Kraftwerk 2004 The Catalogue Sound quality compared to original Cd's

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Maidenpriest, Aug 15, 2014.

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    ....Well finally found time to listen to my German Sanyo Japan pressed Die Mensch Maschine CD tonight. There is NO drop out at 2.12-2.14 on Spacelab on my CD.

    Have to say what a fine sounding CD this is ! Remember feeling slightly disappointed by the sound compared to vinyl back in 1986 when I bought the disc. However, at the time I was using a Phillips 14 Bit CD player. Now from a Raspberry Pi Wolfson Audio Card playing FLAC via SqueezePlug into a Beresford Caiman SEG DAC via a highly modified Musical Fidelity X10D tube buffer it sounds superb. The disc and all inlays in it's original Jewel Case is in entirely Mint Condition - just like the day I bought it over 30 years ago !
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    Thank you Theadmans for sharing your impression regarding the sound and regarding the glitch.
    musically it's a fantastic album, I love all the tracks on the album but Neon lights it's my favorite track, such an amazing song , listen to the song it's like swimming in a pool of mesmerizing / beautiful sounds , the sounds in the song are just gorgeous and glorious.
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    ..well yes Front 242 Addict - you are totally right - Neon Lights (originally issued in Luminous Green Vinyl) sounds so "Luminous" here on this CD it kills me every time! I think this is yet another example of how early CDs sounded superb all along - but were hampered by the quality of CD Players at the time. Today with modern equipment they often sound better than todays remasters.
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    A few months ago, @The_Windmill suggested to start a new "Kraftwerk All Albums Comparison Thread" here. Maybe something like the Genesis - Early CD versions thread?
    I am happy to take up the challenge (as mentioned here). It seems there's already a lot of information to process from this thread, but if you have more data please let me know :)
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    New thread available: Kraftwerk – Early CD versions thread (pre-2009 remasters)

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