Just discovered Gentle Giant

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by drum_cas, Jan 13, 2018 at 5:25 AM.

  1. drum_cas

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    Man......my musical buddy warned me:"I will let you hear Steven Wilson, he is great but he'll cost you a lot!"
    And yes I listened.......

    So now: here I read in my Progmag about this band, I read in the book Delirium Years 1991-1993 (yes.....it is costing!) that mr. Wilson sampled the drumsolo, i check spotify and see he remixed the band, I had to listen.

    Man.........I love it! For now it's Spotify but i think it won't be long till those 5.1 mixes will be delivered.

    Just had to get it out of my system.

    Regards, Cas
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  2. rikki nadir

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    London, UK
    Welcome aboard the good ship GG! Or the SS Pantagruel as they would probably christen her were they to have ever been able to afford one...

    I enjoyed that Gentle Giant article in the magazine Prog January 2018 edition. Reading the article while listening to the Playing The Fool and Three Friends albums was some of the most pleasure I have had from recorded music for some time.

    They really should do some sort of live GG reunion. I would be there in a flash.
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  3. Aqualung2410

    Aqualung2410 Member

    Can't wait for the "In a Glass House" SW treatment (if it happens at all) it's my favourite GG album
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  4. Mook

    Mook Well-Known Member

    All the albums from Three Friends to Free Hand are amazing.

    To be completely honest I've not heard any earlier or later stuff than that.
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  5. Trinkywinky

    Trinkywinky New Member

    Same and three friends the best ones in my opinion
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  6. DJ LX

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    Madison WI
    The first two albums - produced by Tony Visconti - are fantastic. A bit more atmospheric and, at times, pastoral than the later albums.
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