-expression

    Expression is freedom
    But don't get me wrong
    I may not be free yet
    But I'm getting strong

    I have understanding
    Of my own hangups
    I need understanding
    So I can be free

    And then when our son
    Needs someone to confide in
    He always can come
    To you babe... or to me

    I gave you my name
    And you gave me a son
    He's starting to walk
    I can't wait till he'll run

    We'll ride him on ponies
    He'll have lots of fun
    But don't ever give him
    A little toy gun

    copyright 1968, C. Steven Blue
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    I too vividly remember hearing the news from Howard Cosell that fateful night and thinking, this can't possibly be happening. The news was like a punch to the gut.
  18. Hi Five

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    Taken too early but never forgotten.
  19. helter

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    Not sure where this above link came from, but living in NJ on 12/8/80 I was up the entire night listening to the radio and was in awe, that as you turned the dial almost every single radio station was playing Lennon/Beatles music or coverage. Was kinda of like the world had ended.

    Never heard that much coverage on the radio of a news event before or since
  20. major_works

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    I was 21 in December, 1980, and had been a Beatles nut since Ed Sullivan. It's tough even now to let myself dip back into the emotions of that day and, indeed, that whole miserable week, for much of which I had a lot of trouble even getting of out bed. It was a lot of crying and a lot of anger. Shock and disbelief. How incomprehensibly senseless. Why the hell would anyone want to kill a *musician*?

    These days I greatly prefer to revel in John's life and his achievements, which were many and great. If I play the "one-word association" game with "John Lennon," the first word that comes to mind is "honest." In my mind, there are various marks of a "good man." John didn't necessarily bear all of them, and neither do I. But that's high on the list. The songs were honest, first and foremost. When he sang them, he meant what he sang.

    John changed the world, and changed it for the better. For me, he was the greatest rock-and-roll singer the world will ever hear. He wrote and performed amazing music that has entertained me, consoled me, moved me, for almost my entire life. His sense of humor was unparalleled; he was one of the funniest people ever. I never met him or was ever in his presence physically. Yet I miss the hell out of him.
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    I was 2 days shy of my 16th birthday, and was watching my Dolphins play the Patriots on MNF. I was feeling pretty happy that night, just before my birthday, thinking about what I was going to do, and enjoying my favorite team playing a good game when Howard Cosell broke the news. I felt my heart drop down into my feet. I just sat there in total disbelief there rest of the evening...
    The next day in school, that was all we could talk about . During band class.the band director just let us sit around while Beatles music played on the stereo in the band room.
  22. Dugan

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    Rest In Peace John

    My contiunued condolences to Yoko and "the Boys".

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    Still have the cassette of the tribute show I taped off the radio the next day. I listen to it (or, now, a CDR of it) every year.

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    Clang: "Hey Beatle - you want to have fun, eh?"
    John: "No thanks, I'm rhythm guitar and mouth organ."

    Miss him, always will.

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