Led Zeppelin 2007 Tour-Will this actually happen?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by spotlightkid, Mar 17, 2007.

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  1. spotlightkid

    spotlightkid Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Last night a friend of mine called to tell me that Led Zeppeln
    will indeed play this summer with Jason Bonham on drums.I asked
    him how he knew this to be a fact and not just another rumor.He told me back in 1999 when the Stones were about to do the No Security tour
    that he knows someone who is in charge of Security at the Office
    Depot Center in Florida that they have all the concert dates way in
    advance of the actual announcment that the Rolling Stones would
    indeed be playing at the Office Depot Center-and they did.He then
    told me he spoke to the same person yesterday and was told
    the same thing in regards to Led Zeppelin-they would be playing
    at the now called-Bank Atlantic Center this summer.

    Ok-first do you think this MIGHT be true?
    Secondly-if this is indeed a fact-how much will the top
    ticket price be to see Led Zeppelin in a arena such as this
    one that holds about 18000 people.
  2. Barnabas Collins

    Barnabas Collins Forum Resident

    I'll believe it when the tickets actually go on sale. There was just an LZ reunion rumor a couple of months ago because of a reproduced article from (I think) The Sun from 2002.
  3. ATR

    ATR Forum Resident

    Did they get John Hunter's approval to call themselves Led Zeppelin? :angel:
  4. Stefan

    Stefan Forum Resident

    Montreal, Canada
    These rumors come up all the time but never turn out to be accurate. According to photographer Ross Halfin's web diary (he's friends with Page), the band met with a Sanctuary Group official recently, but this could have been regarding any number of projects--the Song Remains The Same DVD remaster, a rumored official Led Zeppelin biography, possible deals for online Zeppelin downloads, other new DVD or music releases, etc. Page has repeatedly said he'd love to do it (an account from a fan who claimed to have chatted with him on London transit bus quoted Page as saying that since he's over 60 and the others are approaching 60, it'll have to happen soon if at all. Jason Bonham recently did an interview where he said he's always waiting for the call to do it, but said there are no plans at this point, to his knowledge. Plant has repeatedly said it won't happen. John Paul Jones has said Led Zeppelin ceased to exist the moment John Bonham died. There's also a rumor they'll play the big Al Gore-organized concert on July 7 along with Pink Floyd and the Police. But again, these are rumors. Robert Plant has several dates booked for this summer as a solo artist.
  5. johnny 99

    johnny 99 Exiled On Main Street

    Careful...Last year it was "insider" knowledge in the Toronto concert camp that Genesis was hitting the road with Gabriel and Hackett as well as Collins, Banks and Rutherford. Look what happened there...
  6. metalbob

    metalbob Active Member

    New Jersey
    Much like Live Aid and Live 8, there could be a chance they would do something for a benefit. But the mention of Pink Floyd doing anything at this point makes me a bit suspicious.
  7. Matt Levy

    Matt Levy Active Member

    If they tour, this ain't gonna be like the old Zep...this has train wreck written all over it. Page can't even come close to playing like he used to.
  8. metalbob

    metalbob Active Member

    New Jersey
    I saw a replay of Zeppelin playing with Neil Young on the RNR HOF broadcast this year and it was awful. It was a reworking of Levee and it was like 1 chord and Page could barely handle that. Listening back, he's always been somewhat of a loose player, which puzzles me as to why he was a highly sought after studio musician. Maybe in a live setting, there were many more legal and illegal substances involved over the years....
  9. Stefan

    Stefan Forum Resident

    Montreal, Canada
    Actually I saw some video of him with the Black Crowes and I thought he was playing tremendously well. For the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame gig he was drunk. Besides, on the blues jam they did, I thought he sounded far more interesting than Joe Perry. Sure Perry had the speed and the flash, but even when he's sloppy as hell, Page still has much more interesting riffs. It's not all about speed and precision; otherwise, you end up with boring, soulless crap like Yngwie Dinkledorf or whatever his name was. Page on the Unledded tour was tremendous, but on the '98 tour, most people I know thought he was better than anything he's done since about 1973. I doubt very much there's much truth behind this rumor, and if there is, I hope they pull something off, but if it's a train wreck, it will be much more so because of Robert Plant, who hasn't been singing in key since about 1990 or so. Around that time, he adopted this weird, creepy sort of off-key whisper style of singing that sounds like a bad impression of the Cure's Robert Smith. I've heard some live recordings from his last tour and he sounded like some old geezer on life support they wheeled out on stage to wheeze a few flat notes into the mic (the one exception to this was the PBS Soundstage DVD he did last year, where it sounds like they forced him to sing in key, but if you listen to, for example, the yelp at the end of Whole Lotta Love, you can clearly hear that it's a sampled, processed yelp and not the real voice! Page might be older, less nimble, but at least he can play with soul. As John Paul Jones said recently, if they went on tour, they'd be nothing more than a Zeppelin cover band. There are lots of those out there who do it better than they could, and as he put it, in key. A lot of Zeppelin fans I know would much rather see a Page-Jones collaboration and leave Plant to do his own thing.
  10. four sticks

    four sticks Forum Resident

    They'll never tour as Led Zeppelin again. Page, Jones and Plant have said this ad naseum since Bonham's death. I think people hear rumor of collaboration between two of the surviving members and assume a full blown reunion will happen. It's not happening people.
  11. Benefactor

    Benefactor Forum Resident

    Coastal Empire
    Not a chance...
  12. jojopuppyfish

    jojopuppyfish Forum Resident

    I heard Robert Plant on his last album and his voice sounds shot.
  13. SteveSDCA

    SteveSDCA Well-Known Member

    San Diego

    Just curious, why haven't Page and Jones done any projects together?
  14. EddieVanHalen

    EddieVanHalen Forum Resident

    Page and Plant don't get on well anymore.
  15. head_unit

    head_unit Forum Resident

    Los Angeles CA USA
    Or what I wonder-what's the deal between Jones and the other members? Seems like Page/Plant just leave him out...maybe he's related to Michael Anthony somehow?
  16. leopoldstotch

    leopoldstotch New Member

    Phila. Pa USA
    I think it's just another Zep rumor and me being a HUGE Zep fan, I don't want to see this tour happen. It wouldn't be Zeppelin at all without Bonzo and at this point I think it would tarnish Zep's image. Bonzo was the driving force behind Zeppelin and without him behind the kit it's awful! It's best to let sleeping dogs lie and release whatever is in the vaults. I want Zep's legacy to remain the way it is.
  17. four sticks

    four sticks Forum Resident

    Rumor. They haven't collaborated in a while = they don't get along to the media.
  18. RemarkablyInsincere

    RemarkablyInsincere Well-Known Member

    Not happening... and if it were happening it certainly wouldn't come to light via concert scheduling.
  19. jrice

    jrice Well-Known Member

    Halifax, NS Canada
    Yeah, they aren't close buds. Plant has recently stated that without Zeppelin, he would probably have nothing to talk to either of them about. So without a musical collaboration there's no reason for them to speak.
  20. -Ben

    -Ben Active Member

    Washington DC Area

    I saw Led Zep live Feb 1975. I'm done. Would not pay a dime these days.
  21. SteveSDCA

    SteveSDCA Well-Known Member

    San Diego
    With talk like that we know they wouldn't have stayed together even if Bonham was still alive.
  22. BrianH

    BrianH Formerly healyb

    I saw an interview a few years ago, the interviewer (can't remember who it was) asked Plant if Bonham were still alive today would Zep still exist.

    He simply said "no". I would be very disappointed if they re-united to be "Led Zeppelin". It's not right.

    I saw Plant on vh-1 the other day and he said that his collaboration with Page on No quarter was great, but once they started getting back into the 4-piece structure, Plant felt trapped and had to get out.

    Page played on Jerry Lee Lewis' lastest Last Man Standing, and that song is one of the best songs on the album. The two of them together (Lewis and Page) were good.

    But Jonesy is absolutely right. Zeppelin died on Sept 25 '80.
    To try to bring THAT back would be one of the worst decisions in rock history.
  23. Driver 8

    Driver 8 Forum Resident

    I don't really care one way or the other. They don't matter to me on the level that the Who do. If they have any sense, they won't damage their legacy by reuniting, although I'm sure that they could make a colossal amount of money if they did.
  24. IMO the absolute best post-Zep album to be released is Jones' "ZOOMA". Its fresh, it's new but it still has ties to the past.
    An absolute gem.
    And it shows that JPJ is musically moving forward.

    What has Page done post-Zep?
  25. rjp

    rjp Forum Resident


    great question!
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