Johnny Carson Returns: Antenna TV to Air Full ‘Tonight Show’ Episodes

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by dirwuf, Aug 12, 2015.

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    I know you said you like him but to me he never made me laugh once. This was cringingly bad. Just horrible.
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    It's like the jokes are for each other and not the audience. I've had situations with folks where I think something is absolutely historical, then look back and there was nothing remotely funny about the situation. That's what this felt like. but it was in front of a national; audience. I would not have blamed Hugh Downs one bit if he just left mid-show, "I'm done". Can you imagine what the director and producer were thinking?
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    Earliest known color clip of tonight show

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  4. Dr. Pepper

    Dr. Pepper What, me worry?

    Wow, it's a real shame we don't have the rest of his shows from the sixties. Now this clip looks wonderful even though the content is pretty weak.
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    Johnny Carson's success on ABC's Who Do You Trust? led NBC to invite him to take over Tonight a few months before Paar's departure. Carson declined the offer because he feared the difficulty of interviewing celebrities for 1 3/4 hours (105 minutes) daily. Bob Newhart, Jackie Gleason, Groucho Marx, and Joey Bishop all declined as well, but NBC finally convinced Carson to sign by early February 1962. Carson can be seen discussing his upcoming job for the first time on the February 11, 1962 episode of What's My Line?.[16] Because Carson had six months left on his ABC contract, NBC used multiple guest hosts until he could take over, including Merv Griffin, Art Linkletter, Joey Bishop, Arlene Francis (the first woman to host The Tonight Show), Bob Cummings, Jerry Lewis, Groucho Marx, Donald O'Conner, and others.[15][4]
    Although he continued to have doubts about his new job, Carson became host of Tonight (later becoming The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson) on October 1, 1962, and, after a difficult first year, overcame his fears.[15] While Tonight under its previous hosts had been successful, especially under Paar, Carson's version eventually did very well in the ratings. Billy Wilder said of Carson:

    He wasn't at his best or as we know him his first year or 2. He was still honing.
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    Jerry's comedy is hard to explain, it's improv, catskills and slapstick all wrapped up in ADD--with a small touch of toxic hostility on the side. In these clips, he's obviously trying very hard to burn 1:45 of TV time so he's kind of floundering all over the place. All in all, much of the shtick is horribly out of place but also strangely ahead of its time. This type of performance would have worked well on a podcast today--definitely somewhere on the internet where the generic rules and conventions for TV broadcasting are non-existent.
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    So cool to see that. I'm always impressed by the quality of audio on these tapes.

    dan c
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    That's really a perfect description of his style.
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    News release about some new affiliate stations and the airing of 60 minute episodes on weeknights and 90 minute eps on weekends...but what's most interesting is that nowhere do they use the term "Tonight Show", they just refer to the series as "Carson" or "Johnny Carson", so we should assume that the show openings are going to be re-edited to reflect this as well
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    Thanks for posting this. I found the channel where I live, and I see that "Johnny Carson" will start January 2016.
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    They have been advertising a lot on our local MeTV network, which I don't understand.
    They are clearly advertising to a local audience, because they use a Carson joke that specifically refers to Duluth, MN (the TV area I live in). And the small icon on the bottom of the ad clearly says Antennae TV.

    But we don't have an antennae TV station in our area, nor have I heard that we are getting one.
    So why is MeTV advertising Johnny Carson for another network (Antennae TV) and we don't even have that station?
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    I hope they do the most minimal edit, like just plastering "Starring Johnny Carson" over the "The Tonight Show" title and bumpers and just muting Ed saying "The Tonight Show", or perhaps flying in original in-time music in that spot and leaving Ed's original "Starring Johnny Carson" announcement in each show. They should call this version "Starring Johnny Carson".

    If they use the horrible synth music, and horrible edits, that appear in the TCM clips, that would be - horrible.
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  13. shokhead

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    Why? $$$$
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    The date for this clip seems to be late June (possibly early July) 1970.

    There are a number of clues:

    1.) There's a reference to the book, The Godfather... not the movie. Book was published in 1969.
    2.) There's a tobacco commercial... those stopped airing in 1971
    3.) Jerry Lewis keeps referring to Myra Breckinridge... that film was released on 6/24/70
    4.) Hope is apparently promoting a July 4th show he was about to do in DC

    That looks like the NY set for the Tonight Show (to me).

    I was young at the time, just finished first grade, and wasn't watching TV that late at night.

    I remember the first time I watched the Tonight Show. Diana Ross was on promoting her
    role in the "Lady Sings The Blues"... I think she was up for an Oscar. Probably Spring of
    1973... also possible I have it confused with a different appearance, but I'm positive Diana
    Ross was a guest and they talked about her movie career.
  15. rburly

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    I watched it on YouTube and the date by whoever posted it is June 30, 1970. So, according to that, you're correct.
  16. toptentwist

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    Duluth is listed as KQDS, 21.2, "coming 1/1/16'

    So you apparently WILL have it soon.
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    I may have posted this before, but will someone post here when they see when it actually comes on, please? I know I'll forget between now and January 1. Thanks!
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    The syndicated Carson show was never called The Tonight Show. It was always Carson's Comedy Classics or whatever. So I guess it will be the same for these Antenna broadcasts. Carson got ownership of his shows but did not have the right to repackage it as the Tonight Show. Carson's estate would probably have to pay NBC $$ in order to do that. We will just have to deal with it not having the original titles.

    Also, will they have any musical guests on due to paying musical royalties? That will be a shame if they cut those out. :(
  19. shokhead

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    I wonder how good or how badly the full JC shows would do if the rerunned them at night with the other late night shows? I get the age of viewers now and all that but it would be interesting.
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    Somehow, the suggestion from the press releases is that they have the rights to show the shows in their entirety, which means they have all the necessary sync rights for the music segments It's hard to believe they were able to do that, unless NBC was smart enough write the contracts to cover all future airings at the time.
  21. Scooterpiety

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    I'm hoping that the shows will be intact and just can't be advertised or listed as The Tonight Show. Since it will air at the same time as the current show, I can sort of see why NBC might be concerned, but I'm sure the audience interested in Carson are outside of the current show's demographic. I think most viewers won't be confusing Johnny and Jimmy.
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  23. This strategy seems to becoming more popular. I came across a network replaying intact episodes of The Merv Griffin Show.
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    Here is the Zabka clip without all of those damn watermarks....

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