King Krule: how weird do you like your weird?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Vern, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. Vern

    Vern Forum Resident Thread Starter

    More weirdo avant-jazz zombie vibes coming out of London.

    My vote gets a YES.

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  2. Ryan_Pretzel

    Ryan_Pretzel Well-Known Member

    I vote yes as well. Sampled this song the other day and it has a unique and truly creative vibe that I don't see a whole lot of in newer music. Sounds like nothing I've heard before! I've got the album queued up in my Apple Music, stoked for the full release.
  3. Trevor_Bartram

    Trevor_Bartram Forum Resident

    Boylston, MA, USA
    King Krule is not weird, if you like weird try late 70s early 80s Nick Cave and The Birthday Party, that's weird.
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  4. pghmusiclover

    pghmusiclover Forum Resident

    His voice is most definitely an acquired taste!
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  5. IbMePdErRoIoAmL

    IbMePdErRoIoAmL Forum Resident

    Agreed. IMO, the tune's not bad but it is musically far, far from anything I'd call weird. Aside from the tired zombie vibe, even the video is straight forward.
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  6. Ryan_Pretzel

    Ryan_Pretzel Well-Known Member

    In defense of the OP, there are various definitions of weird when it comes to music. Certainly nothing you would hear on the radio. Also not the most experimental music I've ever heard, but a unique listen either way!
  7. Dodoz

    Dodoz Forum Resident

    Isn't he popular because Jay Z or I don't know who that was totally unexpected supported him?
  8. John54

    John54 Forum Resident

    Not very. No weirder than Mockingbird by Inez Foxx or Once in a Lifetime by Talking Heads. In both of whose cases the rhythm more than makes up for it.
  9. Galactus2

    Galactus2 Well-Known Member

    It's different in a modern context. Drawing from history, it sounded a bit to me like the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band meets The Residents.

    Still, refreshingly different, if not for everyone.
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  10. c-eling

    c-eling Forum Resident

    Probably the 'oddest' I have in my collection-
    Rummelsnuff- :laugh:
  11. Vern

    Vern Forum Resident Thread Starter

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  12. Jama

    Jama Member

    Toronto, ON
    I'm not sure if there's a cutoff point for my enjoyment of weird music, I love it all!
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  13. Ryan_Pretzel

    Ryan_Pretzel Well-Known Member

    Streaming now. Vocals remind me of a cross between Chris Martin and ODB at some points... hahaha.
  14. andres lira

    andres lira Forum Resident

    lima, peru
    I like this! The album is a bit on the long side but maybe thats not too bad, it helps to create this little dark world.

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