John Lennon (October 9, 1940 – December 8, 1980).

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. lennonfan1

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    baltimore maryland
    I was 20 working as a dj but I was off Mondays and the TV was on, Cosell at first said he was shot and at the hospital...then announced shortly later he was dead. When he first said it I thought 'am I dreaming this?' I just couldn't believe it. I cried so hard that night and couldn't even work the next night. For 2 weeks I was a mess. I couldn't believe the insanity of it, and I still can't. I never thought the death of someone you don't personally know could affect you so much. So, from that moment on, as soon as the computers and the web became a 'thing' I referred to myself as Lennonfan. .....and I carry that to this day.
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  2. SammyJoe

    SammyJoe Up The Irons!

    I was only 2 years old when this happened so...I knew it all later as discovered his music.

    One of the most tragic and saddest days in music. Such tragic loss and it feels so wrong how it all happened.
    Would have been so cool to have John here with us.
    I still miss him.
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  3. spotlightkid

    spotlightkid Forum Resident

    I went to New York 2 years ago and stood in front of the Dakota where John was murdered and my heart just sank.
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  4. Solace

    Solace Forum Resident

    Brussels, Belgium
    I made the same pilgrimage in the summer of 2012. It was very emotional, standing in exactly the spot (or very near to it) where he was gunned down all those years ago. One of the photos I took that day of the entrance of the Dakota is still the desktop photo on my computer today.
  5. mindblanking

    mindblanking The Bourbon King

    Baltimore, MD
    I have a hard time "liking" a post about someone's death but I agree completely.
  6. mindblanking

    mindblanking The Bourbon King

    Baltimore, MD
    Mothers Little Helper "What a drag it's is getting old". Line written by a British guy.
  7. mr._mojo_filter

    mr._mojo_filter Forum Resident

    I did the same in January 2012. I walked through the Strawberry Fields memorial, and walked by the Dakota and was instantly stricken by tremendous sadness.

    Even though I was a born a few years after John was killed, his death still affects me tremendously.
  8. EdogawaRampo

    EdogawaRampo Forum Resident

    I remember the day it happened very clearly. My sister cried. I felt very sad and ... strange. Like hope had died and millions felt it at the same time. A chilling realisation on the end of what a generation had hoped. Dead. Gone.
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  9. Petrofsk

    Petrofsk Gort to Get You into My Life! Staff

    Every year I think it'll be a little less sad.
    Turns out to be the opposite.

    It's a combination of sorrow, as well as anger direct at a piece of **** not worth mentioning by name.

    I can't even begin to imagine how his family & the people that actually knew him feel today.
  10. David Campbell

    David Campbell Forum Resident

    Luray, Virginia
    I was only a year old when John died,but my mom and older brother remember that day with crystal clarity . Every December 8th I play all of John's BEATLE tracks and his solo records in rememberance. He is still missed.
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  11. chickendinna

    chickendinna Forum Resident

    I've tried as hard as I can to wipe this day ( certainly not the man) from my memory.
  12. JamieC

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    Detroit Mi USA
    This is how we ended my wife's birthday in 1980. It was a horrifying night. She hates that I'll always remember December 8th for the wrong reason.:shake:
  13. Billy Infinity

    Billy Infinity ThinkPad

    Asking sincerely - did any of you know John Lennon personally?
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  14. Lil' Brian

    Lil' Brian Forum Resident

    Iron Mountain
    I haven't played Double Fantasy since that Monday night. Too much to process.
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  15. adm62

    adm62 Forum Resident

    Toronto, Canada
    Really? I was 18 and quite devastated on the day, but have since lost family members and friends who I really knew and loved.

    It remains a horrible, senseless act but the real impact on my personal life was zero.
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  16. pool_of_tears

    pool_of_tears Music Appreciator

    Eastern Iowa
    I was 4 and mom, dad and me were watching Monday night football. This little guy got to stay up late. Even as a preschooler, I knew about The Beatles. My dad had all of the 8 tracks. That night was the first time I saw my parents cry, that I recall. I didn't really get the enormity of it at the time.
  17. Izozeles

    Izozeles Rock’roll Stalker

    Santiago de Chile
    I was 6 and watching the Tv with my nanny when the news broke. She was like her parents had died. This is when of the earliest memories I have, but I can see how deep was the impact for everybody
  18. Ephi82

    Ephi82 Still have two ears working

    S FL
    Although it seems obvious why so many people were DEEPLY impacted by his death (including me), i think it goes beyond his popularity and his art that inspired and moved us all.

    Its also the utter disbelief, outrage and heartache over something so senseless, leaving one with the feeling that the world has spun out of control.

    That is very scary and very upsetting. It shakes you to the core.

    For me, John's death created an impact that is not unlike what I experienced when watching the twin towers fall, or hearing of the events in Newtown Conn. Unfortunately, just two examples.

    In some strange way, having thought through this perspective, it makes it a little easier to deal with today's anniversary.
  19. nikh33

    nikh33 Forum Resident

    Liverpool, England
    Lucky you.
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  20. ssmith3046

    ssmith3046 Forum Resident

    It is one of those days that you'll always remember what you were doing when you heard the news.
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  21. Licorice pizza

    Licorice pizza Livin’ On The Fault Line

    Ohh, sorry. Didn't know that.
  22. adm62

    adm62 Forum Resident

    Toronto, Canada
    Lucky that I lost friends and family members? That's real loss.
  23. aforchione

    aforchione Forum Resident

    Englewood, Florida
    I came out of the Springsteen show at the Spectrum in Philly on 12/8/80 and thought it was strange that all the rock stations were playing Lennon songs instead of Bruce...then I heard why.

    The next night Springsteen opened his show by saying:
    "I'd just like to say one thing.... it's a hard night to come out and play tonight when so much has been lost.....the first record that I ever learned was a record called ‘Twist and Shout’ (cheers).........if it wasn't for John Lennon, we'd all be in some place very different tonight (cheers).... .it's an unreasonable world and you have to live with a lot of things that are just unlivable ....'s a hard thing to come out and play but there's just nothing else you can do".
  24. CybrKhatru

    CybrKhatru Forum Resident

    Los Angeles

    I was born on the 9th too... first I heard of his death was that morning. :( That was my 10th birthday as well.

    It was the first death that was significant in my life at the time... strange perhaps because he was someone I didn't know, but the senselessness of it all was so traumatic.
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  25. Cheepnik

    Cheepnik "Digs" "beat" "poetry"

    Ditto, down to the age. I was saddened and horrified at the time, but I learned soon enough that real heartbreak in life has little to do with the unfortunate fate of a pop star who I never met.

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