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  1. mark winstanley

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    As an Aussie living in the U.S. I am often surprised how few people know some of my favourite bands from oz.
    I'm guessing everyone knows

    bee gees
    little river band
    air supply
    nick cave and the bad seeds
    crowded house (though neil is a kiwi)
    men at work (down under ... shakes head in dread of being asked about vegemite :) )

    but there are obviously a lot more
    just a few examples

    cold chisel
    the angels
    paul kelly
    the saints
    rose tattoo
    midnight oil
    daddy cool
    australian crawl
    hoodoo gurus
    masters apprentices
    john farnham
    split enz (kiwis but we love them like brothers)
    the church
    hunters and collectors
    jimmy barnes
    died pretty
    go betweens
    john butler trio (although john was born in the u.s.)

    for any americans or europeans .. or whoever may be on here .... i'm just interested in who and what you know about aussie music.
    any aussies on here, stick in some bands i may have forgotten about.
  2. Deek57

    Deek57 Forum Resident

    Liverpool England
    Many of those were not born in Oz, give us a list of true Oz born artists. The Bee Gees are from the Isle of Man and AC/DC are Scotts (the Youngs) for starters, MWP from the church only went to Oz in his early twenties..
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  3. Christopher B

    Christopher B Well-Known Member

    New Castle, DE
    I was a big fan of INXS starting when Shabooh Shoobah came out thanks in part to MTV, A lot of bands on your list I certainly recognize and admire, some I was not aware of. I remember a band called the Bushwhackers, and I only knew of them because of Pete Farndon's early involvement before the Pretenders formed. Were they a popular band the Bushwhackers ?
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  4. Siegmund

    Siegmund Forum Resident

    England, UK
    Gary Shearston
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  5. GyroSE

    GyroSE Well-Known Member

  6. AlmostHeavenWV

    AlmostHeavenWV Forum Resident

    Lancaster UK
    A couple of singles by Australian bands that were released in the UK, and that I bought, are Most People I Know Think That I'm Crazy by The Aztecs, and Eureka Stockade's Sing No Love Songs (The Groove under another name). My fave Aussie track is That's When Happiness Began by Mike Furber & The Bowery Boys, even though Furber was English-born.

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  7. mark winstanley

    mark winstanley Forum Resident Thread Starter

    the bee gees were born in the isle of man and moved to australia. they started their music career in australia and after several albums moved to england.
    acdc are an australian band. bon scott is burried in fremantle western australia the band formed in australia and spent all their time as australians until hitting it big in the u.s. and moving over there.
    to say the church aren't australian because one guy wasn't born there is a little pathetic. they are recognised all over the world as an australian band.
    once your an aussie, your an aussie. i was born in england too mate and i'm as aussie as david gulpilil
    try harder
  8. mark winstanley

    mark winstanley Forum Resident Thread Starter

    i know of the bushwackers, but not the extent of their popularity. i am pretty sure they had a good following and a pretty successful career
    shabooh shoobah and the swing are my favourite inxs albums. good band, sad end
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  9. mark winstanley

    mark winstanley Forum Resident Thread Starter

    billy thorpe and the aztecs were pretty big, most people i know think that i'm crazy is probably my theme song lol
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  10. rene smalldridge

    rene smalldridge Forum Resident

    I am a huge fan of Australian 60s garage bands.
    The Easybeats , of course , but also The Missing Links , Masters Apprentices,Ray Brown & The Whispers, The Loved Ones,Ray Columbus & The Invaders, The Groop,Purple Hearts, The Throb ect. ect.ect.
    Later on in 70s punk , I love The Saints.
    And of course , the magnificent Atlantics who were one of the top instrumental surf garage bands in the world before they morphed into a killer 60s punk outfit.
  11. Markyp

    Markyp Active Member

    Love Icehouse and saw them at Milton Keynes on Bowie’s Serious Moonlight tour.
    Brilliant band.
  12. carlwm

    carlwm Forum Resident

    I really liked Australian Crawl back in the day. Surprised they didn't make more of a splash (boom boom!) in Britain.

    Also Johnny Diesel had a great swagger about him that I thought would have translated into international sales.

    Others I enjoy:

    Sherbet (my first ever single was Howzat).

    Noiseworks (Jon Stevens' recent solo album was excellent).

    Jimmy Barnes (really love his eighties solo work).

    The current Aussie prog scene seems vibrant. Voyager, Karnivool and Caligula's Horse are all worth a listen.
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  13. mark winstanley

    mark winstanley Forum Resident Thread Starter

    i was just reading about some of those new prog bands, i may have to check them out
    ahhh sherbert, forgot about them lol they were huge. braithwaite had a pretty big solo career too
    diesel was good value. his first band the injectors did pretty well too.
    oz crawl were pretty big and back in the day i loved them, i reckon sirocco is a classic pop/rock album
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  14. mark winstanley

    mark winstanley Forum Resident Thread Starter

    before any nit pickers say anything, yes dragon were kiwis too

    the acdc thing ... the youngs were born in scotland and angus and malcolm were 8 and 10 when they arrived in oz. i don't think that's when they released their first album ... i'm pretty sure they went to school for a few days beforehand ... george, their big brother was in the easybeats and i am pretty sure he would agree that the easybeats were an aussie band. george also went on to form vanda and young with harry vanda and they had a fair bit of success with hey st peter and down among the dead men .. with a pre hip hop rap/pop style
  15. DJ LX

    DJ LX Forum Resident

    Madison WI
    Radio Birdman
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  16. mark winstanley

    mark winstanley Forum Resident Thread Starter

    didn't they end up hooking up with some guys from mc5 and form new race?
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  17. rene smalldridge

    rene smalldridge Forum Resident

    How in tarnation could they have slipped my mind????
    One of the best !
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  18. Toomanydogs

    Toomanydogs Member

    Palm Desert
    I’ll always love Hoodoo Gurus.
    How about the Dingoes?
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  19. Deek57

    Deek57 Forum Resident

    Liverpool England
    Re the church, Steve Kilbey is also English born.. My question to you was can you make a list of successful Aussie born artists, no ten pound poms allowed..
  20. efraley

    efraley Forum Resident

    Richmond Va USA
    Daddy Cool, saw them as an opening act in the early 70s when their 1st WB album came out
  21. mark winstanley

    mark winstanley Forum Resident Thread Starter

    so what. they're an aussie band. formed in australia signed to an australian label. get a life
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  22. Paul Middleton

    Paul Middleton Well-Known Member

    Superb and essential addition!
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  23. Paul Middleton

    Paul Middleton Well-Known Member

    Great list, Mark!
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  24. mark winstanley

    mark winstanley Forum Resident Thread Starter

    yea they did well and broderick smith ('s big combo) had a pretty good solo career afterwards. had two hits i can think of faded roses and my father's hands
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  25. Chemguy

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    Angel City!
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