KISS: The Songs 1974-2012

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    I was 20 when I discovered them in 74, so you may be right. After Love Gun things were different. Dynasty made eyebrows rise and heads to be scratched. The solos were greeted with mixed feelings. Not every album was as good as others. Some didn't sound like KISS at all ( not that they were supposed to). But it was still our band. BUT what came after? Most of my friends just gave up on them. So yeah in the 80s a whole new generation was discovering them. Makes a lot of sense bro. While I never liked whole albums there were songs I loved during this time. I do however love COS & Revenge, but that's a decade away. See you're right my opinion is prejudiced because I discovered them when they were GREAT! Lol peace
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    I hate it beyond comprehension.
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    therapy? I think you came to the right place! we happen to have some mental health specialist in the house. gentlemen he's all yours! e z p z lemon squeezey
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    I hadn't consciously made the connection until you pointed it out. Nice job!

    This song always resonated with me to a greater degree than many other KISS tracks from around this time, and that classic r&b influence is no doubt one of the factors! Now that I've gotten way into The Move (a heavy influence on Paul), I can hear similarities to them, as well. (And of course, The Move were heavily influenced by American r&b in their early days. It all comes full circle.)
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    Can't wait to read your blurb on the song, and I can't wait to further debate the point with you. I'm so glad I found you guys :)
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    You're in the psycho circus
    Yeah I say welcome to the show!

    Oh BTW I'm with @GodShifter on this one. Horrid is to kind, but if I can really say how I feel .... ***** ***k and **** s***!
    But that's just me and I'm legally insane... Why else would I be here? Just ask the professionals.:goodie:
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    Lol! Yeah the lyrics are dumb.....and that synth sound is wimpy.....but I just love it!
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    It's going to be so much fun going through the albums from Animalize through Hot in the Shade. Please, @GodShifter , don't hold back.
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    I sure as hell won't
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    In The Light
    I like Nowhere To Run quite a bit, and I find Paul's vocals quite remarkable here. He'd really found a new, fresh approach to his singing, which I dig. I only have issues with his vocals post 1984.

    As a song, Nowhere To Run isn't all that great, but I'd still rank it as above average for Paul during that period.

    The acoustic and electric guitars blend nicely, the bass/drums are solid enough. The choruses are pretty cool, with Paul's voice also all over the backing vocals. The solo is very much in the vein of what Bob Kulick brought to Paul's 1978 solo album. Solid, but that's about it.

    I also like that slow part after the solo, Paul's vocals are great there... and the buildup to the chorus and fade out are both excellent.

    Nowhere To Run
    is a very good track, even if a bit on the generic side of things. In the end, it's actually a shame it's not on a proper album.
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    I don't know where the info of it being considered for Creatures comes from as there is no direct quote from the band or Michael James Jackson that it was supposed to be. Multiple sources (books, etc) say that they were but give no sourcing.

    Here is someone on Kissfaq explaining everything:
    No it was not. This track (and "Nowhere To Run") was remixed by Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero in 1989. Therefore there is no way the remix was done to fit on "Creatures".

    "Partners In Crime" remix was only available on the following:

    FIRST KISS... LAST LICKS ('90 U.S. Promo)
    FOREVER ('90 European CD Single)
    EVERYTIME I LOOK AT YOU ('92 European CD Single)
    I WAS MADE FOR LOVIN' YOU- LIVE ('93 European CD Single)

    "Nowhere To Run" remix was only available on the following:

    FIRST KISS... LAST LICKS ('90 U.S. Promo)
    THE KISS BOX SET ('01 Everywhere)

    Also, the remix I posted wasn't the remix despite it being labeled as such! Grrr.. so here it is.
    I think you can hear it better here...some echo especially the slow part in the middle and more defined bass. Also half the riffing towards the end is cut on the remix.

    Killers version:
    Kiss - Killers (1982) - Nowhere To Run
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    Nowhere To Run : I can't say anything bad about it. I actually like it, that said this is definitely not old KISS. This is new, slick, big production KISS. All those nice rough edges that made them.... cool, scary to parents etc are all gone. Paul the rocker becomes Paul the VOICE! It's like two different bands. The first band I love everything up to Love Gun except Kissing Time, Rock & Roll All Night (had to play that too many times) and Beth. Dynasty I like most it seems after all, the solos.... well 50/50, I like all the Elder except Blackwell, from there on? It's getting sketchy. 1 here 1 there. But who knows maybe I'll find my tastes have changed and I'll like more than I thought. Just like Die Nasty I mean Dynasty. Sorry:D Pax
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    Nowhere To Run: ok. 5.7/10
    Down On Your Knees: better. 6.2/10

    These four songs are all new to me, as far as I can remember. I don't think I ever known them to exist. When did this come out? '82? By that time, while still into AC/DC and Van Halen, I had discovered Raven, Venom, Mercyful Fate, and Witchfinder General, which basically changed my whole perception on music (yet again).
  14. Tippy

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    This quote just reminded me of a story that floated around my hometown about KISS, probably from around '90-'92, but possibly earlier. I heard it from two different sources, both pretty reputable, in fact one guy is one of my best friends, but they may have gotten the story from the same source as they are all musicians. I would love to confirm this story either way by an independent source.

    Supposedly, Gene and Paul joined one of the local acts on stage in a small (but nice) down-town bar for a set. Apparently the lead singer of the band struck up a conversation with them, and jokingly asked them if they wanted to play. They actually said "Yes." So the singer went back to the band, discussed it, and returned to Gene and Paul and said "we think we can play these KISS songs." Gene then replied "I don't want to play any of that hokey s***" or something to that affect, and asked to see the bands setlist. They (Gene and Paul) then proceeded to go through the setlist and picked a few songs to play, all Motown covers, with Gene playing bass and Paul singing. Apparently it went over huge and the backing band was very impressed that they knew the songs.

    To me, after my initial excitement about hearing it, I have always been a bit skeptical. The place in question is a small city in upstate NY (not sure if I should reveal more than that), and the band was supposedly staying overnight in a nearby hotel. Knowing that G&P are notoriously private, why would they be hanging out together in a very public place?
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    Nowhere To Run -

    This is the best of the 4 new Killers tracks. It's pretty catchy, a good arrangement with lots of dynamics (quiet/loud). Nice hook. Paul seems to be going for a heavy metal vocal here, with a bit of falsetto thrown on the break down section. I like the backing vocals in the chorus. This song is no Detroit Rock City, but as a typical good-but-kind-of-generic 80's pop rock song it does the trick. I like it, but this is the beginning of what I see as the "professional pop metal" phase of Kiss, one that lacks the ramshackle magic of the glorious 74-77 run. Ace is conspicuous in his absence.

    As an aside - Paul used his falsetto frequently from Dynasty through Killers......then rarely afterwards. Does anyone know of any post-1982 Kiss songs that feature Paul on falsetto? I can only come up with Modern Day Delilah (after the bridge).

    It is interesting that Paul abruptly abandoned his falsetto, especially since he employed it so frequently 1979-82.
  16. SammyJoe

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    "Nowhere To Run", this is the definitely the best of these 4 new songs. I think it pretty ok song (by Killers and 80's standards anyways), and it kinda has that feeling that reminds a bit of Paul's '78 solo-album.
    I like the arrangement, the chorus is very memorable and the guitar-solo is good also. All in all this good one, but maybe it could have been and should have been featured on some proper album.
    The song intro has really strong feeling and similarity to AC/DC's 2 songs (as already mentioned by @SizzleVonSizzleton).
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    Off the top of my head, I can think of the prechorus into the last choruses of "I've Had Enough (Into The Fire)" on Animalize and both "I'm Alive" and "Radar For Love" on Asylum. The latter two may not qualify because they are more like high-pitched "yowls" than a true falsetto, i.e., they are wordless.

    It just so happens that one of the songs mentioned is one of my five least favorite KISS songs ever, but no spoilers. :shh:
  18. bartels76

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    Well 2 out of the 3 are pretty terrible so not surprising.
  19. Curveboy

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    New York City
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  20. bartels76

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    I know you love Asylum. Hey 3 songs are great! The rest are just :sigh:

    But we are skipping ahead.
  21. Cooks420

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    As long as the song in question isn't "Enough" or "Alive," you and I are totally cool.
  22. MagneticNorthpaw

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    My prediction: we'll be cool. :cool:
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    PARTNERS IN CRIME 1982 (Stanley, Mitchell) (3:46)

    Another song written with Adam Mitchell, “Partners in Crime” along with “Nowhere to Run” was considered for the album Creatures of the Night. Both songs were remixed to get the levels up to match the rest of the material on CotN, but both were ultimately dropped.

    The song came from an idea Paul had and let songwriter, Adam Mitchell, listen to it and song came together between the two of them.

    “Partners in Crime” is a mid tempo rocker with a decent bass line and whammy bar heavy guitar courtesy of Bob Kulick. It’s not an awful song in terms of the chord structure, but the lyrics are pretty bad and Paul’s vocals are a bit over the top. The song actually has quite a bit in common with the tune “Lick It Up” in terms of its main riff. I don’t really like the percussion effect that you hear at the very beginning of the song and becomes more prominent towards the end (shows up at 2:54 for instance). It's a bit irritating and sounds pretty dated.

    For whatever reason, I do kind of like the bridge a bit, but the song, overall, is a bit plodding and not very interesting musically.

    I don’t find “Partners in Crime” to be an offensively bad song, but it’s just kind of there. It doesn’t do much for me really. A standard hard rock song.
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    Partners in Crime is a boring, mediocre song - it just trudges along at this sloooooooooow pace and doesn't do anything ... until the solo.

    So, same disclaimer as always - beware of newest KISS diehard posting - if my sense of chronology of the songs is correct, I would argue this Kulick solo (which I adore to pieces) is the foreshadowing of KISS jumping head first into the 80s metal vibe at the time. The note choice, tempo, whammy, etc. are all staples of 80s metal, soon all became a cliche since it was so popular. And again, I love ALL of that ****.

    In other words, this solo bridges the gap between "pre-80s metal KISS" and COTN. And for that reason alone, I would argue this craptastic song is actually fairly important in the annuals of KISStory.
  25. Curveboy

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    I have to say this one has grown on me over the years, and I enjoy both the original and remix. I really like Paul's angry delivery, which we also see on songs like Tough Love and Heart of Chrome. I think this would have made a nice addition to Creatures which is a short disc at 9 songs. Again, while we know this is Bob it could have easily been something Vinnie would have played. Structurally I think it has some things in common with War Machine.

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