Kraftwerk - Live in the UK 2017

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by It's Felix, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. It's Felix

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    Did anybody else get tickets for the Royal Albert Hall?
  2. optoman

    optoman Well-Known Member

    London. UK
    Around 3000 in the queue!
    No chance for me, But I have seen them 3 times before
  3. TokenGesture

    TokenGesture Forum Resident

    YES! (or at least a friend did for me). Can't believe it.
  4. I spend much of the day looking at 4 other bored old geezers staring into their laptop screens so I don't feel the need to see Kraftwerk these days! :D

    I saw them in 1991 with a mobile version of Kling Klang as part of the show. These days they're not quite the same for me. I hope you guys enjoy the experience though. Someone please, please heckle Ralf about the often mentioned "new album".
  5. It's Felix

    It's Felix Forum Resident Thread Starter

    You are mistaken. I saw them at Latitude, the 3 D effects, the bowel quaking bass and the amazing graphics meant that your Granny could be sat on stage playing the harp, and you wouldn't have noticed. 100% brilliant experience.
  6. It's Felix

    It's Felix Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I was number 2400 and got two tickets in a box - above the Royal Box... mental - you should have hung in there.
  7. Rather like the tongue in cheek subtle humour of a Kraftwerk song I was being ironic and not completely serious. However, I did prefer the original line-up from 1975 through 1986 and even felt slightly cheated in 1991. Today when I see Ralf and 3 blokes near motionless and pressing laptop keys it just isn't the same for me. I appreciate the visuals and sound are amazing but I've never been one for visual props at live shows - I prefer to see the musicians 'play' and sing.
  8. optoman

    optoman Well-Known Member

    London. UK
    I agree that it is not the same. They have become the music equivalent of Cirque De Soleil. But it is visually exciting if you don't expect a "rock" concert.
  9. Noise Annoys

    Noise Annoys Well-Known Member

    I got tickets for the first show in Dublin. Never seen them before, so this should be special!
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  10. Finally managed to get a single (really terrible) seat in the back row of the top circle at the Albert Hall, after waiting for ages in the queue... might have managed something better if I'd gone straight to the RAH queue at 10am instead of wasting my time with Seetickets, putting tickets in my basket that then turned out not to exist, again and again until there was nothing left.

    Got in the RAH queue about 10:02 and must have got one of the very last tickets...
  11. It's Felix

    It's Felix Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I got two in a box at. 10:25. And was in the queue from spot on 10:00.
  12. It's Felix

    It's Felix Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Yeah but just think - KW @ RAH you have a ticket. pretty cool
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  13. kevimetal

    kevimetal Active Member

    Exeter, UK
    My mate got tickets for RAH so I'm going. We were trying to get tickets for Colston Hall in Bristol were I really wanted to see them- that theatre is incredible if you haven't been- but it sold out so quickly.
  14. PretzelLogic

    PretzelLogic Forum Resident

    London, England
    This all sounds a bit too easy- when they played Tate Modern in 2012(?), and tickets were only supposed to be available online, the system melted down and they switched to phone orders.

    I spent 90 minutes continuously redialling before I got through, then spent 2.5 hours on hold until I could get tickets. Luckily this was at work so my office paid the phone bill...

    Went to the night they played The Mix and it was incredible; they did all of Man-Machine and the best bits of Autobahn and Trans-Europe Express, plus loads more. The visuals were stunning. Ironically, Ralf was the weak link as his vocals sounded tired and unengaged. But since they were such a small aspect, it had little negative impact.
  15. I know, any other band I'd be annoyed at my seat, but for Kraftwerk I'll consider it a minor miracle that I actually make it into the room. :)
  16. Ahh yes, I remember that day well. Hours and hours on the phone and on the net, all for nothing. Eventually I saw people saying that they'd had luck by actually going down to the Tate in person, but I was stuck at work and couldn't get there.

    It's the memory of this that made me happy with a back row circle ticket... ;)
  17. Youngsbest

    Youngsbest Member

    Got my tickets for the extra show on 23rd with no problems. They were due to go on sale at 10a.m. today. I logged on to the site at 9.30 just to check the site was OK, and was notified that I was at 120 in the queue. I don't know if they started sales early, but by 10 I was able to buy. The arena seats seemed to have gone by then but I got rear stalls, which is fine. Of course shortly afterwards arena seats were on Viagogo at three times the price. This makes me so angry, it's such a rip off. Anyway, the Tate Modern shows I went to were fantastic, so I'm really looking forward to this.
  18. It's Felix

    It's Felix Forum Resident Thread Starter

    yes me too
  19. There are still tickets available for the Royal Albert Hall. Earlier today they were just for the Friday, a few minutes ago there were tickets available for each night.

    Will the 3D work properly in a circular hall? I saw four of the Tate Modern concerts and they were amazing but I'm not sure about the Albert Hall, don't think it was built with thudding bass in mind. Having said that, I saw Iggy there last year and that sounded good.
  20. I think I love you... one ticket in Stalls H procured (usually my favourite block - although the 3D may not work that well from this sideways view I guess).

    That beats my back row circle seat! :D
  21. Thanks very much LivingForever. Glad to have been of help.
  22. fRa

    fRa Active Member

    Just to add the fact that there is not just laptops, but keyboards and other controllers! :)
    from mininum maximum dvd
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  23. Noise Annoys

    Noise Annoys Well-Known Member

    Tonight. Dublin. Can't wait.
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  24. Squiggsy68

    Squiggsy68 Well-Known Member

    How was Dublin?

    Am off to see them in Brighton tonight. Most excited I've been about a 'gig' (is it really a gig ??!!) in a long time.
  25. Noise Annoys

    Noise Annoys Well-Known Member

    It was very good. My first time to see them. The visuals were brilliant, and they played a great selection from their catalogue, with particular emphasis on The Man Machine.
    There were one or two 'fluffs' and Ralf's voice wasn't great on 'The Model' but these were minor gripes.

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