John Mayer Drops New Song "Love on the Weekend", Announces Album "The Search for Everything" (2017)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by pghmusiclover, Nov 18, 2016.

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    I think it reaches Continuum heights in places.
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    Apologies in advanced for a serious downer of a post...

    I just cried my eyes out to "Never on the Day You Leave"

    It just hit me like a freight train. Last month my wife/partner of 3 and a half years left me and its a long and painful story, but my life has been turned upside down and...I just put on this song and identified with every line, only from the opposite perspective of the narrator. It made me think "damn I hope she's thinking at least some of this, if she's even thinking of me at all." Really depressing stuff.

    And then there's the song's happy ending, "Maybe we're not perfect but I'll be damned if I ever leave." Of course, that's the part of the song that didn't happen in my real life. That's when I really lost it :(

    It's pretty crazy that this album could have a reassuring vibe when I needed it back in the summer when I thought I was keeping my marriage going strong, and now it conveys a totally different feeling in light of the relationship's end. But it's still amazing music that I don't plan on retiring from my rotation.

    Why am I (over)sharing this? Well I think it's important to talk about music's entire impact, not just the happy stories. And I also wanted to bring it up because Mayer is the sort of musician who is constantly being classified as "light weight" or a "has been" or "soulless." But clearly he's still doing something right, crafting these songs that can really pack an emotional wallop and f--- me up at 3 in the morning.
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    I feel sorry for you bro, i went thru something similar three years ago. Hang in there, you will get thru it.
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    Thanks for sharing this. I think this is why so many of us are drawn to music. It effects us on such a deep level that it almost seems impossible to make it through the day without getting lost in a song. It’s what keeps us going, through the good times and bad.

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    I read on here that the vinyl press was bad quality-so I skipped it last year (bought the 96khz on release day anyway)....well, Amazon put it on sale for like $15 and I was ordering other stuff so I figured "what the hell"'s super quiet, flat, centered, and runs 45rpm. It's easily one of the better sounding NEW presses I've bought. For the record....punny.

    I find most new presses horrible. So....there's THAT, for perspective. Maybe I got a lucky hot stamper!! ;)
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    Slightly off-topic, but have there been any further rumours about a second Trio album? (which was supposed to include a collaboration with Chick Corea on one track)?
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