Justice League (2017)

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    Saw it again and here's the thing, DC has finally established some quasi-familiarity with the main players, ala Marvel, but manoman, the writing.....it's just abysmal. So obvious to see tbe 'tacked on' WW segments, the horrid CGI on Cavill's mouth. What struck me MORE this 2nd time around, is the unexplainable shift in Batman's attitude towards Superman. He was more like Batfanboy!!! Kid Flash woulda been better if they called him Kid Flash, and Iron Man Black, er, Cyborg coulda been anybody, and SHOULDA been J'onn J'onzz or the Lantern. Momoa looked great, but he's unlike ANY Aquaman I've read in the past 50 yrs! Now Afleck's leaving, did anybody really think he was sticking around long term? This will be key to the future, will DC be able to successfully re-cast him? Cause if they don't, it could be ANOTHER major setback. Too bad they used Momoa on a throwaway character. Clean him up and he'd make a great Batman!;)
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    Momoa looked like he stepped out of a Marvel film.
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    Momoa could make the most awesome-est Bumble Bee Tuna Commercial ever!
  4. alexpop

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    Baywatch at one time no probs.
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    Not that the CGI in superhero movies is anything special these days (I'll take the more subtle use in Dunkirk, or the incredible digital facial manipulation in I, Tonya any day), but its flawed and clumsy use here completely took me out of this movie.
  6. I'm still convinced the CGI artists were given this as their template:

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    B vs S had to grow on me. After watching a third time I feel it wasn't that bad. Even bought it on istore. Enjoyed it actually. I do however concur JL is a load of sheet. Especially that actor portraying Flash. How was he funny or is that even a Hollywood actor. I have a hunch women like him for being talentless. Beats me why that always follows a certain formula.
  8. alexpop

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    Could have had a bit more Wonder Woman in it.
  9. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    HIT Girl car chase in KA 2 puts JL to shame.
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    And now they're firing a lot of the top Warner Bros. executives who were in charge of Justice League, Suicide Squad, and Batman vs. Superman...

    ...In 2009, Warner Bros. became the first major studio to cross $4 billion in a single year without the addition of secondary division’s receipts; and in 2013, Warner Bros. Pictures became only the second studio in history to cross $5 billion in global box office. Last year was the biggest year in the studio’s history, with $5.13 billion in global box office. But while Warners enjoyed major successes with Wonder Woman and It, its big superhero tentpoles Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad and, most recently, Justice League, underperformed in theaters.

    Hollywood Reporter: Warner Bros. Shake-Up: Sue Kroll Steps Down, Toby Emmerich Promoted
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    Have you seen We Need To Talk About Kevin? He's a very fine actor. But even the best actors look bad with bad direction and scripts.
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    I'm probably one of the few people on Earth that liked JL more than Ragnarok. Yeah JL was a mess , but far more in spirit to the Characters than Ragnarok, which felt like a bad parody of an already lackluster film series . ( Thor, not Marvel in general)

    Although as imperfect as it is, Last Jedi creams them both.
  13. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    I didn't find JL a mess just the story meh.
  14. Quadboy

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    I missed the 2nd Easter egg in the credits (I wish they wouldn't do that!).
    Was it basically a lead into what might be coming in the next instalment?
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    Pretty much seems like the seeds being planted for the Legion of Doom but with the way these movies have been received who knows if that plot point will ever be developed on again. Wouldn't surprise me if we're heading for a soft or hard reboot of the whole cinematic universe.
  16. Chazro

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    These 'shared universe' movies (Avengers/JL) face an interesting dilemma going forward. In the past, when a Superman/Spiderman/Batman flick had a 'changing of the guard' reboot/recast it was easier because they were isolated. Now that it's all one big happy clubhouse, it'll be interesting to see how a new Batman, for example, interacts with Gal Gadot/WW, cause she obviously's not going anywhere!
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    The German Blu-Ray disc has this movie running at 135 minutes. So looks like there will be an extended version which can make the whole movie better. Personally, I liked the extended version of Batman vs Superman a lot more. I also liked the dark tone and seriousness of it. I felt that Justice League was trying to be more like Marvel, and it didn't work. A dark and more serious tone is what the trailers portrayed the movie as.
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  18. Simon A

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    I feel the same. I've stopped having any expectations about such movies but I had more fun watching Justice League than Thor: Ragnarok.
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