King Crimson 2009 re-issues CD / DVD stereo/5.1 all inclusive thread (Part 4)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by MilesSmiles, Jun 14, 2013.

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    Still waiting patiently for the Beat 5.1 DVDA.
  3. duneman

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    ...or a version of USA with the full show or is that what folks are talking about here? I'm officially confused with all these Club and DGM releases. I have The Nightwatch and its good but IIRC USA is/was a better show, no? ;)


  4. Tristero

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    You can hear the full, unedited USA show on the Collectible King Crimson, Vol. 1 (along with the great Mainz show). It includes the full Asbury Park improv, plus the complete Easy Money--and you can hear a lot more David Cross, no Jobson overdubs. Well worth acquiring.

    I tend to agree with the post from the end of the last thread--this Road to Red set sounds like a bit too much of a good thing, given how many other great sounding live sets we have from 1974. Will this set be including a lot of material that we already have, like that Lark's Tongues box?
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  6. 93curr

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    I believe I may have identified the fatal flaw in your diabolical plan.
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    Not a reissue, but the packaging for Travis & Fripp, like the Scarcity of Miracles, resembles the 40th Anniversary series. Held off for a while, thinking that there wasn't much more to say, musically, with Soundscapes and sax. This wasn't the case at all. This disc stands on its own and is quite interesting with excellent SQ. Plus, it's always an added bonus when a new release already comes out in an audiophile format (ie. DVD-A).

    So, for those who are still patiently waiting for Beat and the others, this might help tide you over!
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  8. DesertChaos

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    Well, DGM posted some info on the contents for this "Road to Red" box set:

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  9. Tristero

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    Oh man, I was really hoping that I wouldn't be too tempted by this set, but the promise of hi-rez performances and previously unissued performances might be too much for this Crimhead to resist. Is it really necessary for them to include material that every self respecting fan already has, like the recent Red reissue? Let's hope the price isn't too exorbitant because this may be too good to pass up.
  10. Anthrax

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    Even after the inclusion of the 5.1 Red, there is A LOT of new hi-rez stereo. Seems even more appetizing than the Larks box was.

    I'll start saving right now and, if the price is right, I won't hesitate.
  11. jerrygene

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    That is why I did not buy the Red 2 cd edition since nothing really there having the 40th.....all the other Deluxe editions are super.
    I have the Court box and waiting for a price drop on LTA box....the Deluxe is serving my purposes for now.
  12. gd0

    gd0 Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies

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    Hope the 2-ch remix becomes available as a standalone redbook, and/or CD/DVD-A. I'm normally wary of remixes, but these have been spectacular. I'm still wired to the originals, but most of SW's remixes better them. Especially Discipline. I've got high expectations for Beat and TOAPP. I don't think anything from Thrak onward needs a (2ch) remix.

    Guess I should prepare for the worst and expect to buy the box. I should able to have bankruptcy papers in order by then.
  13. moops

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    Is there any idea when we are going to get the Beat & TOAPP 2CD sets ? Steve Wilson seems to have a lot on his plate these days if the other threads around the place are anything to go by with the forthcoming Yes and XTC titles etc. I hope the Crimson releases aren't put on the back-burner, that would be a bummer.
  14. Tristero

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    Didn't Wilson say initially that he didn't think that the original Red stereo mix could be improved upon? I wonder what inspired him to take another crack at it.

    I'm guessing that Beat and ToaPP will arrive this fall. I'm pretty sure that Wilson's work has been completed for some time. Maybe it's the bonus materials that's holding things up, as in the case of Lark's Tongues.
  15. Has Steven Wilson been canonized for Prog-Sainthood yet?
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  16. Anthrax

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    Red was the very first of these reissues, coming out slightly ahead of Court and Lizard, which were the first sporting new stereo mixes. They probably had no idea the whole 40th series was gonna be so well received. Now they're out to milk us! :D
  17. rbbert

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    The LTIA box really held no interest for me; mostly poor sound quality, performances just OK (from the ones I already had in decent quality). This box, OTOH, is my favorite period of Crimson, and the better sound on a large percentage of it should clinch it for me.
  18. gd0

    gd0 Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies

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    I think (not sure) that it was Fripp's edict that Red didn't need a remix, but I wasn't there obviously. I've got enough live releases to justify skipping the box, but I gots to have that remix. The original (though it should be preserved obviously) is muddy. Period.

    Agree on the 80s releases. Extra material is what held up Larks' for so long. They will be worth the wait. Am also chomping at the bit for 21st century Crim. I hope ConstruKction Of Light makes its way into the rotation (despite RF's seeming disdain for that title); that's the one that would benefit from a remix.
  19. DPM

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    I believe The Construkction Of Light may be tied up in Robert's fight with one of the record companies. Perhaps we will see it get the deluxe treatment too once a settlement is reached.
  20. gd0

    gd0 Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies

    Golden Gate
    ^ Yup. I'm convinced that's the only reason TCOL is not included in the 40ths. Fripp is probably disinclined and/or or legally advised against discussing business particulars.

    So he gives his famous oblique responses. :) I don't blame him; must be very unpleasant.

    I hope there is a resolution. Need remix. Need remix now.
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  21. Edgard Varese

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    Geez I'd go into hock for this. :laugh:
  22. DesertChaos

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    Robert addressed TCoL in his diary a while ago:

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  23. Sandinista

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    So, The Road to Red includes the Great Deceiver or is in addition to?
  24. gd0

    gd0 Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies

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    Not buying his response. Disingenuous. They toured quite a bit of that material in the Projekcts. Notice how he specifically mentioned the cover art (imo, one of Crim's very best); if you hunt down Trey Gunn's blogs/diaries/whatever, he describes what a fussbudget Fripp was over the art. Unwarranted; much stress on Gunn who was in charge of that. RF was also often unreceptive to Gunn / Mastelotto musical suggestions; more stress.

    I get the sense that the whole creation of TCOL was unpleasant for RF, and he chooses to simply disown it. And/or it really is stuck in litigation.

    At least give it a 5.1 mix like the others. No reason to make it an orphan, other than capriciousness. The reConstruKction sounds like a very neat idea. But the original album contains no fewer than 3 all-world Crim pieces, and deserves top-shelf archiving. TCOL is better than he thinks it is.

    Kinda like Lizard. :)
  25. Rosskolnikov

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    Best thing from that album, by far, was Adrian's acoustic demo of "I Have a Dream." Fripp just didn't bring strong material to the table despite the fact that I enjoyed quite a bit of his work in the Projekcts.

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