Julian Cope Album by Album by Single by EP by Pseudonym Thread

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Summer of Malcontent, May 29, 2017.

  1. moonweed

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    i forgot how great this album is. The packaging doesnt do this justice. it never struck me as a proper solo album. While it is a mismatch of styles they are all uniquely Julian. By the way, my copy only has one disc but says 2 cd set on the inner spine , did they not reprint the inner sleeve for later {single disc} releases?
  2. vertigone

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    "Play your gloom-axe Stephen O'Malley!"

    Their recent collaboration as Vesuvio is pretty great too.
  3. oldturkey

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    Gone away.
    No - I think they just retained it IIRC. I have a single disc somewhere and I think it's the same cd tray insert.
  4. Summer of Malcontent

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    LIVE JAPAN ’91 (2004)

    Hanging Out and Hung Up on the Line / You Think It’s Love / East Easy Rider / Pristeen / Double Vegetation / Promised Land / Leperskin / Yeah Yeah Yeah / Bill Drummond Said / Beautiful Love / Sleeping Gas / Sunspots / Out of My Mind on Dope and Speed / World Shut Your Mouth

    Official bootleg briefly available from Head Heritage.
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    Ooh, I never knew about this! Gotta look around for it.
  6. factory44

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    I managed to get this when it was released. It’s excellent. But, I missed out on Floored Genius 3 & 4. I wish Julian would repress them (or at least make them available as downloads). Collecting Cope can be very frustrating!


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